Municipality of Ub Youth Organisation Project

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Municipality of Ub Youth Organisation General Project
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Document Transcript  1 Municipality of Ub Youth Organisation General Project Content : 1.   About Municipality of Ub2.   Geographic position3.   SWOT Analysis Extract4.   Objectives of future Youth Organisation5.   Recent Activities of Local Government6.   Municipality of Ub Vision 2010 – 2020  2 About Municipality of Ub Municipality of Ub is situated in West Serbia, about 50 km form Belgrade and 30 kmform Valjevo.We have favorable geographic position, due to proximity of Airport Belgrade (50km), port of Šabac (50 km), railway Belgrade-Bar (6 km).Municipality has population of about 34.000 people and territory of 456 sqarekilometers.  3 SWOT Analysis Extract Strenght Weakness Threats PossibilitesHuman Resources HighunemploymentlevelNegative socialtendenciesBetter and raisedlevel of educationMotivated people Apathetic andviolent onesHIV, AIDS, drugabuseConnection withEuropean regionsTraditionaly good insports, rich inculturePoor life quality invillagesEstablishingbusiness-friendlyzones Objectives of future Youth Organisation The objectives of the establishment of the Office for Youth:ã Affirmation of young people and their inclusion in societyã Organizing social life of youngã Education of youth on various issues (non-formal education, interculturallearning, health, ecology, respect for human rights)ã Inclusion of youth in cultural and sporting life of the municipalityã Promotion of traditional and fundamental values of life in youngã Promotion of different cultural values, understanding, tolerance, review theproblems of young people of all nationalities and their solutionã Help young people in their professional orientationã Improve standards of youthã Affirmation of amateur creativity and youth activismã Encouraging participation in national and international competitionsã Promoting the sport and a healthy, stable and responsible way of lifeã Support active cooperation of local communities, schools, universities,NGOs, and youth sports organizations and clubsã Providing support to youth initiatives and projectsã educating young people about the problems and challenges of growing upã Promoting the importance of voluntary workPlanned Activities of the Youth Club :ã Organization of cultural and sports eventsã Organize sections: Internet, journalism, photography, culture, sports ...ã Youth Employment through Youth Cooperativeã Help young people in their professional orientationã Organizing information servicesã Providing free internet useã Research the needs of high school students and studentsã Organizing panel discussions and workshops on drug abuse, smoking,alcoholism, sects, AIDS, sexual maturation, loneliness, physical appearance,problems with parents, conflict, ecology, bonton, Human Rights ...ã Organize participation in national and international competitions (painting,literary composition, singing ....)ã Organizing Olympic Games of Culture, dedicated to the affirmation of  4 culture and education of youth;ã Improve standards of youth using youth payment cardsã Organization of the SOS Center for Youthã Organization of performances, exhibitions, film screenings, literary eveningsã Organizing for high school debate clubs and students Aproximated Programme Budget Reconstruction of Youth Club building – max. 50.000 €Purchase of necessary equipment – max 10.000 € Other costs will be planned in agreement with Partner. Recent Activities of Local Government Cross border cooperation programme Objective of the programme / project The Neighbourhood Programmes are a new instrument of the European Union for support andpromotion of cross-border co-operation at the new external borders of the EU. The Programmefocuses on promotion of sustainable economic and social development, protection of theenvironment, fight against organised crime, improvement of border control and promotion of people-to-people actions.The Programmes aim at reducing differences in the levels of development between regions onboth sides of the EU external borders, and at promoting contacts between local communities incultural, social and economic co-operation. Areas of support Social and economic cohesion through actions to improve physical, business, social andinstitutional infrastructure and capacity ã   Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the areas’ economic, rural andenvironmental resources ã   Cross-border initiatives targeting the exchange of people and ideas to enhanceprofessional and civic society cooperationMunicipality of Ub has recently signed an agreement with Municipality of Modriča (Bosnia) on joint participation in Programme in five major areas – culture, economy, tourism, wastetreatment and sports. Strategy of sustainable development According to our request to be certified as a “business friendly” municipality, which will gain usan enabling environment for investments and bussines development, we have defined fourmajor objectives to be implemented in Strategy of sustainable development. First of all isDevelopment of economy and rational usage of our natural resources, second objective iscorelated with that – Development of rural areas. Two other objectives are Development of urban areas and Infrastructure.
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