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After losing her father as a result of the 9/11 attacks, Mariel moves to Colorado and explores his past as a member of the 10th Mountain Division.
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  LovelandByLisa Marie MercerWGA:1386915  EXT. BATTERY PARK CITY WATERFRONT SEPTEMBER 11 2001 - DAYMARIEL, a fit woman in her early 40s strolls along thewaterfront with WHISTLER, her greyhound. She wears a long,Victorian-inspired dress with a pair of running shoes. Thewind causes her long hair to fall across her face. She isattractive in disorganized, casual way. Throngs of peoplejog, bike or rush to work. Ravel’s Bolero plays in thebackground. A street entertainer in a gypsy costume dancesto the music. MARIEL tosses some coins to the dancer, andthen hears her cell phone ringing. It has a Ravel’s Boleroringtone. MARIEL fumbles through a large, quilted bag, andanswers just in time.MARIELWhat’s up, Dad?AARON (V.O)Mariel darling. I’ve arrived earlyfor our breakfast date, but no needto hurry. I’m sitting here atWindows on the World, taking inthis marvelous view.MARIEL(Laughing)Don’t get too drunk, Dad. I’ll seeyou at 10:30 as planned. Je t’aime,Papa.MARIEL does not hear an answer. She looks at her phone andrealizes that she has been disconnected.MARIELJe t’aime. I love you. Can you hearme now?CRASH! MARIEL looks up, horrified and transfixed. WHISTLERwhines and pulls her along. She follows the crowd and dashesfrom the scene.INT-A COURTROOM IN LOWER MANHATTAN-DAYJONATHAN, a lawyer in his mid 40s is seated with his client.The BAILIFF enters.BAILIFFAll rise for the honorable...CRASH! Murmuring amongst the CROWD. A POLICEMAN enters.(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 2.POLICEMANLadies and gentleman, we need toevacuate the courtroom.The CROWD exits. We hear snippets of conversation. Someonesays the words plane and World Trade Center. JOHNATHANMARIEL!JONATHAN takes out his cell phone, and punches in a number.VOICE (OC)We’re sorry. No signal is availableat this time. Please try your callagain later.JOHNATHANThere might not be a later.JONATHAN runs.INT. MARIEL’S PARENT’S HOME IN BROOKLYN HEIGHTS -DAYDAMIEN, a well groomed and handsome man of about 46 yearsold opens the to an apartment and sees CATHERINE, a woman inher 70s is reclining on the couch, watching television andsobbing. Evidence of her former beauty is apparent, despitethe fact that she is clearly inebriated. DAMIEN shuts thedoor and approaches CATHERINE.DAMIEN(bowing)Good morning, Lady Catherine. Icome bearing a suitable feast for aQueen.He walks into the kitchen and begins unloading thegroceries. As CATHERINE’S sobs grow louder, he yells fromthe kitchen.DAMIENBut why the tears?CATHERINEA plane just struck the World TradeCenter.DAMIENAre we having another one of ourbad dreams, darling?(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 3.DAMIEN walks to the dining room and places some breakfastitems on the table.CATHERINENo we are NOT having one of OUR baddreams. I may be losing my mind,but I’m not delusional!DAMIEN walks to the television.DAMIEN(whispers)Shit!CATHERINEAaron was supposed to meet Marielat Windows on the World.DAMIENWell don’t plan their funeral yet.You did marry a war hero... Andremember what my crazy sister didduring the 93 attacks.CATHERINE springs up from the couch.CATHERINETHAT FOOLISH, STUPID GIRL!DAMIENGee, mom. Why don’t you tell mewhat you really think of yourdaughter?CATHERINENo daughter of mine should havebeen so stupid to think that shecould carry a 50-pound oxygen tankfor ten blocks- Especially when shewas two months pregnant.DAMIEN wraps his arm around CATHERINE and walks her to thedining room. He goes to the kitchen and pours her a cup oftea. Then, he sits down next to CATHERINE, strokes her handand speaks to her in a gentle voice.DAMIENShe saved many lives that day, Mom.CATHERINE jumps out of her seat, knocking over her tea cupin the process.(CONTINUED)
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