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AMERICAN OSLER SOCIETY August 2009 Volume 10, Number 2 The Oslerian A MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT - JOHN NOBLE Libraries-Books and Charles (Chuck) Gordon Roland Dear Colleagues: The loss of Chuck Roland is poignant and sad. At recent AOS meetings, we spoke together of him coming down to Boston University as a Visiting Professor and to visit the marvelous collection of Oslerian books from his Library which I had purchased through Jim Goodrich, some ten years ago. This tribute to Chuck comes from my
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    A MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT - JOHN NOBLE   Libraries-Books and Charles (Chuck) Gordon Roland  The Oslerian AMERICAN OSLER SOCIETY August 2009Volume 10, Number 2 2009 BusinessMeeting Minutes2009 Board of Governor’sMeeting Minutes23-4Members in the NewsOslerian Progress NotesObituary Leon Z. SaundersObituary William C. GibsonObituary Charles G. Roland55666-8Call for Abstracts 9 Inside this issue: President John Noble, shownhere in his lair overlookingBoston Harbor, at the time ofthe 2008 Boston Meeting. The loss of Chuck Roland is poignant and sad.At recent AOS meetings, we spoke together of him coming down to Boston University as aVisiting Professor and to visit the marvelouscollection of Oslerian books from his Librarywhich I had purchased through Jim Goodrich,some ten years ago.This tribute to Chuck comes from my libraryand the many Oslerians who have helped meto create it over the past forty three years.During 1966, I spent three months at St.Mary’s Hospital London learning about thevirology of smallpox, in preparation to work in and subsequently to direct the DiagnosticLaboratory for Smallpox at the CDC inAtlanta. I often frequented a nearby anti-quarian book store and purchased Buchan’sMedical Text 1802, for two pounds. When Ishowed the book to my professor, KeithDumbell, he suggested that I visit an anti-quarian bookseller named R.D. Gurney to pursue my interest further.A short while later, I walked to Mr. Gurney’shouse and was invited to sit in the parlor. Heinquired about my interests. I said that I wasinterested in historical works describing physical diagnosis. He disappeared upstairs.A few minutes later he brought down several books, one of which illustrated the optimallocations for auscultation of the chest entitled  Fissura Sterni Cogenita: New Observationsand Experiments. It was described and illus-trated in 1859 by the “patient”, who was theauthor, Eugene Groux.The defect enabled him to make a livingteaching auscultation to medical students.This treasure marked the beginning of mylibrary and a friendship of over fifteen years.At the time of his retirement, Mr. Gurney wasasked to help cull duplicate books from the Wel-come Foundation Medical Library. He, in turn,shared this treasure trove with his long time cus-tomer- colleagues. My share of eight books re-main the center piece of my collection.Thomas Futcher was one of William Osler’sresidents at Hopkins. While attending HarvardCollege, his son, Dr. Palmer Futcher, often wenton dates with my mother. Many years later, I metDr. Futcher while attending a meeting of theAmerican College of Physicians in Philadelphia.It was a wonderful visit. He shared with me hislong and varied career at Johns Hopkins and later in Philadelphia where he served as the ExecutiveSecretary for the American Board of InternalMedicine. Through the years, he collected manyitems that related to Osler, his family and JohnsHopkins.In 1995, he sent a letter to me with a small package. In the letter he recounted how my mother and he liked to exchange books so many years ago,and then discuss what they had read on the nextdate. The letter was very nice. The package wasequally nice, it contained Aequanimitas, inscribedon the flyleaf by W. Osler to Thomas Futcher: Greetings,Fellow Oslerians! Dear Colleagues:  President’s Message (continued), lerianae privatissimae (continued), c ore? continued)   The Oslerian   As a tribute to Chuck Roland, to commemorate his many achievements, I propose that we Osleriansselect a number of books from our personal libraries and give them to the Library which Chuck openedat McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario many years ago. This will be a nice way to commemorateour shared friendship, our deep respect for him and his scholarship, love of books, and warm friendshipthat he so generously gave to all of us. Sincerely, John Noble, MD, MACP August 2009Volume 10, Number 2 AOS   Annual Business MeetingApril 23, 2009  MINUTES  1. President Joseph W. Lella called the meeting to order at7:30 a.m. in the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel Ballroom. 2. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Drs. Mark E. Silverman, Arthur Gryfe, and Leon Z. Saunders, who haddied since the previous meeting. 3. The minutes of the 2008 annual meeting were approved aswritten, distributed, and previously published in the August2008 issue of  The Oslerian . 4. Secretary-Treasurer’s report:Charles Bryan gave the report, reference being made to theminutes of the Board of Governors meeting. Bruce Fye raiseda question about whether members who have not attendedmeetings for five consecutive years should be asked about their intent to remain as members. Discussion followed. Nomotions were made. 5. William B. Bean Student Research Award report:Please see the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting.6. John P. McGovern Award Committee:Please see the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting. 7. Lifetime Achievement Award Committee:Dr. Pitcock gave the report. Dr. Lella presented the award (amedal) to Dr. Fye, who expressed deep appreciation. Dr. Lellaannounced that the Board of Governors had determined thatDr. Bryan would be next year’s recipient. 8.  Nominating Committee:Francis Neelon gave the report. Please see the minutes of theBoard of Governors meeting. 9. Finance Committee:Marvin Stone gave the report. Please see the minutes of theBoard of Governors meeting.Dee Canale, neurosurgeon, has been an active Oslerian in the AOS and a book seller for many years.I was particularly taken by his transformation of the Woodcuts of human anatomy in Vesalius’ Fabricainto a pastoral scene by printing the individual pictures in the reverse, which resulted in them beinglinked together in succession. This remarkable graphic combines anatomy, emotion, and nature. It issurprising how often beauty, nature, and science fit together ! 10. Membership Committee:Dr. Lella gave the report. Please see the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting. Gordon Frierson accepted his certificate. Theother new members were not present, and their certificates will bemailed to them. 11. Historian-Archivist’s report:Please see the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting. 12. Program Committee:Please see the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting. 13. Publications Committee:Please see the minutes of the Board of Governors meeting. 14. President’s Report:Dr. Lella expressed his appreciation to membership for the honor of serving as president and reported the Society to be in good shape. 15. Old Business: There was none. 16.  New Business:It was announced that the 2010 meeting would take place in Rochester,Minnesota, and that the 2011 meeting would take place in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. The site for the 2012 meeting has not been chosen.Jonathan Erlen reported his willingness to make local arrangements for a meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Neelon suggested theResearch Triangle area of North Carolina. No motion was made. 17. Dr. Lella expressed his appreciation to the John P. McGovernlecturer (Patrick McKee), to the outgoing members of the Board of Governors (Stephen Greenberg, Pamela Miller, and William Roberts),and to committee chairs. 18. Introduction of incoming president: Dr. Lella introduced John Noble as the incoming president and presented him with the chain andlatchkey, the symbol of the office of AOS President. 19. Dr. Noble expressed his appreciation of Dr. Lella for his service as president and presented him with a plaque containing a latchkey.20. Dr. Noble adjourned the meeting at 8:00 A.M.Respectfully submitted,Charles S. Bryan, Secretary-Treasurer    IN MEMORIAM 2009   Since the last issue of  The Oslerian , the Societyhas lost three members Leon Saunders - March 4Charles Roland - June 9William Gibson - July 4 Their obituariesappear in this issue. Addendum (Attribution )Special thanks from AOSPresident Noble to Dr. EdWagner and colleagues at theUniversity of Washington for sharing the Framework for Creating a Regional HealthcareSystem in The   Oslerian, Volume 10, issue #1. Page 2  The Oslerian Page 3 The Board of Governors of the American Osler Societymet on Monday, April 30, 2009, at 7:10 PM in theHumphrey Room of the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel,Cleveland, Ohio. President Dr. Joseph W. Lella called themeeting to order. Present were Drs. Marvin Stone, John Noble, Claus Pierach, Dennis Bastron (by invitation),Philip Leon, Joseph VanderVeer (by invitation), ClydePartin, James Young, Joseph Lella, Conrad Fulkerson,Francis Neelon, Paul Mueller, Charles Bryan, and BruceFye (by invitation), and Ms. Pamela Miller. Dr. StevenPeitzman was unable to attend because his airplane flighthad been canceled at the last moment. 1. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Drs.Mark E. Silverman and Arthur Gryfe, who had died sincethe previous annual meeting. 2. Dr. Lella called for additional agenda items, of whichthere were none. 3. The minutes of the 2008 meeting of the Board of Governors were approved as previously written,distributed, and published in the August 2009 issue of  The Oslerian . 4. Secretary-treasurer’s report:Dr. Bryan gave the report, reference being made to theinformation published in the February 2009 issue of  The Oslerian .A. As of April 21, 2009, there were 176 members, of whom 6 were honorary members, 115 active members,45 emeritus members, and 10 in other membershipcategories. There was considerable discussion aboutthe status of student members and associate members.The associate membership category, intended toencourage persons who have not done scholarly work in the medical humanities or submitted papers for theconsideration of the Program Committee for the annualmeeting, has not become popular, with only two suchmembers at the present time. Discussion took placeabout whether to designate all students who have presented a paper at the annual meeting to associatemembership status, with the stipulation that theywould not be required to pay dues until they were twoor more years beyond their residency training, at whichtime they would be invited to become full memberscontingent upon attending a meeting. Dr. Lella pointed out that it would be unnecessary to make aBylaws change to accommodate such a policy. Nomotion was made, but it was agreed to continue thisdiscussion.B. As of December 21, 2009, liquid assets were$400,586, of which $118,905 was assigned to theWilliam B. Bean Endowment Fund, $245,722 to theJohn P. McGovern Lectureship Fund, $5,600 to the AOS Annual Meeting 2009Cleveland, Ohio  MINUTES  : Meeting of the Board of Governors   Publications Fund, and $30,360 to uncommitted assets.The substantial decline in liquid assets was attributed tothe loss of value of the Society’s investment accounts(Fidelity Investments portfolio), attributed in turn to theglobal financial crisis that occurred in the fall of 2008.Likewise, further decline in the value of the Society’sinvestment accounts accounted for an additional fall invalue of the total liquid assets to (as of April 16, 2009)$370,015.59. Since assigned assets (the John P.McGovern Lectureship Fund, William B. BeanEndowment Fund, and Publications Fund) totaled$370,226.77, unassigned liquid assets were negative(-$211.18). For clarification, it was pointed out that themoney specifically contributed to the John P. McGovernLectureship Fund and William B. Bean Endowment Fundthrough the years were substantially less than the totalsshown above, since it had been the Society’s policy for many years to assign as interest 12% of the previousyear’s balances to both funds (6% interest for the John P.McGovern Lectureship Fund the past two years, as assetsin the fund are now more than ample to sustain thelectureship and its publication assuming even a 2% to 3%rate of return. It was agreed not to invade the principal or “basis” of these funds (that is, the amounts contributed asopposed to the amount arbitrarily assigned as interest for the purpose of internal record keeping).C. Dr. Bryan reviewed the Society’s expenditures over the past year, by category. There was considerable discus-sion of the expenses incurred in conducting the annualmeeting, including the larger-than-usual losses incurredduring 2006 (the meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia) and2008 (the meeting in Boston, Massachusetts). Dr. Bryanreported that the tax return and compilation had already been prepared by C. C. McGregor Company. He presented all of the records for the calendar year 2008(checks written against the Society’s accounts, with docu-mentation, bank statements, and other documents) to Dr.Bastron, the treasurer-designate, for his convening of anaudit committee to review these records and the systemfor maintaining them.D. Dr. Bryan reported that the revised Bylaws had beendistributed by e-mail to members of the Board of Governors.E. Dr. Bryan reported on the transition of the secretary-treasurer’s duties. Dr. Mueller has agreed to serve asSecretary and Dr. Bastron as Treasurer. 5. Bean Student Research Award Committee report:Dr. Charles Ambrose, Chair of this committee, reported prior to the meeting that there had been eight high-quality applica- August 2009Volume 10, Number 2    The Oslerian   August 2009 Volume 10, Number 2 Page 4 Board of Governors Meeting Minutes (Cont.) tions and that after much deliberation the recipients weredetermined to be Courtney Pendleton (Johns HopkinsUniversity School of Medicine) and Christopher Dibble(University of North Carolina School of Medicine). 6. John P. McGovern Award Committee: Dr. Neelonreported that the 2009 recipient of this award is Dr.Patrick McKee of the University of Oklahoma Schoolof Medicine. 7.  Nominating Committee: Dr. Neelon reported thefollowing slate of officers: For second vice-president,Dr. Michael Bliss; for three-year terms on the Board of Governors, Dr. Paul Berman, Dr. Laurel Drevlow, andDr. Barry Silverman. This slate was approved by accla-mation. Also approved were the following new officers:for secretary, Dr. Paul Mueller, for treasurer, Dr. DennisBastron, and for Newsletter Editor, Dr. JosephVanderVeer. It was determined that there would be, atleast for the time being, no position of web master as Dr.Mueller evaluates the Society’s web site and its potentialusefulness. 8. Finance Committee: Dr. Marvin Stone, who replacedDr. Paul Dyment in mid-year at Dr. Dyment’s request,gave the report, dated March 30, 2009. Dr. Stonereported that the 28.4% decline in the Society’s principalinvestment fund (with Fidelity Investments) during 2008compares favorably with the Wilshire 5000 Index(stocks), which declined 37.2%, and with the S&P 500Index, which declined 37.0%. He reported further thatthe Society’s investment portfolio continued to decline invalue during the first three months of 2009, but increasedin value by 4.84% during March 2009. He concludedwith the optimistic view that perhaps “we’ve turned thecorner” and reviewed the need to transfer some assetsfrom the Society’s investment portfolio (the “Y99”account with Fidelity Investments) to the money marketaccount (the “X15 account). 9. Membership Committee: The following five appli-cants for regular membership were reviewed andapproved by acclamation: Drs. Joseph J. Fins, GordonFrierson, Michael Fuller, Chryssa McAlister, and GeorgeSarka.   10. Historian-Archivist report: It was reported that Dr.Charles Roland has submitted the report and that theSociety’s archives are in order. 11. Publications Committee: Dr. Clyde Partin reviewedthe committee’s activities. He reported the consensusthat the specific Publications Fund should be left undis-turbed until sufficient funds have accrued for its usage.He reported that the eleventh volume of the Osler Library of the History of Medicine series (Dr. Roland’s biography of Archibald Malloch) has been published.In review are manuscripts submitted by Dr. CharlesAmbrose (on Dr. Joseph Pratt, “The Man Who Would BeOsler”) and by Dr. Richard Golden (on Osler’s prepara-tion for his monograph on the history of medicine). Dr.Golden’s manuscript is being proof-read and should beready for publication in the near future. Dr. Partin presentedthe desideratum that the slides from the meeting presentations(that is, the Power Point slides) be made available on the So-ciety’s web site. It was pointed out that this could present a potential problem of copyright violation. After considerablediscussion it was determined by common consent that theslides should not be presented on the Society’s web site, butthat the meeting abstracts could be thus made available. 12. Program Committee: Dr. Noble gave the report. It wasreported that 44 papers will be presented at the 2009 meeting. 13. AOS-AAHM Liaison Committee: Dr. Lella reported thatthis committee had been inactive since the previous year’smeeting. 14. Lifetime Achievement Award Committee: The report byDr. Cynthia Pitcock that Dr. Bruce Fye should be 2009recipient of this award was conveyed and approved. Dr. Fyeexpressed his gratitude.   15. President’s report: Dr. Lella reported on his activitiesduring the past year. Reference is made to Dr. Lella’s four messages in volume 9 of  The Oslerian , including his reviewof the demographics of the Society. Members expressedappreciation to Dr. Lella for his leadership over the past year. 16. Old Business: There was none. 17.  New Business: ã Committee appointments for 2009-2010 were determinedand have been published in The Oslerian June 2009,Volume 10, Number 1. ã Ask Sam Database: Drs. Francis Neelon and Mike Jonesreported on the status of this project. ã Report on past presidents’ dinner meeting: It wasreported that a successful meeting had taken place with19 attendees and that discussion had centered largely onmembership, engagement of students, and outreach. ã Dr. Bryan was excused briefly from the meeting, and inhis absence Dr. Bryan was announced as the 2010recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. 18. Future meetings and dates:The 2010 meeting will take place in Rochester,Minnesota, April 25-28. Drs. Mueller and Fye willassist with the local arrangements.The 2011 meeting will take place in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Drs. Peitzman and VanderVeer weresuggested for assistance with the local arrangements.The location of the 2012 meeting has not been set.The question was raised how meeting sites areselected, and it was pointed out that these aredetermined by the Board of Governors after inputhas been solicited.The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.Respectfully submitted,Charles S. Bryan, Secretary-Treasurer 
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