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Document Description of metal structures by Mukhonov 2. 3.Engineering and Transport Properties of the Interfacial Transition Zone in Cem entitious Composites By M. G. Alexander, International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures Contributor M. G. Alexander 4.Steel Designers' Manual' BY CONSTRADO 5. 6. 7.
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Document Transcript of metal structures by Mukhonov2. and Transport Properties of the Interfacial Transition Zone in Cementitious CompositesBy M. G. Alexander, International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories forMaterials and StructuresContributor M. G. Alexander4.Steel Designers' Manual' BY CONSTRADO5. Dubas, P., and Gehri, E., ed. Behaviour and Design of Steel Plated Structures, ECCS, Publication No. 44, ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich, 1986.9. Narayanan, R., ed. Plated Structures: Stability and Strength, Elsevier Applied Science Publishers, London, 1983.10. Paik, J.K and Thayamballi, A.K., Ultimate Limit State Design of Steel PlatedStructures, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., England, 2003, 544pp.11.For the design of Chequered plates, Steel Designers Manual by Timoshenko & Krieger.12.Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Department of Transportation, hasseveral advisory circulars available free of charge for heliport design. Checkthe site.13.For pile cap analysis see: method for pile caps may result in more flexural reinforcement than whatone would have obtained by using beam theory. However, no shear reinforcement will be required. STM method requires reinforcement to be distributed in bands. Nominal reinforcement is required to be provided in other areas for serviceabilityconsiderations. Please refer Nori, V.V. and M.S. Tharval's paper in ICJ,April 2007 issue- can be freely downloaded from: P.C. Varghese, Foundation Engineering,PHI,2005,pp.271-27516.Swami Saran, Analysis and Design of Substructures-Limit State Design, SecondEd., Oxford & IBH, 2006, pp.387-392.17.Hetyeni's book on elastic foundations18.CONCRETE BEAMS WITH OPENINGS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN by M.A.Mansur and Kiang-HweeTan.You can order it from in the following link: on Concrete- An Examination of Issues on Concrete Practice second edition, Booksurge LLC,2006, ISBN 1-4196-5207-9,  20.CONCRETE BEAMS WITH OPENINGS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN by M.A.Mansur and Kiang-HweeTan. IS CODE22.ACI detailing manual-04.23.Manual of standard practice-by CRSI,USA24. Standard method of Detailing structural concrete by the Institute ofStructural engineers,UK.25.Reinforced concrete Detailers manual-By Brian W.Boughton.26.(to create document, spreadsheet, presentation, database,drawing, and with capability to edit .pdf file): drafting software QCAD (look for community edition, which gives yousource code): software: Elements: ARCE; software CodeAster: book by (late) Padma Awarde Dr. Larry Baker32.Explosion-Resistant Buildings by M.Y.H. Bangash and T. Bangash,Springer Verlag; 2006, 450pp. $369!!33.Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilitiesby American Society Of Civil Engineers, 1997, 280pp, $61.34.REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS Behaviour, Analysis and Design By P Purushothaman.pdf35.BLAST RESISTANT DESIGNUFC _3_340_02TM 5-1300US army corps of engineer-protective design centre technical reportACI 318, Chapter 21 and thethe seismic detailing provisions are applied to provide the necessary ductile response in case of blast loadings.36.Seismic Detailing of Concrete Buildings Item Code: SP382 Date: 2007 Fanella,D.37. TABLES FOR FOLDED PLATES. - by UH Varyani39.MANUAL FOR LIMIT STATE DESIGN IN REINFORCED CONCRETE MEMBERS. - by UH Varyani40.STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF MULTISTORIED BUILDINGS. - by UH Varyani41.BIAXIAL BENDING OF REINFORCED CONCRETE MEMBERS. - by UH Varyani38.  39. Applied Elasticity, 1925 by Stephen.P.Timoshenko40. Vibration Problems in Engineering, 1st Ed. 1928, 2nd Ed. 1937, 3rd Ed. 1955(with D. H. Young) by Stephen.P.Timoshenko41. Strength of Materials, Part I, Elementary Theory and Problems, 1st Ed. 1930,by Stephen.P.Timoshenko42. Strength of Materials, Part II, Advanced Theory and Problems, 1st Ed. 1930,by Stephen.P.Timoshenko43. Theory of Elasticity , 1st Ed. 1934, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko44. Elements of Strength of Materials, 1st Ed. 1935, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko45. Theory of Elastic Stability, 1st Ed. 1936, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko46. Engineering Mechanics, 1st Ed. 1937, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko47. Theory of Plates and Shells , 1st Ed. 1940, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko48. Theory of Structures, 1st Ed. 1945, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko49. Mechanics of Materials , 1972 by Stephen.P.Timoshenko50. History of The Strength of Materials, 1953 by Stephen.P.Timoshenko51. Engineering Education in Russia, 1959 by Stephen.P.Timoshenko52. As I Remember, 1968, by Stephen.P.Timoshenko53. Advanced Dynamics, 1948 by Stephen.P.Timoshenko54. Collected Papers by Stephen.P.Timoshenko55. DESIGN HANDBOOK BY TATA STEEL56.57. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION FAILURES-LESSONS LEARNED FROM FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS By DOV KAMINETZKY.PUBLISHED BY GALGOTIA PUBLISHING PVT.LTD.58. concretecentre.com59. Construction Failures, 2nd Edition by Jacob Feld , Kenneth L. Carper , WileyInterscience, 2nd Edition, 528pp,1996(I also have a small booklet on FoundationFailures by Jacob Feld).60.Forensic Engineering: Learning from Failures by Kenneth L. Carper ,Amer Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE), 1986,98pp,61. Building Failures: Case Studies in Construction and Design by Thomas H. McKaig, McGraw-Hill Education, McGraw-Hill Education,1962,261pp62. Failures in Civil Engineering: Structural, Foundation, and GeoenvironmentalCase Studies (Paperback) by J. David Frost and Robin Shepherd, ASCE,1995,92pp[/url]63. Understanding Building Failures by Douglas/Ransom,Taylor & Francis,Third edition,2007,332pp64. CROSS News letter published by Dr.Alastair Soane of Structural Engineer [U.K]65. LEARNING FROM FAILURES,Raikar bhavan, sector 17, Vashi,New Bombay-400703,1987.66. ' HAND BOOK FOR DESIGN OF SLABS ' BY YIELD LINE AND STRIP METHOD by Dr S.N.Shukla ,67. 4th edition of the Masonry Design Manual has been recently released by theMasonry Institute of America. The material presented is a valuable tool for non-engineering disciplines, such as architects and contractors, also.This book is consistent with the provisions of the 2006 International Building Code, the 2005Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402) and the 2005 Specification for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1/ASCE 6/TMS 602). It costs $99.95.68. Svetlana Bryzev, Masonry structures, NICEE69. A Brief History of Time, Prof. Stephen Hawkins  70.Elementary Behaviour of Composite Steel & Concrete Structural Members by Oehlers D.J., and Bradford, M.A., Butterwirth Heinemann, 199971. Joints in steel construction - The British constructional steel work association ltd, Steel Construction Institute.72. Deformation of Concrete Structures by Dan E. Branson ,McGraw-Hill Inc., N.Y. 576pp, 1977. Branson's method is used in ACI 318.Books for Silos and Hoppers design73) There is a chapter on silos and bunkers in the book HANDBOOK OF CONCRETE ENGINEERING BY MARK FINTEL-CBS Publishers.74) Storage structures by K.Raja gopalan ( Advanced Structural Design  II by J.D.Buch (It covers pyramidal hoppers)77) Design of Cement Plant Structures  by J.D.Buch77) silo-failures-case_histories_and_lessons_learnt-Carson-2000.pdf77a)The Theory and Practical Design of Bunkers , paper by F.W.Lambert. (Steel bins)77b) Design of Welded Structures, by Blodgett; Section 6.5, Tanks, Bins and Hoppers . (Steel bins)77c) Design and Construction of Silos and Bunkers, Sargis S. Safarian, Ernest C.Harris77d) Economic Guide to the Design of Circular Metal Silos  - by Michael J. Rotter77e) Circular Storage Tanks And Silos by Amin Ghali77f) Design of steel bins for storage of bulk solids By Edwin Henry Gaylord, Charles N. Gaylord78. Vibrations of soils and foundationsBy: F E Richart, John R Hall, R D Woods  Publisher: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1970]  ISBN: 0139417168 978013941716079. Dynamics of bases and foundationsBy: D D Barkan  Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill [1962]Design of Tubular structures80. Jarmai,K., and Farkas, J., Eds., Mechanics and Design of Tubular Structures,Springer Verlag, 1999, 397pp.(See Chapter 3- Packer,J.A., Behaviour and Designof Bolted and welded connections)81. Packer, J.A. and Henderson, J.E., 1997. Hollow Structural Section Connections and Trusses - A Design Guide , 2nd Edition, Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, Toronto, Canada, 447 pp.82. Packer, J.A., Sherman, D.R. and Lecce, M., 2008. Design Guide for Hollow Structural Section Connections, American Institute of Steel Construction, Chicago,USA.83. Packer, J.A., 2005. Design of HSS and Box Member Connectionsâ  : Chapter K of Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, ANSI/AISC 360-05, American Institute of Steel Construction, Chicago, USA.84. Wardenier, J., Kurobane, Y., Packer, J.A., van der Vegte, G.J. and Zhao, X.L., 2008. Design Guide for Circular Hollow Section (CHS) Joints under Predominantly Static Loadingâ  , 2nd. Edition, CIDECT and Verlag Tà  V Rheinland GmbH, Germany.85. Zhao, X.-L., Herion, S., Packer, J.A., Puthli, R.S., Sedlacek, G., Wardenier, J., Weynand, K., van Wingerde, A.M. and Yeomans, N.F., 2001. Design Guide forCircular and Rectangular Hollow Section Welded Joints under Fatigue Loading , CIDECT and Verlag Tà  V Rheinland GmbH, Köln, Germany, 121 pp.86. Packer, J.A. and Willibald, S., (eds.), 2006. Tubular Structures XI, Taylor& Francis, U.K. , 684 pp.
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