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  LESSON PLAN FOR YEAR 4 CLASS DATE: 28 TH  February 2013 TIME: 9.00  –  10.00 a.m. CLASS: Year 4 THEME: World of Personal Relationship TOPIC: Greetings and social expressions LEARNING OUTCOMES:  2.7 Perform a variety of functions in a social context such as exchanging greetings, making introductions, inviting people, etc. 4.2 Write at word, phrase, sentence and paragraph level in clear, legible print and cursive writing. 4.4 Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentence.  FOCUSSED SKILLS: Listening and Speaking INTEGRATED SKILLS: Writing and Reading EDUCATIONAL EMPHASIS: Multiple Intelligences (MI): Verbal linguistics, Interpersonal Intelligence, Musical Intelligence Thinking Skills: Classifying MORAL VALUES: Showing respect by greeting towards each other.  AIM: To know the basic form of greetings that can be used to greet someone. BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to: a) Determine the four basic greetings correctly. b) Find at least few greetings from a text given correctly. c) Write a letter using the greetings correctly. TEACHING AIDS/MATERIALS: Laptop, video, worksheet, picture and word cards, worksheet  WORD LIST: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night SENTENCE PATTERNS: „ Good Morning, teacher. ‟   GRAMMAR: Simple present tense PUPILS‟ PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: Pupils know the basic greetings that they had learnt before Steps/Time   Content   Teacher-Pupil Activities   Teaching Aids/Notes (EE, Values)   Set Induction (3 min.) 1. Teacher enters the class and greets the students by telling „Good Morning students.‟ The teacher stresses the „Good Morning‟ for several times.  2. Then the teacher puts on „The Greetings Song‟. The students then will sing along. 3. The teacher questions about what the teacher is going to teach. Presentation (15 mins.) 1. Teacher will explain to the students about the four basic greetings. 2. Then, the teacher shows pictures of situation that shows the time of the day. 3. Teacher elicits answers from the students by questioning them. 4. Then, the teacher uses the word cards to explain to the students about the basic greetings. 5. The teacher drills the lesson. Practice (15 mins.) 1. The teacher then provides the students with speech bubbles where the students have to fill it in with appropriate greetings. 2. The teacher then discusses the answers with the students. 3. After that, the teacher will  provide the students with texts. The students have to look out for the greetings from the texts given. 4. Then, the teacher discusses the answers with the students. Production (20 mins.) 1. Teacher asks the students to use the greetings that they have learnt to write a short message/note to any of their friends or teachers. 2. The volunteers from the students are given opportunity to read their messages. Closure (2 mins.) 1. Teacher highlights the salient points in the lesson. “What have you learn today?”  2. Teacher also reminds the students to greet people who are elderly than them as a form of respect.
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