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1. From our online survey our first question is ‘what is your age?’ This is important in analyzing the audience of coming of age films because the responses from the…
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  • 1. From our online survey our first question is ‘what is your age?’ This is important in analyzing the audience of coming of age films because the responses from the survey will show the age groups that watch coming of age films. From the survey we found out that people aged 16 and under (72.73%) and 17 – 21 (27.27%) were the only answered options, this shows that coming of age films are targeted at age groups from 21 to younger than 16. However, we think this is because technology is not as commonly used in this older demographic. Therefore, as a result, we have decided to interview an older demographic in our focus groups to give a fair reflection of audience opinions.
  • 2. The second question we asked was ‘what is your gender?’ This shows which gender watches coming of age films and the type of narrative that we should base the film on. For example if more females watch coming of age films the narratives might be based around a female main character, whereas if more male watch coming of age films then the narratives might be more comedy or action related to engage them. From the survey we found out that from the 11 responses, 6 were male (54.55%) and 5 were female (45.45%), this suggests that there isn’t a visible divide in the gender breakdown. As a result, we will aim to produce a film that appeals to the majority of people including both genders.
  • 3. Our third question was ‘what is your favourite coming of age films?’ This question is a direct question to the respondents favourite coming of age film which is getting specific information; this therefore clearly shows us what certain ages prefer in terms of films. From the survey we found out that the most popular coming of age film was 21 Jump Street with 6 votes (54.55%), second was Superbad with 4 votes (36.36%) and third being Ferris Bueller’s day off with 3 votes (27.27%). This range of responses indicates that renouned comedy coming of age films are the most popular for target audiences aged 21 to younger than 16. As a result of this we have identified that it is imperative for us to introduce an element of comedy in our opening sequence in order to entice this demographic to continue watching our film.
  • 4. Our next question was ‘what don’t you like about films?’ This question is an open question which lets the respondents respond exactly how they would like and gives us information that we wouldn’t get if we asked a closed question (yes or no answer). From this question we didn’t get very similar responses which shows that even though the age range is similar the respondents opinions are not. The responses are relatable to the respondents not wanting to be uninterested in A film. For example the responses ‘boring’, ‘uninteresting storyline’ and ‘predictable’ suggest that the audience of a film want it to be interesting and engaging instead of boring and disengaging opening sequences that might have a slow-plot. Therefore, to engage our target audience, we will need to take this responses into consideration.
  • 5. This screenshot is the remaining responses from the question ‘what don’t you like about films?’ However, the remaining answers are related to the plot of the film. If the plot of the film is disengaging then the audience will be put off watching the film. A way in which the audiences might label a plot as ‘disengaging’ could be through the portrayal of the main protagonist where they might not be a relatable character to the audience. Therefore, we will need to create a character that is easily relatable to the audience we look to primarily engage. An effective example of this is in The Inbetweeners series where they entice a target audience of 16-21 year olds by following 4 characters of a similar age in everyday life. However, scenes are overexaggerated in order to create an effect of comedy.
  • 6. Another question we asked was ‘what makes a film enjoyable for you?’. For this question we made it an open question to get opinions from the respondents on what makes a film entertaining for them. The responses we got were mixed like the previous question but are making explicit links to comedy. Comedy makes audiences laugh and smile when watching which keeps them engaged in the film. Responses like ‘when they’re funny’, ‘comedy with lots of action’ and ‘entertaining and funny’ are popular responses related to comedy which shows the type of films that people aged 21 to younger than 16.
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