Laporan Bulan Oktober 2015

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  DAFTAR SMK NEGERI 3 MI  NON A M A1 Drs. Pilemon, M.Pd 2 Matius Rombe S. Pd 3 Marlina, S.Pd 4 Adriana Yuliana Macsurella, S.Pd 5 Mustaa, S.Pd ! Siana, S.A # $rlince %oba&, S.'( ) Nur(a&ati, S.Pd * Darma Parelan n an, S$ 1+ udia Sam-e a/an, A.Md 11 Yadrisianti amban, S.Pd 12 0erma Sonda, S' 13 $lim Sabbara, S' 14 Rina An araeni, A.M.e- 15 u(arnia, S.Pd 1! Dort(ea idia bo, S.'( 1# Nurdi&anti, AMA 1) eib&  mbo(, S.e- 1* Sumarni Ma6ru, S.m 2+ Mart(on Manabun ,S.e- 21 Sri Rostini, S.Pd 22 Siti 0asni ,S.Pd 23 7ristina Rombe, S$ 24 arto uranna, S.Pd 25 Moni8a Simon ende8, S.Pd 2! RANY, S,e- 2# De/i adeden , S.arm, A-t. 2) isna/at&, S.Pd 2* ddrianis in i Allo, S.Pd 3+ Yulianti Domen , S.A 31 Amarent9i Rosia :uarlela, A.Md 32 Marlisa 7(ristiani 'o8en, S.e-.Ns 33 De8rit , AMA 34 Noberten, S. om 35 0asnaini amuddin , S.Pd 3! Mira&anti Rustani Pa&an an, S.e-, Ns 3# Yulius 'uma6, S.Pd. 3) Andi rsal, S.Pd 3* rees8i Stei mbar, AMA 4+ %(ea orin;a, S.Pd 41 Ma< omali , S.Pd 42 Sri&ani, S.Pd  43 una, S.Pd 44 D&anne Re&ner Sia--a, S.Pd 45 Marda, S.om 4! Ra(matia( 7olli, S.S' 4# ois . Pasalon, Amd. eb 4) $n elina P. iss&a 4* Debora Palin, A.Md 5+ $r9uand& Palan iran, S$ 51 Mar8us =a8arias, S' 52 0a9aria( 53 Mart(en Anto( 54 7arolina Amarairu 55 Dina Mariati Manullan 5!Matias Moa5#Desri Palete   PESANAN IKA & SMK PELITA P$SANAN
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