New technology in our life. Why does the mankind need it?

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New technology in our life. Why does the mankind need it?. Evolution of house technique. А) Early ways of communication. B ) Modern ways of communication. Back in 19-th century people communicated
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Newtechnology in our life. Why does the mankind need it?Evolution ofhouse techniqueА) Early ways of communicationB)Modern ways of communicationBack in 19-th century people communicated between themselves by means of letters. They just wrote letters and sent them. It took a lot of time to correspond. Especially if it was a long distance. The mail was delivered by horses.Later since 1832 people have communicated with the help of telegraphs.People improved technics and different technologies. They have invented the phone. It was much more practical and more convenient than telegraphA bit later appeared a mobile phone and the computer.By a mobile phone it is possible now to call and write messages. People use The phone daily. We can’t imagine our life without these devices.New technologies and inventions in our lifeThe science keeps inventing new devices. People develop and think out new technologies. They have invented such thing as the computer. By means of it we can receive,process the information, the thoughts, to play, look films and many other things.Also there were such inventions, as shf(superhigh frequency) the furnace, the laptop, the calculator, Mixer,the TV, vacuum cleaner etc.Do they help you to save time? Of course, YES!Do they help you to get information and work with it?When did you last calculate using your head and intelligence?It’s fast and tasty, isn’t it?NewerIs it your ‘best’ friend? I hope, NO!..OlderIt’s so easy to do cleaning now. On these images we can trace development of computer devices from the big computer to smaller ones…One of the first computers. They are so big!In this picture we can see modern computers What does the mankind want? Our conclusions.
  • The mankind wants comfort.
  • The mankind wants to save time.
  • The mankind wants to communicate fast and in comfort.
  • The mankind wants to get a lot of information.
  • The mankind wants to be very mobile.
  • Our questionary shows that 25% of students think that PC is cleverer than a man. It’s the result of great work of many people.
  • While 75% believe that the mankind is really cleverer than a PC . Can a computer do any operations without a human? For example, to switch on, to start a programm, to surf the I-net.
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