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  REACH FOR THE STAR Read the article below. Part 1 : Dreaming the Dream   Glossary:  1 2   In today’s competitive world of sport, footballer David Beckham stands head and shoulders above 1 the rest. Born David Robert Joseph Beckham on 2 May 1975, this native Londoner has slowly worked his way up 2   to become, arguably, one of the best footballers in the world. How did he do it? Beckham’s dream of becoming a professional footballer began at the tender age 3  of seven when he would spend his time watching matches with his father and studying the moves that one day make him a world-class footballer. His room was plastered with posters of heroes, Bobby Charlton and Bryan Robson. Beckham would wake up every morning and look at these faces, drawing inspiration 4  from the same posters that now carry his face. 5 10 1  is very much better than 2   gradually improved 3  very young age 4  motivation  Answer the following questions. Write your answers in your exercise book. 1. When was David Beckham born and where did he live? 2. How old was Beckham when he decided to become a professional footballer? 3. Who inspired Beckham to achieve his ambition? Part 2 : Achieving the Dream   Glossary:  3 4   Beckham first became acquainted with 5  the famous football club, Manchester United, at the age of eleven when he became the soccer skills champion for his age group. His prize included a two-week training stint at Old Trafford, home ground to Manchester United. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. Beckham attributes 6  his success to the countless 7  hours of continuous practice working on his own at the local park and also training with his father, who was his mentor 8  in his younger days. His discipline and commitment, together with the support of his father and family, have proved to be the perfect recipe for footballing success. Beckham’s marriage to ‘Spice Girl’ Victoria Adams and the birth of their children have further enhanced his status as an idol. 15 20 25 5  aware of or familiar with 6   gives credit for; to say that a situation or event is caused by something   7  too many to be counted 8  teacher and trusted adviser 4. When was Beckham first introduced to Manchester United? 5. How was he introduced to the club ? 6. Find words in the text which have these meanings: a. a period of time doing a particular activity (line 18) b. lifted or improved further (line 28)   Part 3 : Living the Dream   Glossary:  5 6 7 Despite his controversial 9  hairstyles and star status, David Beckham does not allow anything to distract him from his football, which he continues to hone 10  and perfect. Not one to rest on his laurels 11 , Beckham still continues to put in many hours of practice to maintain his skills and fitness. Today, Beckham has truly achieved his lifelong ambition. He continues to be a beacon 12  for millions of youths worldwide, who aspire to achieve his success. When asked to give advice to aspiring footballers, Beckham says, “Discipline, perseverance and having a goal in life are essential ingredients for success. So give it a go. You can do it.”  These are the words of David Beckham  –  great footballer, role model and hero, who has shown us that dreams can come true. 30 35 40 9  causing a lot of disagreement 10   improve 11  be satisfied with what he has achieved 12  inspiring example 7. According to Beckham what are essential ingredients for his success as a great footballer? 8. Find words in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the reading text which have a similar meaning to the words and phrases below. a. reasonable proposed (line5) b. completely covered (line 10) c. control over one’s action (line 24)  d. willingness to work hard (line 24) e. have a strong desire for (line 36) f. absolutely necessary (line 38) 9. Rewrite the text below in your exercise book. Then complete the text below, using the words in question 8 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f). I had wanted to be a singer since I was seven. I had posters of every great singer (1)  on the walls of my bedroom. My inspiration was none other than Siti Nurhaliza, (2)  the most famous singer in Malaysia. I knew it was going to be difficult to succeed. I was prepared to put in any amount of (3)  and (4) . However, after a short stint in the school choir, I realised it was better for me too (5)  to do something else. I lacked a good voice, the one (6)  ingredient it took to become a star. I guess in life wanting something badly and working hard for it do not guarantee success. Well, at least I tried.  Nature    –  By H.D. Carberry Understanding the Poem Lines Meanings We have neither Summer or Winter In our country, Jamaica, we do not have Summer or Winter Neither Autumn nor Spring. We do not have Autumn or Spring We have instead the days Instead we have days When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefield –    of golden sunshine on the lush green fields of sugar cane Magnificently. It is beautiful and magnificent sight. The days when the rain beats like bullets on the roofs There are also days when we have heavy rain, when raindrops beat down on the roofs of our houses like the sound of a hail of bullets  And there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies And we hear nothing but the loud rushing sound of water in the gullies (narrow channel formed by rainwater)  And trees struggling in high Jamaica winds. There are times when trees struggle to stay rooted despite the strong winds  Also there are the days when the leaves fade from off guango trees There are also times when guango trees shed their leaves leaving the trees bare  And the reaped canefields lie bare and fallow to the sun. And the canefields, which have already been harvested, lie empty and unplanted under the sun But the best of all there are the days when the mango and the logwood blossom But, the best time in our country is when the mango trees and the logwood blossom and flower When the bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey, The bushes are filled with the buzzing of bees and the wonderful smell of honey When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air, This is the time when tall grass sways and shivers in the gentle breeze When the buttercups have paved the earth with yellow stars And the earth is covered with beautiful yellow buttercups (flowers) which look like yellow stars  And beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone. The beauty of nature emerges after the rain have gone Vocabulary: summer  –  musim panas autumn  –  musim luruh instead  –  sebaliknya lush  –  kehijauan bullets  –  peluru swish  –  bunyi limpahan struggling  –  bergelut reaped - dituai bare  –  terdedah blossom  –  mekar sways  –  berayun slightest  –  lembut winter  –  musim sejuk spring  –  musim bunga shines  –  bersinar magnificently - indahnya roofs  –  atap-atap gullies  –  lembah fade  –  gugur canefields  –  ladang tebu fallow  –  terbiar scent  –  bau shivers  –  menggigil paved - menutupi  THEMES   1.   Natural cycle of life Life is not always easy  –  there will be good and bad times no matter where we are. We may go through rainy days when everything seems gloomy and our problems brings us down. However, after the rain, the sun will come out to shine and our surroundings look bright again. Therefore, we should have faith that no matter what the problem is, it can be solved at some point and life will be even better than before. There are also the ”best of all” days when we experience the happiest moments and all the gloomy times are pushed to the past. 2.   Appreciation of nature Summer, winter, autumn and spring may represent certain images of beauty in our mind but the hot, rainy or windy days experienced elsewhere are just as wonderful. We see plants, insects and animals thriving under different weather conditions and continuing the cycle of life. This is nature’s way of ensuring every place of Earth is given what it needs best.   MORAL VALUES    We should value what we have.    Nature is beautiful and we are surrounded by its many beautiful things. Learn to appreciate and treasure them on a daily basis. Exercise 1 Write True (T) or False (F) for the following statements. 1. Jamaica has two main seasons, hot and wet. 2. On rainy days, one can hear the sound of water running in the gullies. 3. Trees in Jamaica cannot survive the strong Jamaican wind. 4. The canefields are stripped bare by the strong hurricane winds. 5. The tall grass sways gracefully with the breeze. 6. The bees are attracted to the fruit trees and the fragrance of the fruits. Exercise 2 Read the poem “Nature”, answer the questions that follow. Write your answers in your exercise book. 1. Who wrote the poem “Nature”   2. What type of climate does Jamaica have?   3. What are the two seasons found in Jamaican weather?   4. Write down two words from the poem which are related to the parts of house.   5. Write down two words from the poem which are related to canefields ready to be harvested.   6. Write down two words from the poem which are related to canefields that have been harvested. 7. Write down two words from the poem which are related to the sound of the movement of rain water.
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