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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION Diploma in Education (Year 2) July 2002 Intake ETL 201 Selected History Topics for Primary Social Studies Assignment: Life of a Chinese woman throughout the years 1941-1945 Name:Rita Gupta Matric No :020312D24 Tutor: Dr Ang Cheng Guan Day&Time:Monday 12.30-2.30pm 18TH OCTOBER 2003 0 LIFE OF A CHINESE WOMAN FROM THE YEARS 1941
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  N ATIONAL  I NSTITUTE   OF  E DUCATION Diploma in Education (Year 2) Jul 2!!2 Inta eETL 2!# Selected $i%tor Topic% &or'rimar Social Studie%A%%inmentLi&e o& a C*ine%e +oman t*rou*out t*e ear% #,-#.#,-/Name0ita 1uptaatric No !2!3#2D2-Tutor Dr An C*en 1uanDa4Timeonda #253!.253!pm #6 T$  O CTO7E0  2!!3 0  L IFE   OF   A  C $INESE  8 OAN   F0O   T$E  Y  EA0S  #,-#.#,-/  The Japanese Occupation lasted for 3 and a half years. Tilltoday, the older Singaporeans still vividly remember the darkestperiod of their lives. Untold millions suered throughout the aruntil !ugust #$% brought the Japanese surrender and release.& had the opportunity to intervie Oh 'hoo (eo , a Straits born'hinese oman for this oral history pro)ect. This essay depicts thepersonal memory of Oh 'hoo (eo throughout the years #$ to #$%. *er account of these years is similar to historical informationon the same period that is presently available as published historicalrecords. The ma)or highlight ill be the changes in her lifethroughout these years and the signi+cant events that she vividlyremembers till today. Oh 'hoo (eo as a young girl of  in #$ . She as born ina ell-to-do family. *er father sold black silk and they could easilyaord luuries and as living a life of comfort in their ooden-typebungalo. /ost of the straits-born 'hinese ere educated in 0nglishand had a higher standard of living than the other 'hinesecommunity. !t that time, Singapore as groing in importance as aport and trading centre. Singapore as the most important port inS0! and the  th  largest port in the orld and the booms in tin and 1  rubber in /alaya and the discovery of oil in 1orneo and &ndonesiaenabled Singapore to gro and prosper.  Singapore as en)oying good economy. Thus there ere anumber of people ho ere rich, Oh 'hoo (eo2s family being one of them./adam Oh as not concerned ith politics at that time, asshe as still young. She as not the only one. /a)ority vieed thepolitical aairs of /alay and Singapore ith little interest becausemost ere illiterate. *oever one main issue did capture theirinterest. That as the Japanese invasion of 'hina in #3. Singaporecommunists2 activists had organised fund-relief activities to aidchina2s ar eort. /adam Oh had remembered some of theseactivities taking place in the streets. The activities involved boycottsof Japanese goods, demonstrations, donations, sales of ags andpaper oers and events such as concerts and variety shos. 4 /adam Oh remembered that her on brother-in-la had donated hisedding ring in aid of 'hina.!lthough she as not interested in political aairs, she didremember ho the radio had announced that Singapore asimpregnable. !larmed at the Japanese aggression against 'hina inthe #352s, the 1ritish built a (aval 1ase in Singapore. The base as 2 6 7Jim 1aker, 'rossroads, ! popular history of /alaysia and Singapore, ###, Times &nternational, pg 45$7647Tan 1eng 8uan, &rene 9uah, The Japanese Occupation #$4 : #$%, ##;, Times 0dition  +nished in #3<, and so Singapore as idely thought to beimpregnable.  The base, completed in #$ and defended by artillery,searchlights, and the nely built nearby Tengah !ir+eld, causedSingapore to be ballyhooed in the press as the =>ibralter of the0ast.= The oating dock, 4% meters long, as the third largest inthe orld and could hold ;5,555 orkers. The base also containeddry docks, giant cranes, machine shops? and underground storagefor ater, fuel, and ammunition. ! self-contained ton on the baseas built to house 4,555 !sian orkers, ith cinemas, hospitals,churches, and seventeen soccer +elds. !bove-ground tanks heldenough fuel for the entire 1ritish navy for si months. The only thingthe giant naval fortress lacked as arships. 3 *oever, the impregnable fortress @shook2 hen the +rstbomb as dropped in Singapore. /adam Oh had remembered thatthe bomb dropped at around $ am on Aecember < #$ . &t as theday of her @O2 level eamination. The bomb as dropped in tonand the second one closer to her home. Bar had begun. The 1ritish then surrendered on Ceb % #$4. The net 5 to45 days ere chaotic everyhere. There as idespreadlalessness and looting and panic. /adam Oh recalled ho the Japanese ent to 'hinese houses and took aay the men. 3 637 httpDEE. upinfo.comEcountry-guide-studyEsingaporeEsingapore4%.html
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