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Murudeshwar Ceramics
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    MPBIM 1 A STUDY ON  THE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF MCL   CONDUCTED ATSubmitted in Partial Fulfillment of the requirement of Third Semester of the Post GraduateProgram in MP Birla Institute of Management, Bangalore UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF EXTERNAL GUIDE INTERNAL GUIDE Mr. Habib-ur-Rahaman Dr.N.S.VishwanathAGM (Bangalore) Faculty MPBIMMCL  SUBMITTED BY ABHIJIT.SHETTY Reg.No: 04XQCM6001   MP BIRLA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTRACE COURSE ROAD, BANGALORE-560 001   2005-06    MPBIM 2 DECLARATION I here by declare that this Internship report entitled “ ORGANISATIONSTRUCTURE OF MCL” is prepared during the academic year 2005-2006 underthe guidance of Dr.N.S.Vishwanath (faculty, MP Birla Institute of Management).I also declare that this project report has not been submitted to any other University / Institute for   the award of any other degree, diploma, fellowship or other similartitle or prizes.Date :Place- Bangalore ABHIJIT.SHETTY(O4XQCM6001)    MPBIM 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT   At the successful completion of my internship study I would like to extend mygratitude to all those without whose valuable guidance and support it would have notbeen possible.With all sincerity and respect, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. N S   Malavalli(Principal)   for giving an opportunity to have Corporate Exposure andLearning at MURUDESHWAR CERAMICS LIMITED.I would like to express my sincere thanks to DR.N.S.Vishwanath(internal guide) forhelping me in various aspects of the study.I am deeply indebted to M.R.Habib–Ur-Rahman (AGM, MCL) having given me anopportunity and guidance, invaluable help and cooperation to successfully completethe project.I am grateful to Harish Kumar Shetty (project executive, MCL) for his help andcooperation.I am very thankful to the management and staff of Murudeshwar Ceramics limitedfor their friendly nature and invaluable cooperation during my study.    MPBIM 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The internship study is done at Murudeshwar ceramics limited Bangalore; the mainobjective behind the study is to know the functioning of various departments and amicroscopic study in the finance department of the organization.MCL commenced its business in the year 1987 promoted by R.N.shetty a notedcivil contractor in Karnataka.Its main branch is situated in Hubli(Karnataka state) and has several show rooms allover India.MCL is having four functional departments viz Finance, production, marketing, andR&D.All the departments are handled by qualified professionals who are answerable tothe chair man; they work as per the mission of the company. All the departmentswork with great coordination with definite plans and policies laid down by the topmanagement.I did my microscopic study in the finance department; here the main objective wasto know the financial position of the company by way of ratio analysis. It revealedthat MCL is a very sound company with a very effective utilization of its financialresources.
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