Linea Scenario de Schonwald

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Línea Scenario de Schonwald
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  your local dealer: Porzellanfabrik SchönwaldSpezialfabrik für HotelporzellanRehauer Straße 44-54 D– 95173 SchönwaldTelephone: +49 9287 56-0 Fax Inland: +49 9287 56-2133 Fax international: +49 9287 56-2193 E-Mail:     s    w    a   -      0      8   -      1      3      7    w   w   w .   s   c    h    l    i   e   s   s    k   e .    d   e PREMIUMPORCELAINMADE INGERMANY SCENARIO GN Style with a system  A NEW BUFFET CONCEPT A NEW ANGLE ON STANDARDISED FUNCTIONALITY Anyone who is involved with catering kitchens and buffets will be familiar with Gastro-norm dishes. Thanks to their standardised sizes based on a measuring system which isvalid throughout the world, these containers are ideal for holding hot and cold foodand are easily interchangeable. Although highly practical, crockery of this type has al-ways tended to be functional rather than aesthetically appealing – up until now, that is.Working on behalf of Schönwald, the multi-award-winning designer Carsten Gollnickhas further developed the standardised buffet idea and come up with SCENARIO GN .This modular system based on three harmonious components opens up a wealth of new possibilities when it comes to presenting food at buffets and other modern cater-ing events. With its fascinating design, this integrated buffet concept reinterpretstraditional Gastronorm dishes in porcelain and complements them with an srcinalplate and finger-food concept. The third component is the innovative buffet architec-ture which provides caterers with a wide range of design options. The first-ever designer Gastronorm dishes: The SCENARIO GN  porcelain dishes will surprise guests with their unusual design.Whilst traditional Gastronorm dishes have a purely functional appearance, the asymmetrical porcelain dishes from Schönwald make a bold design statement with their wide, profiled rims.     S    C   E   N   A   R   I    O     G   N     |   P   A    G   E       2  NEW WAYS OF PRESENTING YOUR FOOD AN IMPOSING BACKDROP FORAESTHETIC FREEDOM SCENARIO GN not only creates an aesthetically new material and design language basedon the familiar basic model. Inspired by an integrated modular approach, this unusualbuffet concept also displays a special sense of dramaturgy with various actors perform-ing on different stages.In restaurants or hotels, at unusual events, or even in the everyday setting of a companycanteen, SCENARIO GN brings a sense of entertainment to a buffet. When “on stage”, thestandardised containers interact entertainingly with unusual porcelain plates and finger-food articles in a range of different sizes. Eye-catching: The various heights and tilt angles as well as the combination of porcelaindishes and contrasting materials such as wooden presenters or woven bread baskets tempt guestsand bring variety to the buffet.     S    C   E   N   A   R   I    O     G   N     |   P   A    G   E       4
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