NAS5320 SunCluster RAC

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Oracle(R) 10gR2 Real Application Cluster Installation Using Sun Cluster Software and Sun StorageTek(R) 000 Series !AS Appliance AS # $isk roducts %roup Sun &icros'ste(s) Inc* Sun &icros'ste(s) Inc* + 200 Sun &icros'ste(s) Inc*) ,1 0 !etwork Circle) Santa Clara) CA - 0 , USA All rig.ts reser/ed* product or docu(ent is protected 0' cop'rig.t and distri0uted under licenses restricting its use) cop'ing) distri0ution) and deco(pilation* !o part of product or docu(ent (a' 0e reproduced
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    Oracle (R)  10gR2 Real Application Cluster Installation Using Sun Cluster Software and Sun StorageTek (R)  000 Series !AS Appliance AS #$isk roducts %roupSun &icros'stes Inc*  Sun &icros'stes Inc* + 200 Sun &icros'stes Inc* ,10 !etwork Circle Santa Clara CA -0, USA All rig.ts reser/ed* product or docuent is protected ' cop'rig.t and distriuted under licenses restricting its use cop'ing distriution and decopilation* !o part of product or docuent a' e reproduced in an' for ' an' eans wit.out prior written aut.oriation of Sun and its licensors if an'* T.irdpart' software including font tec.nolog' is cop'rig.ted and licensed fro Sun suppliers* arts of t.e product a' e deri/ed fro 3erkele' 3S$ appliances licensed fro t.e Uni/ersit' of California* Sun Sun &icros'stes Sun Stor#dge t.e Sun logo are tradearks registered tradearks or ser/ice arks of Sun &icros'stes Inc* in t.e U*S* and countries* U!I4 is a registered tradeark in t.e United States and countries e5clusi/el' licensed t.roug. 46Open Copan' 7td*8indows is a registered tradeark of &icrosoft Corporation in t.e United States and countries* All S ARC tradearks are used under license and are tradearks or registered tradearks of S ARC International Inc* in t.e U*S* and countries* roducts earing S ARC tradearks are ased upon an arc.itecture de/eloped ' Sun &icros'stes Inc*T.e O #! 7OO9 and Sun:s %rap.ical User Interface was de/eloped ' Sun &icros'stes Inc* for its users and licensees* Sun acknowledges t.e pioneering efforts of 4ero5 in and de/eloping t.e concept of /isual or grap.ical user interfaces for t.e coputer industr'* Sun .olds a none5clusi/e license fro 4ero5 to t.e 4ero5 %rap.ical User Interface w.ic. license also co/ers Sun:s licensees w.o ipleent O #! 7OO9 %UIs and ot.erwise copl' wit. Sun:s written license agreeents*R#STRICT#$ RI%;TS< Use duplication or disclosure ' t.e U*S* %o/ernent is su=ect to restrictions of >AR 2*22?1,(g)(2)(@6?) and >AR 2*22?1-?) or $>AR 22*22??01()(@6-) and $>AR 22?*?202B(a)* $OCU&#!TATIO! IS ROI$#$ DAS ISE A!$ A77 #4 R#SS OR I& 7I#$ CO!$ITIO!S R# R#S#!TATIO!S A!$ 8ARRA!TI#S I!C7U$I!% A!F I& 7I#$ 8ARRA!TF O> &#RC;A!TA3I7ITF >IT!#SS >OR A ARTICU7AR UR OS# OR !O!I!>RI!%#&#!T AR# $ISC7AI&#$ #4C# T TO T;# #4T#!T T;AT SUC; $ISC7AI&#RS ;#7$ TO 3# 7#%A77F  2 Sun &icros'stes Inc* Table of Contents Introduction*************************************************************************************************************************************************************1Sun StorageTek 000 Series !AS Appliance for Oracle*****************************************************************************************1Sun Cluster for Oracle RAC************************************************************************************************************************************1Supported Configuration*****************************************************************************************************************************************2Sun Cluster Guoru $e/ice(G$) ***************************************************************************************************************************BSCSI Reser/ation *************************************************************************************************************************************************BInternet SCSI (iSCSI)**********************************************************************************************************************************************,Oracle RAC wit. Sun Cluster Ipleentation o/er/iew******************************************************************************************,Stage 1 < ;ost Configurations *******************************************************************************************************************************@Stage 2a < >ile olue Configuration on StorageTek !AS Appliance*********************************************************************?Stage 2 < iSCSI 7U! Configuration on StorageTek !AS and Cluster !odes********************************************************Stage B < Sun Cluster B*1 U , setup************************************************************************************************************************-Stage , < Installing Oracle RAC >raework for Sun Cluster*********************************************************************************10Stage  < Oracle #n/ironent Setup*********************************************************************************************************************11Stage @ < Oracle 10gR2 Clusterware Installation***************************************************************************************************1BStage ? < Oracle RAC $ataase inaries Installation********************************************************************************************1,$ataase Creation************************************************************************************************************************************************1Reference*************************************************************************************************************************************************************1@Appendi5***************************************************************************************************************************************************************1? Oracle 10gR2 RAC wit. Sun Cluster on StorageTek !AS Appliance
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