Pride and Prejudice, Peel the Layers

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Pride & Prejudice. Ever read the famous novel by Jane Austen? This article is all about Pride & Prejudice
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  Pride and Prejudice, Peel the Layers By PRASANNA GUNTURI© Prasanna Gunturi All Rights Reserved. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prasanna Gunturi , aSuccess & Self-Mastery Coach , helps entrepreneurs, coaches, professionalsmaster their inner energyso they may live livesfree of  stress/overwhelm/fear/doubt , enjoyhigh energy relationships ,get a lot more done in less time ,make more moneyandattract success in all areas of their life. What's inner energy got to do with money?Downloadthefree report  Let's Talk  Money ... and Beyond athereto find out the biggest block to making money, 5 reasons why you ABSOLUTELY must overcome this block, and 15 simple tips how! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Our thoughts are unseen hands shaping the people we meet. Whatever wetruly think them to be, that's what they'll become for us. ~Richard Cowper Who hasn't heard about Pride & Prejudice? Jane Austen's popular and much loved noveland the famous protagonists (or maybe we should call them antagonists) ElizabethBennet and Mr.Darcy! I first read the abridged version when I was in my early teensand soon enough got myself an unabridged version. I have lost count on the number of times I have read this book since. There was a time when I knew the book  almost   byheart and had memorized every single line of dialogue between the protagonists!Mr.Darcy soon became popular in my friends circle. Actually, popular is anunderstatement. Hearthrob would be the more appropriate word. A televised versionof the novel was adapted locally around the same time and we would be hooked on to it for the 13 weeks it ran and another 13 weeks when it reran a year later and …! Talk  of giddy teens and their first brush with romance!  “No one ever choked to death swallowing his pride”~Unknown   I must confess that even though I have grown out my teens, I remain a faithful andincurable romantic.I have watched all possible versions of P&P, the BBC adaptations, the Hollywoodversions, the A&E versions … everything that has ever been created so far for television or cinema. Even today, I never miss an opportunity to watch or read anything to dowith P&P or Jane Austen or drool over Mr.Darcy and his avatars in numerous versions.Laurence Oliver and Colin Firth being my favorites. Call it the Austen magic or the Darcymadness! It runs deep and far. In fact, my husband who hasn't read a word of thebook or hardly knew anything about P&P or Austen (before we got married) prettymuch knows the entire story and can identify the important characters - esp. theeccentric Mr.Collins!  “Temper gets you into trouble. Pride keeps you there.”~ Unknown    Pride and Prejudice, Peel the Layers By PRASANNA GUNTURI© Prasanna Gunturi All Rights Reserved. http://www.energysoulutionsallways.comPride & Prejudice is a family and social drama set in early 19th century England society,a world when men apprently held the advantage over women in many respects. Whenit came to marrying to one's liking, respectability, social status, family fortune andadvantage were essential factors to be considered.Elizabeth comes from a middle-class family and is endowed with a razor-sharp wit,intelligence and a great sense of humor. She is second in a family of five daughters andtheir family's estate is entailed to a distant relative upon their father's (Mr.Bennet)death. Their mother is ever enterprising to get her daughters married off and she livesas if her only mission in life is to see her daughters married off - find advantageousmatches they must and the pressure even more so on the eldest two.Mr.Darcy is well-born, extremely wealthy and well-educated. When he enters themiddle class Bennet society, he behaves in an outrageously haughty and insufferablyproud manner. Elizabeth develops an instant dislike towards Darcy attributing herdislike to his abominable pride and condescending bearing towards others. As thedrama unfolds and life throws up opportunities and challenges, they get to know oneanother better. One learns to overcome her prejudice and the other his pride asthey get past their initial antagonism, differences and limited perceptions. Not only dothey recognize the true worth and appreciate the strengths in the other person, theylearn to love another. We are each burdened with prejudice; against the poor or the rich, thesmart or the slow, the gaunt or the obese. It is natural to developprejudices. It is noble to rise above them. ~Author Unknown Pride and prejudice is a timeless and ageless masterpiece and the wisdom in this novelapplies to all societies and people all over the world. There is an Elizabeth and a Darcyin each one of us. Pride and prejudice - are as old as humanity and like Elizabeth andDarcy did, it is natural to form pride and prejudices.Everyone has pride - we are proud of our nations, cultures, religions, families,ourselves. So, what's wrong about it? Nothing's wrong with pride - pride in one's ownworth - as long as that pride doesn't become reason to become vain and arrogant andlook down upon or abuse other nations, cultures, religions, families, people, beliefs,faiths, opinions etc.We are equally burdened with prejudices - we have a natural tendency to judgeeveryone and everything around us as good or bad, right or wrong, rich or poor,intelligent or dumb, fair or dark and so on.  Pride and Prejudice, Peel the Layers By PRASANNA GUNTURI© Prasanna Gunturi All Rights Reserved. O Lord, help me not to despise or oppose what I do not understand. ~William Penn Like a frog living in a well, we tend to believe that our own well is the whole universe,that we know and understand is the whole truth. This breeds separative consciousnessmaking us forget that we are just one tiny part of a whole and what we know andunderstand is a tiny part of the whole truth. As we peel through the outer layers of pride and prejudice that we have created inourselves and clothed others in, we realize that they are just layers created by our mindand thoughts and that at the core, we are all the same - we are collectively not only thesame but ONE Spirit.
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