Mark Bryan Acat Mark Bryan Has a Strong Body. He

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Mark Bryan Acat Mark Bryan has a strong body. He rarely experiences illnesses. He has a good appetite. He is very energetic and plays a lot. He fell from the stairs during the year and his mother brought him to the hospital to be checked. He underwent citiscan and the result showed he had no serious injury. The child is a grade 2 student in the nearby public elementary school. He is studying his lessons every day. He was able to pass his subjects but he needs assistance to improve his performanc
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  Mark Bryan AcatMark Bryan has a strong body. Herarely experiences illnesses. He has agood appetite. He is very energeticand plays a lot. He fell from the stairsduring the year and his motherbrought him to the hospital to bechecked. He underwent citiscan andthe result showed he had no seriousinjury. The child is a grade 2 student in thenearby public elementary school. He isstudying his lessons every day. Hewas able to pass his subjects but heneeds assistance to improve hisperformance in school. He attends thetutorial sessions initiated by theproject to help him with his difficultiesin school. The project supported thechild’s education by providing himwith educational assistance. The child is being taken cared by hisgrandmother at home because hermother is a solo parent and she is thesole bread-winner. The child has goodrelationship in the family. He plays alot at home. He is a kind child. Hisunforgettable experience is going tothe park with his grandmother. The child was raised in a RomanCatholic family. He attends massevery Sunday.Simpleen NatividadSimpleen has a good health during theyear and has gained weight. As partof keeping her body strong, she sleepsearly, brushes her teeth regularly,takes a bath daily and wears cleanclothes. The child is a grade 2 student in thenearby public elementary school. Shebelongs to the first section in hergrade level because she has highgrades. She is an industrious studentand regularly attends her classes. Herfavorite subject is Filipino and shelikes to read. The child joins in theextra- curricular activities in schooland participates in the activities of GirlScouts of the Philippines. The tutorialsessions which were initiated by theproject helped improve the child’sgrades. The project supported hereducational needs through schoolsupplies, uniform, bag, shoes andpayment for school projects. The child’s relationship with herparents and siblings is harmonious.She is close with her father. She hasmany playmates in the community.When it is her free time, she usuallyreads and plays. Her unforgettableexperience was during Christmasbecause she received many gifts.Being raised in a Catholic family, thechild is taught by his parents how topray and the child goes with the familyin attending mass in church on  Sundays. She also attends Bible studyin the community.Katherine Charise Elep The sponsored child is healthy. Shehas a good appetite and veryenergetic. She did not experience anysickness during the year. The child attended supervisedneighborhood play, a project initiatedactivity, to help her develop her skills. Through this, the child will be moreprepared when she enters formalschool. The child is affectionate. Being aneldest child, she usually takes care of her younger siblings even if she is stillyoung. She shares her toys with otherchildren. The child’s memorableexperience during the year was goingto the Carnival.Being raised in a Catholic family, thechild was taught to attend Sundaymass. She also joins in the catechismin the community to learn more abouther religion.  Jomar Bajo Jomar is a healthy and energetic child.He did not experience any sicknessduring the year. The child is a first year average highschool student. He participates in thetutorial sessions in the community toimprove his grades. He was able topass all his subjects in school in theprevious school year. The tutorialsessions also helped the child improvehis social skills and his difficulties inschool. The project supported thechild’s school supplies, shoes, bag,uniform and payment for school fees. The relationship of the child with hisparents is harmonious. When hereturns from school, he usually playsand watches the television. He getsalong well with other children in thecommunity. He is very friendly andhas playful. He got elected as thepresident of the Children’s Associationin their community. He joins manychild development sessions facilitatedby the peer facilitators in thecommunity.   The child belongs to the Catholicreligion. The child joins the valuessessions and Bible study in thecommunity every Saturday.
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