Jamba September 2009 Presentation

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CANACCORD Adams Healthy Living: Naturally Boston Conference Jamba, Inc. Presentation September 23, 2009 Boston, MA Safe Harbor Disclosure Regarding Forward Looking Statements This presentation (including information incorporated or deemed incorporated by reference herein) contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are those involving future events and future results that are based on current expec
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  CANACCORD AdamsHealthy Living: Naturally Boston Conference Jamba, Inc. PresentationSeptember 23, 2009Boston, MA  2  Safe Harbor Disclosure Regarding Forward Looking Statements Thispresentation(includinginformationincorporatedordeemedincorporatedbyreferenceherein)contains“forward-lookingstatements”withinthemeaningofthePrivateSecuritiesLitigationReformActof1995.Forward-lookingstatementsarethoseinvolvingfutureeventsandfutureresultsthatarebasedoncurrentexpectations,estimates,forecasts,andprojectsaswellasthecurrentbeliefsandassumptionsofourmanagement.Wordssuchas“outlook”,“believes”,“expects”,“appears”,“may”,“will”,“should”,“anticipates”,orthenegativethereoforcomparableterminology,areintendedtoidentifysuchforwardlookingstatements.Anystatementthatisnotahistoricalfact,includingestimates,projections,futuretrendsandtheoutcomeofeventsthathavenotyetoccurred,isaforward-lookingstatement.Forward-lookingstatementsareonlypredictionsandaresubjecttorisks,uncertaintiesandassumptionsthataredifficulttopredict.Thereforeactualresultsmaydiffermateriallyandadverselyfromthoseexpressedinanyforward-lookingstatements.Factorsthatmightcauseorcontributetosuchdifferencesinclude,butarenotlimitedto,thosediscussedunderthesectionentitled“RiskFactors”inourreportsfiledwiththeSEC.Manyofsuchfactorsrelatetoeventsandcircumstancesthatarebeyondourcontrol.Youshouldnotplaceunduerelianceonforward-lookingstatements. Jamba Presentation | September 2009  3  ã Our Business Overview – The Team, The Brand ã Our Challenges – What Went Wrong? ã Our Future – The Turnaround Plan and Vision for the Future ã Concluding Messages Agenda Jamba Presentation | September 2009  4  Key Messages We are focused on: ● Enhancing the sustainability of our Business Model  AND ● Growing the Jamba Brand We have detailed, actionable plans to deliver on these priorities. Jamba Presentation | September 2009
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