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1. MirchiFry.com Buyers & Sellers Both will earn. 100% assurance. 995/8, Railway Road panipat -132103 Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014 2. Team Savikar Bhardwaj…
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  • 1. MirchiFry.com Buyers & Sellers Both will earn. 100% assurance. 995/8, Railway Road panipat -132103 Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 2. Team Savikar Bhardwaj (Founder & CEO) He has done his MBA from NIBM, Chennai and is running his ecommerce business since last 2.5 years, He has successfully completed more than 200,000 orders in last 2.5 years , Last year his company APIC Inc. is been awarded as the Top Seller PAN India by shopclues.com.He has very good understanding of all major marketplaces like His previous experience is of Direct Selling Industry for 6 years , where worked for 2 years with world's largest direct selling company as an on roll employee. At mirchifry.com he is responsible for development , testing, research, innovation and expansion. Jyoti ( Co Founder) She is an M com from Punjab University and is playing major role in handling IT operations at our existing company APIC Inc., She will be responsible for IT operations at mirchifry.com. Sanket Bhardwaj (Co Founder) He is basically taking care the procurements for APIC Inc. and is responsible for new products addition in our catalogue . At mirchifry he will be responsible for increasing the number of listings at website. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 3. What is Mirchifry ? • Mirchifry is a blending of 2 successful industries. (e- commerce & direct selling) • Here Buyer & sellers both will earn, Buyers can earn without even Buying and Sellers can earn without even selling anything. • It is a referral eCommerce marketplace model Advantages Over Competition • Customer acquisition cost is almost negligible which is around Rs.1000 in case of other competitors. • Low Investment start-up. • No need of thousands of dollars for advertisement and marketing. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 4. At Ordinary eCommerce • Merchant will earn only if anything sold. • And Customers can only buy no earning for them. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 5. But at Mirchi No Matter You are Buyer or Seller Just Refer this platform to others & You will be paid for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen on transaction value. A combination of is our USP. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 6. Business Model Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014 • Registration is 100% Free at mirchifry.com • On Every sale mirchi will charge 3 to 13 % commission. • 60 % of it’s sales commission will be distributed as referral commission to all 3 generations. • This balance 40% and advertisement revenue by promoting the products of merchants at various promotional sections of the site will be our profit. • On a sales of Rs.100 Cr. We could easily generate a profit 4 crores from Sales commission and 2 Crores from advertisement in first year only.
  • 7. Target Audience • Right Now there are more than 243 million internet users in India and all these are potential users of mirchifry. Currently 70% of the transactions are happening using COD which is increasing the cost and number return percentage but Mirchi is developing a wallet model for payment transfer where a senior upline having debit or credit card can get funds transferred to his/her wallet and further he can transfer that fund to his/her downline’s wallet by a single click, this way those without debit/credit card can also transact at mirchifry without using COD. • In fact as it’s as mirchifry is a direct selling ecommerce company so we will proved to be a guide for non internet users also to be a part of this revolution. • Our Founder Savikar Bhradwaj is big Fan of Jack Ma of Alibaba from the last 3 years he desperately researched a lot about Taobao, Alibaba and jack Ma, his vision is to soon take mirchi to International market as well. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 8. Success So Far 1. Domain is finalised as mirchifry.com and it sounds great ! 2. Logo is designed as 3. We have created video presentation and how to use presentation What is mirchifry.com https://youtu.be/TopjWHlZmKg How to sell at Mirchi https://youtu.be/SyvqSfiEyvU 4. Website is ready for Pilot Run www.mirchifry.com 5. At pilot run we have shown our plan to 150 people only and most of them are fully convenience and registered at mirchi many of them have also listed their products as well. 6. Listing a new product is as simple at our website as uploading a picture on FB. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 9. Our Competitors Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014 Our Current competitors will be snapdeal , ebay, amazon, myntra, jabong and shopclues but actually we don’t feel them to be our competitors as we have to derive business from direct referring by users.
  • 10. Our Plan to fight Competition is : • First to list at least 1000 products in different categories with at least 50 unique sellers. • Than to spend around 10 lakh rupees on site maintenance and digital marketing. • Once traffic and sales will be there anyone will immediately register and upload his/ her products by understanding the uniqueness of our plan. • Referral Plan will works for sure as Savikar has an experience of selling expensive cosmetic AVON products worth 30 lakhs every 28 days in a place like Haryana using the same direct selling concept. He is very confident and experienced about convincing the people to work for this model. • If AVON could be sold than this is eCommerce will make everyone crazy to enter this industry and Savikar himself is a testimonial for this industry as well as his last year’s turnover at various marketplaces was more than 10 crores . Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 11. Capex & Opex Cost, No. Of Transactions, Sales & Profit1st Year 2nd Year 3 Year Capital Expenses (INR) 7,00,000 30,00,000 35,00,000 Operating Expenses 76,60000 2,07,00,000 3,26,40,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transactions 17,600 3,20,000 16,25,000 Sales (INR) 44,00,000 6,40,00,000 32,50,00,000 Sales Profit (INR) 5,72,000 1,04,00,000 5,28,12,500 Advertisement Profit 2,00,000 30,00,000 2,00,00,000 *Avg revenue per transaction would be Rs.300-350 Excel Sheet Attached.. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 12. Funds Requirement • We initially require Rs. 2,00,00,000 We will utilize this for meeting Capital & Operative expenses till first 18 months for • Staff Salary * Server Rent * Travel and For Group Presentations • Digital Marketing * Office Rent * Purchase of office Equipments, Furniture & Fixtures • In first year staff hiring, digital marketing and group presentations would be our prime focus & this will bring 30000 new users to the website and will generate revenue of Rs.2,21,00,000 only in 1.5 years • Till date there is no co investor but we would positively go for 2nd round of funding to expand the business further. Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 13. Equity Structure • Savikar Bhardwaj (80%)- Founder & CEO • Jyoti (10%)- Co Founder • Sanket Bhardwaj (10%)- Co Founder Money Invested so far Rs. 4 Lacs on Frontend & Backend Development. No Previous Investment So Far Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 14. Exit Options • Investors can sell their share to further investors. • Our Idea of eCommerce with direct selling is completely unique, every investor will surely like this idea. • And in future we will 100% go for IPO Eg. Ebay, amazon and Alibaba Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 15. Suppose one only refer 10 buyers/sellers in 1 year and they all make a sale/Purchase of Rs.1500 only : 1st gen. = 10 X 1500 Sale/Purchase = 15000 X 1.5% = Rs.225 2nd gen. = 10 X 10 = 100 X 1500 Sale/Purchase = 150000 X .75% = Rs1125 3rd gen. = 100 X 10 = 1000 X 1500 Sale/Purchase = 1500000 X .50 = Rs.7500 Total = Rs.8850 This is a bare minimum example of Rs.1500 only, whereas only single online sellers can easily sell around 10-20 lacs. Lets Understand 100% profit assurance for Users Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
  • 16. www.mirchifry.com is in development mode now. For better understanding of the concept please give us a time of 15 minutes to present this, we can assure you that Mirchi will rock world and it is the need of time. Thanks For Watching the PPT Regards Team MirchiFry.com +91 7206002111 Copy Rights@ Mirchifry.com 2014
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