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   1.In this establishing shot it shows one of the main actors in the show which is Leonardo  Dicaprio. We can tell that he is a key actor because he is in the establishing shot. This is because you are always going to put you key actors at the start to entice the audience to carry on watching. Also in this shot they are showing him at the airport. 2. In this second shot it shows a member of the airport chasing the character of leonardo dicaprio in cartoon form across the airport. This makes the audience think that he has or will do something wrong in the movie. 3. In this third shot there is the title of the film which shows us the main entrance of the of the movie. It also establishes to the audience of what the theme of the movie is. For example this is film tells us it has a key part in an airport as a plain is taking off in this shot. Also the “me” flies away as to imitate a cloud. 4. This shows us a key female actor in this called Amy Adams. She is another main actor as seen right at the start of the intro. She is also portrayed as a sexy slim short haired woman based on a actors and models around the 80s/90s. We can also see that she is getting out and sitting around a pool. This backs up the point that she is a slim good looking woman.   1. In this establishing shot of True blood there is a name of a main actor called Anna Paquin. This tells us that she is a main actor in this text. It also shows us a pond with weeds popping out of the water. This immediately makes us think of how this movie is going to be a gloomy one and that it is based in the wilderness. 2. In the second shot it shows us another key actor called Stephen Moyer. In the background it shows us an alligator on an up close shot of the head and a key part, the  eye. This keeps the audience entertained because they are worried about that alligator and they focus their attention on it. It also backs up my last point that this film will show some gloom and goar. 3. The third shot shows another key actor called Sam Trammel. In the background it looks to be sunny with the sun shining through the trees. The camera angle is a low angle facing shot aiming up at the sky. 4. In the fourth shot it shows us another actor called Ryan Kwanten. It continues to be sunny through the trees on the bog. However in this shot there is a dark and mysterious boat shed that gives of a very scary and weary vibe. This warnes people to stay away and related to the second shot on how the editing of the order of shots gives people fright then calm then fight and caml. This pattern could give away for what the rest of the movie entails.
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