New York Rangers: 7 Most Memorable Moments by Matt Doheny

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The New York Rangers have experienced plenty of ups and downs over the years. As one of the league’s “Original Six,” the Rangers captured three titles in their earliest years, before enduring one of the longest title droughts in professional sports. The Rangers eventually overcame the fabled “Curse of 1940”, but the years to follow have been a rollercoaster of sorts. In this presentation, Matt Doheny includes a few of the Broadway Blueshirts’ most memorable moments…the good, the bad, and the awful.
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  • 1. New York Rangers: 7 Most Memorable Moments By Matt Doheny
  • 2. History The New York Rangers have experienced plenty of ups and downs over the years.
  • 3. “Original Six” As one of the league’s “Original Six,” the Rangers captured three titles in their earliest years, before enduring one of the longest title droughts in professional sports.
  • 4. “Curse of 1940” The Rangers eventually overcame the fabled “Curse of 1940”, but the years to follow have been a rollercoaster of sorts.
  • 5. Here are a few of the Broadway Blueshirts’ most memorable moments… the good, the bad, and the awful.
  • 6. The Rangers Take New York
  • 7. 1926 Rangers v. Americans The Rangers first came on the scene in 1926, one year after their New York rivals, the Americans. Photo Source:
  • 8. Stanley Cup Win Though popular in their own right, the now-defunct “Amerks” were quickly forgotten after the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in just their second season.
  • 9. 1942 Americans 
 “Retirement” The Rangers went on to win two more titles in 1933 and 1940 while the Americans were forced to retire the franchise in 1942 due to financial hardship. Photo Source:
  • 10. J.P. Parise Destroys the Ranger’s Hopes
  • 11. 1940 Title Champions After winning the title in 1940, the Rangers entered into a long era of disappointment. Photo Source:
  • 12. Return of 1950 The once dominant franchise wouldn’t return to the finals until 1950, where they suffered an overtime loss against the Detroit Red Wings in Game 7 of the series. Photo Source: (Gordie Howe, Detroit Red Wings and Vic Howe, New York Rangers) by
  • 13. 1972 Loss to Boston Bruins The Rangers once again failed to capture the Cup in 1972, falling to the Boston Bruins in six games. Photo Source:
  • 14. 1975 Playoffs However, it was the 1975 playoffs that truly left its mark on the franchise. Photo Source: 1975-1976 Rangers Team Photo by
  • 15. NY Rangers v. NY Islanders The Rangers fought an intense first round series against hometown newcomers, the New York Islanders.
  • 16. J.P. Parise Scores Big Heading into a decisive Game 3, the Rangers would experience a devastating defeat when left winger J. P. Parise scored the winning goal eleven seconds into overtime. Photo Source:
  • 17. The Rangers Bounce Back
  • 18. “Cursed” Despite the brewing sentiment that the Rangers were cursed to never again win the Stanley Cup, the team would not be deterred.
  • 19. 1979 Playoffs Spurred by stellar play from Phil Esposito, Don Maloney, and John Davidson, just to name a few, the Rangers went on a playoff run for the ages in 1979. Photo Source:
  • 20. ’79 Stanley Cup Finals Besting the top- seeded Islanders in six games, the Rangers would eventually face the Montreal Canadiens in the 79 Stanley Cup Finals.
  • 21. Heartbreaking Loss Unfortunately, it would be over a decade before the curse was truly broken as the Rangers fell to the Canadiens in five. Photo Source:
  • 22. Postseason Reflections Still, the memory of that postseason run remains a happy one for the Ranger fans lucky enough to witness it.
  • 23. Mark Messier Guarantees Victory
  • 24. 1994 Playoffs It’s difficult to single out just one moment from the Ranger’s legendary 1994 playoffs performance. However, there is one name that stands out ever so slightly over the rest… Photo Source:
  • 25. Mark Messier When Messier joined the Rangers in 1991, he had every intention of ending the franchise’s 50- year title drought. Photo Source:
  • 26. Conference Finals Three seasons later, the Rangers found themselves in a 3-2 deficit against the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference finals. Photo Source:
  • 27. Strategic Media Play Sensing his team needed a confidence boost, Messier personally guaranteed reporters that the Rangers would win Game 6. Photo Source:
  • 28. Making Good On His Word Messier delivered on his promise, scoring a hat trick in the third period that changed the momentum of the game. Photo Source:
  • 29. Stephane Matteau The Rangers took Game 6 and surged into Game 7 where they closed out the series on an iconic wraparound goal from Stephane Matteau in double overtime. Photo Source: STEPHANE MATTEAU OVERTIME GOAL, 1994 by
  • 30. The Curse Finally Ends The Rangers went on to defeat the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup finals, making history and finally putting an end to the franchise’s curse. Photo Source:
  • 31. The Great One Joins The Messiah
  • 32. Wayne Gretzky When Wayne Gretzky reunited with former Edmonton Oilers teammate Mark Messier in 1996, Rangers fans were optimistic that the legendary duo would bring another championship to New York.
  • 33. However, the fantasy was short lived. The Rangers were defeated in the 1997 Eastern Conference finals, and Messier left for Vancouver. Photo Source:
  • 34. Gretzky 1999 Retirement A past-prime Gretzky failed to get the team to the playoffs, retiring from the NHL in 1999. Photo Source:
  • 35. Tragedy Strikes
  • 36. Jaromir Jagr After years of failing to make the playoffs, the Rangers began to experience a resurgence with a team of young, talented players built around superstar Jaromir Jagr. Image Source:
  • 37. Alexei Cherepanov Hopes were on high when the Rangers drafted Russian winger Alexi Cherepanov in the 2007 draft. Photo Source:
  • 38. NY Rangers “Hopeful Prose” Despite some concerns that Cherepanov would never play in the NHL, the Rangers were hopeful they would get the highly touted prospect to New York within a few seasons. Image Source:
  • 39. Tragedy on Oct. 13, 2008 On October 13 of 2008, Cherepanov collapsed on the bench during a KHL game against Vityaz Chekhov. He was pronounced dead later that day, leaving countless Ranger fans devastated and wondering what could have been. Image Source:
  • 40. The Rangers Return to the Finals
  • 41. Team’s Optimistic Outlook If there is one thing Rangers fans know, it’s that no matter how dark things seem, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Photo Source:
  • 42. 2014 Playoffs In the 2014 playoffs, the Broadway Blueshirts bounced back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round.
  • 43. 2014 Finals They went on to defeat the Montreal Canadiens, before ultimately succumbing to the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup finals.
  • 44. Rangers Make it to the Cup It was the team’s first finals appearance in 20 years, but Ranger fans likely won’t have to wait that long before they get another chance at the Cup. Photo Source:
  • 45. If you liked this piece, please visit: Matthew “Matt” A. Doheny holds an extensive curriculum vitae as an entrepreneur, finance expert and political pundit which features past and current successes in the industries of the investment fund, distressed asset and financial management. Presently, Matt Doheny serves on the board of Kodak Co. and Yellow Truck. He also functions as a Director of Affinity Gaming, and has done so since 2013.
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