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Volume 5 Issue 13
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  The little  pink   art gallery By Kristin HacKler FIrst fsh! page 20 Birds of Prey page 25 Saving the Dump page 25 Inside Island Eye P RE  S  ORT  S T A  NDA RD U S P  O S T A  GE P A I  D C HA RL E  S T  O N , S  C P E RMI  T  N O 4 3 7  October 30, 2009Volume 5 Issue 13 Since May 2005 Sullivan’s Island ã Isle of Palms ã Goat Island ã Dewees IslandFREE E very election year, The Island Eye News  asksfour topical questionsof the candidates running forIOP Council, garnered from theimportant issues and concernsof the community. This year, weasked the candidates the followingfour questions:1)The main issue in the last twoelections was short term rentals.Do you feel that the currentregulations and the state of theeconomy curbed your concernsabout short term rentals, or do you still have concerns?2)As Mount Pleasant continuesto grow, the amount of daytrippers will continue to grow.How do you propose to minimizethe impact of day trippers onthe residential quality of life, such as trafc and trash, while encouraging visitors to spendmoney with local businesses?3) Reader-submitted question  :It seems our City governmentis growing larger than the IOPpopulation. Are you concerned with the spending of current andpast administrations? Do yousee any projects in the futurethat will need major funding?4) Reader-submitted question  : Do you support a new swimmingpool at the IOP Rec Center? Get to knowyour candidates see Candidates on page 17 T   he little pink house inthe Sullivan’s Islandbusiness district has beenundergoing a bit of changeover the past few weeks. New owers and fresh mulch have gone in around its picket fence,the window sills and doorframes have been touched up with fresh paint, and some veryimpressive glass sculptureshave found their way ontothe front lawn. Through the windows of the glassed in frontporch, passerby have noticedseveral handmade glass bowls see Gallery  on page 26 T  (above) Co-owners Joannaand Everett White stand infront of the new Island Gallery.(left) Artwork at the gallery includes jewelry by Susan Hauser and polymer clay ornaments by Heather Martinez.  Isle of Tuesday, November 3 General Municipal Election 7am - 7pm Wednesday, November 4 Public Works CommitteeMeeting 4pm1303 Palm Boulevard Personnel Committee Meeting 5:30pm1207 Palm Boulevard Thursday, November 5 Public Safet CommitteeMeeting 5pm30 J.C. Long Boulevard Friday, November 6 Real Propert CommitteeMeeting 8:30am1207 Palm Boulevard Tuesday, November 10 Board of Zoning Appeals 5:30pm1301 Palm Boulevard Recreation Committee 5:30pm24 Twenty-eighth Avenue Wednesday, November 11 Municipal Court 10am1207 Palm Boulevard Planning Commission 4:30pm1301 Palm Boulevard Thursday, November 12 Livabilit Court 5pm1207 Palm Boulevard Sullivan's Monday, November 2 Committees of Council 6pm1610 Middle Street Tuesday, November 3 & 10 Municipal Court 10am1610 Middle Street Tuesday, November 10 Special CouncilMeeting:Accreted LandManagement 6pm1610 Middle Street Planning Commission: 6:30pm1610 Middle Street Thursday, November 12 Board of Zoning Appeals 7pm1610 Middle Street Wednesday, November 4 - Reccle October 30, 2009   3 Lynn PierottiPublisher Kristin Hackler Editor Swan RichardsGraphic Designer Ali AkhyariAssistant Editor Lori DaltonAdvertising  Chelsea LanganAdvertising ã InternsPaul RobinsonDylan Sharek ã ContributorsBarbara Bergwerf Martin BettelliDick CroninRon DentonBarbara GobeinSandy StoneDoug ThomasJames WardKarren CosteCharleston CountyPublished byLucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWSSubmit your letters to the editor to:info@luckydognews.comFuture deadlines:November 4 for all submissions. Lucky Dog Publishingof SC, LLC Publisher of the Island Eye News  , The Island Connection  and The Folly Current  . th id e nw,  who owd bd- o lk Dog Pbhg o soh collc,   , dpd wpp pb-hd  wo wk d  o d boh i o P, s’ id, Go idd Dw id. cop  d  o hg o   box  o og d  o b   bd b bpo o o-d. sb-po  $30 p  o o-dd  b b dg  hk o lkDog Pbhg, llc, P.O. Box 837, s’id, sc 29482. cobo o o-o, p d   wod d d odg o p o dw  d o b d xpb p q. O do o p ddd o h  o dbo;d p  op o  b who wo h h id e nw k. Op-d d  o h do  h oxpo o h ho d do o - ily reect the opinion of Lucky Dog News, or its w. a dg   d :www.dw.o. Civic Calendar  Dear Editor, The “Barbs” for Council!Having known both BarbBergwerf and Barb Gobien formany years as advocates for theIsle of Palms, the Sea Turtle NestProtection and the SC Aquarium, I want to pass along my enthusiasmfor their candidacy for the Isle of Palms City Council.Barb Bergwerf has done anoutstanding job as Councilmember in the short time since  we elected her to ll in Mayor Cronin’s Council seat. Priorto that, she served on the CityPlanning Commission and wasan outspoken advocate for thequality of life that most of us wantto continue to enjoy as residents.Both Barbs have extensivebackground in business, andcurrently run their own: Gobienowns the Sand Dollar Gift Shop in Towne Center and Bergwerf has aprint and photography business.If you have ever checked out theIsland Turtle Team website, you will have seen Barb’s superbphotos there. Neither Barb hasany grief against any islandbusinesses.So, can’t remember which Barbis which? It’s easy – Just vote forboth! Bev Ballow  Waterway Blvd Isle of Palms ____________________________  Dear Editor,A positive word about Sandy Stone.I have known Sandy Stone for20 plus years. Anyone who knowshim and has had the pleasure tomeet him absolutely knows he is aMUST for a City Council position with the Isle of Palms.Communities typically have twotypes of people: the ones that dosomething for their communityand other ones that just sitback and complain. Sandy is adoer. He gets the job done! Itsounds trite, but it is true.I admire people that workhard and don’t proclaim to thecommunity about the great deedsthey have done. Sandy is like that.He is quiet (like the island) andapproaches issues and problemsprofessionally, fairly, and withoutthe loud cry for recognition fromanyone. He is an environmentalistand ALWAYS preserves versusdestroys. He is concerned andvery genuine. What more can youask for in a candidate? The Island has changed overthe years - some for the good andsome not - but the pressure is on.We need a leader to help shapethe future of the Isle of Palms withan educated, professional andenvironmentally sound approachto solutions. The Isle of Palmsneeds Sandy Stone!  Chuck Bates Has lived in the area  for the past 26 years  __________________________ Dear Editor, We are writing in support of Barb Gobien’s bid to serve on theIsle of Palms City Council. Havingknown Barb in both a businessand personal relationship over the past seven years, we are condent in her abilities, experience, ethicsand vision for the Isle of Palms.We are a family with two school-aged children and considerourselves lucky to have lived onthe IOP for the past 11 years.It is a wonderful place to raise  Letters to the editor... see letters on page 4 Dear readers, This issue contains fourteen letters to the editor. All areunsolicited from concerned citizens expressing their view pointson the upcoming election on the Isle of Palms. In order to makesure every letter was seen in its unedited entirety we have addedfour additional pages. I want to thank all of the residents who feltour forum was the best place to express their support or voicetheir concerns. We also want to thank all of the candidates forputting themselves forward for public service. All of the previouslyannounced candidates (Jim Raih entered the race too late)graciously accepted an offer to answer questions from the Island Eye News  and from our readers. Their answers begin to appear onpage 17 and can be accessed all week and up to election day onour website  4October 30, 2009 letters from page 3 children and we intend to makethis our lifelong home. Even inthe relatively short amount of time we have been residents, wehave seen many changes on theisland; both positive and negative. The most glaring negative changehas been the construction of very large homes, the majority of  which serve as rental properties and provide nancial gain to the owners, realtors, builders,architects, etc. Families whohave lived in their homes for years are now faced with an inux of   weekly renters, oftentimes at theexpense of neighborhood peaceand quiet. Obviously, we needCity Council members who can, without partialism, address theseconcerns and keep our islanda family and resident-centeredplace to live. Barb Gobien is thisperson.Barb has lived on the Isleof Palms for almost 30 years.During this time she has raised afamily, has had an island-basedbusiness for 15 years (which wasrelocated in 2003 and continuesto thrive), has been an activeparticipant on the IOP Turtle Team and has volunteered and raised a signicant amount of  money for the SC Aquarium TurtleHospital. Her abilities are manyand her experience in business, customer service, and nances is vast. Above and beyond this,and most importantly to us asisland residents, is that Barb’sonly agenda for being elected toIOP City Council is to representthe residents and families onthe island, making their voicesand concerns a top priority. Sheis an honest contender with nohidden agendas. Barb Gobien’sintentions are to keep our islandas resident-friendly as possible, while preserving our futurequality of life.Our hope is that every islandvoter will take a close look ateach candidate … his or herbackground, experience, personalinterests in the island, etc. Pleasevote for the candidate/candidates who do not view the island in terms of personal nancial return. Barb Gobien is certainly one of them.We urge you to make an informedand educated decision as this willaffect the future preservation of our family island. Dr. Joseph and Melissa Bianco  Wild Dunes, Isle of Palms  ____________________________  Dear Editor,When Sandy Stone wasappointed to the PlanningCommission, I downplayed theobjection to his appointment.Having known the family for many years, I stated that I felt sure he would abstain from voting onissues in which he had specialinterest.I was wrong about him.He has proven to be themost aggressive member on thePlanning Commission and asupporter of the old Motel Mike“build and rent”, “single familyneighborhoods be damned”thinking.His “blog” arguing good lawsand bad laws in support of theargument that ownership cannotbe regulated, means that a hotelsized “time share” with THIRTEENowners can be built and rented ina single family zoned area between TWO families with small children who thought they were protectedby single family zoning.His objection to the LivabilityCourt suggests that he prefersa free hand to have rentalsadjacent to single family workingpeople that will not be bothered,regardless of how noisy orobjectionable they might get inthe middle of the night.I support the three Councilcandidates and the Mayoralcandidate who are committedto protecting our single familystatus, who are concerned aboutour spending habits and whohave not had any part in the“rape” of our neighborhoods withhotel sized rental homes. The “free-wheeling” rental of City property for FIFTEEN YEARS without ANY ESCAPE CLAUSEis unheard of in responsiblemanagement circles. The “goodguy” explanation is inadequate. I would urge Isle of Palms voters toavoid putting “the fox in charge of the henhouse”.Sincerely,  Clay Cable  Palm Blvd., IOP  __________________________ Dear Editor,I have lived on Isle of Palmsfor nearly 14 years. Before thatI lived on Sullivan’s Island while working on the Isle of Palms. Inow live in the oldest home onthe island at 807 Ocean Blvd, theold Sottile beach house as manyrefer to it - at least those who havelived here long enough to know orremember.With that said I would like torespond to the letter written bythe chairperson of the IOPNA. Ihave just read it and I am deeplysaddened by her remarks aboutSandy Stone. I have known Sandyand Peggy Stone for many yearsand they are wonderful people. They have called the Isle of Palmstheir home for 35 years and whileraising their three sons on theIsland, Sandy was Boy Scoutleader and coached just aboutevery sport. He has always beena true asset to this community! The reason I feel compelledto write is this: when did beinginvolved in real estate make youa bad person? When did owning your own business make you the wrong person for City Council? Ithink that having lived here for35 years and owning your ownisland business makes you theperfect candidate.I own several properties on theIsle of Palms. Does that mean I would not be a worthy candidatefor City Council? That seems tobe what the IOPNA is saying. Ihave tried several times to jointhe IOPNA but I have never beencontacted. I am a part of theneighborhood, right?My wish for this island is thateveryone would just get along andbe happy for their good fortune tolive in such a remarkable place. Holly Covington  Ocean Blvd, IOP ____________________________  Dear Editor,Wasteful SpendingI was appalled to see that theIsle of Palms City Council was willing to pay 50% more in fees inawarding the City Hall renovationcontract. This is just anotherexample of City Council wastingthe citizen’s money during a timeof decreased revenue.As an architect vying for the  job, I was prequalied to bid on the City Hall renovations and haveperformed numerous projects of the scale and scope establishingmy vast experience with doingthis type of work. It is absurd tosay that a higher price will lead toa better project when most larger rms allow their junior architects to perform almost all the work while I would have performed theentire work myself.My price was based upon mystandard fee structure for projectsof this scope, not as a donationas the Council wanted to believe.I felt my pricing structure is veryfair and thereby an opportunity togive back to my community. Thecomment in The Island Eye News  by Mr. Loftus suggested that theother architect might be more of an expert. However, as an Islandresident, I guess an expert reallyis someone from out of town witha briefcase.Please take this into account when voting for your next CityCouncil members. Councilmembers who voted to pay higherfees and waste your moneyinclude the campaigning BarbaraBergwerf with the IOPNA-backedCouncil members leading thecharge. When voting for futureCity Council members, be carefulas your selection may end upcosting you. Ron Denton  Isle of Palms ____________________________  Dear Editor,IOP mini-hotels and property values Forbes  magazine recentlypublished their annual round upon “America’s Most ExpensiveZip Codes” with Sullivan’s Islandshowing up 91st on the list andIsle of Palms coming in at 213th.  The rm who gathered the data for the study, Altos Research,included month to monthpricing trends. You won’t besurprised to hear that many ritzyneighborhoods saw price declinesover the past year.Interestingly, Sullivan’s Island,as of October 11, 2009, posted a6.5% increase in median homevalue over the past year, while Isleof Palms saw a close to 20% drop see letters on page 9
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