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The Investment Proposal of iCardTouch is a smart business card with advanced electronic ink properties. It comprises a typical 9cm by 6cm by 1cm plastic card, on its front side covered with a transflective capacitative touch screen, a Human Interface Device (version 3.0 Universal Serial Bus micro-USB micro-AB receptacle, 8mm) on one side, an internal microSD memory card and an internal Lithium-ion polymer battery (Li-poly).
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  Contact Information Business Name: iCardTouch LTD  Address:  Alexandrou Svolou 53, 54621, Thessaloniki Primary Contact: Philotas Kyriakidis Role of Primary Contact: CEO Phone Number: +6948044283 Email Address: Section 1: Who are you? The executive team of the company comprises three highly professional individuals, each one succesfulin his own previous and current endeavors. ã Philotas Kyriakidis, Founder & CEO, possesses experience in research, analysis and strategicplanning through more than ten years of business development, project management and ITconsulting in various Information and Communication Technology sectors throughout Greece.From coordinating and managing educational and e-learning projects to business developmentand forecasting, from expanding company operations towards being established as a force to bereckoned with in the EU technological leadership arena, to providing business intelligenceexpertise in the wireless communications market, he has shown time and again a strong leadinghand in driving forth the success and ultimate goals of his business ventures. He holds a MSc inMechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and a Diploma inMathematics from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece. ã Dimitris Dimitriadis, Business Development and Marketing Director, is a leading expert ineBusiness Consulting with a proven track of succesful business accomplishments. He is also anestablished Public Speaker and Information Technology Columnist. He is actively involved inwriting numerous articles for the Greek and International Media about Internet Marketing Mediaand Web 2.0. Being a web developer with more than six years of succesful projects in hisportfolio, he has consolidated a sturdy foundation on which he launched his Internet BusinessConsulting professional skills, repeatedly manifested through independent collaborations in theweb & mobile sector business development as a Business Developer and Account Manager. Heholds a Master of Arts in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, London, UK, and aDiploma in Desktop Publishing from the DEI Foundation Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece. ã Thomas Tziros, CIO & Human Resources Director, has been a technology expert all hisprofessional life. As a Microsoft Certified Professional he has been on the steering wheel of  many start-up enterprizes. His technical skills cover an astounding spectrum, while his ProjectManagement expertise, as well as his acute business sense, span more than two decades insuccesfully delivering the end-product of his business ventures. Being a Certified Expert inVocational Training has smartly honed his communication dexterities: Team Facilitation, StaffManagement, Motivation & Training, Event Coordination & Planning, Customer Relations arejust some of the Human Resources skills that make him an established professional icon only afew can match. He holds a Degree in Applied Electronics from the Technological EducationalInstitution of Thessaloniki, Greece, and is currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in AdultTraining at the Hellenic Open University in Thessaloniki, Greece.Since the company is in its inception stage, we are seeking investment funds to help us rapidly escalateoperations. Section 2: What are you going to sell? (Product mix definition) We are going to develop, produce and sell a smart business card, codenamed iCard. The iCard is thefamiliar business card with enhanced electronic ink properties. It comprises a typical 9cm by 6cm by1cm plastic card, on its front side covered with a transflective capacitative touch screen, a HumanInterface Device (version 3.0 Universal Serial Bus micro-USB micro-AB receptacle, 8mm) on one side, aninternal microSD memory card and an internal Lithium-ion polymer battery (Li-poly). ã The iCard will contain enough memory in its microSD memory card to store anyinformation the owner wishes, such as professional qualifications, curriculum vita,research interests, business affiliations, inventory, website information, pictures,manuals, documents, software updates. ã The large touchscreen capability can, upon selection, bring forth a photo of the owneras well as vital information like contact details, business title and interests, inventorynew products or updates and patches. ã It will employ a standard commercial USB version 3.0 connection for laptop or desktopinteraction. Upon plug-n-play, a screen will be coming up with a nice user interfacethat will allow for updating, storing, editing, writing, deleting and saving anyinformation. When saving is perfomed, the updated profile will be uploaded and storedto a central web server, ready to update any other client iCards anywhere in the world. ã The small battery embedded in the iCard will be able to draw power directly from theUSB port and consequently last for a very long time, since the e-ink interface has ultra-low power consumption. ã The transflective interface will allow for any angle, outdoor, bright light viewingexperience. Functionality principles of electronic ink . The principal components of electronic ink are millions oftiny microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair. Each microcapsule contains positively chargedwhite particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a negativeelectric field is applied, the white particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they becomevisible to the user. This makes the surface appear white at that spot. At the same time, an oppositeelectric field pulls the black particles to the bottom of the microcapsules where they are hidden. Byreversing this process, the black particles appear at the top of the capsule, which now makes thesurface appear dark at that spot. To form an e-ink electronic display, the ink is printed onto a sheet of  plastic film that is laminated to a layer of circuitry. The circuitry forms a pattern of pixels that canthen be controlled by a display driver. These microcapsules are suspended in a liquid carrier medium allowing them to be printed using existing screen printing processes onto virtually any surface,including glass, plastic, fabric and even paper. Target group . The target group for the intended product can be unlimited. Virtually anyone can be apotential customer. From business professionals to store owners, from artists to individuals, we nowoffer a unique and pleasurable experience that will revolutionize the way to do business. Apart fromunique features and a familiar technological trend, which renders the ease of use almost immediate,the smart business card offers two distinctive and highly appreciable qualities: one, never lose track ofyour business aquaintances no matter if they live thousands of miles away, no matter if they embarkedon a different career path and their status has changed completely. Two, always keep updated of anychanges in the status of your business affiliations in real time , whether it be career updates, researchinterests, new business marketing opportunities, new products or software updates and patches. Pricing is going to be implemented on the basis of selling a minimum bundle of iCards per order.Accompanying software as well as software updates will be given gratis, whereus additional software tooffer any sort of added value, such as social network integration, will be competitively priced.After an extended market research, we have established that there is no competition for this productand service. Appropriate steps are being taken to patent the product. We are absolutely convinced thatthe iCard is going to fulfill a long needed request and address a real problem in professionalnetworking. Section 3: How are you going to deliver? The company is planning to employ an agile business structure. That means a small core ofprofessionals at its headquarters for day-to-day business operations. Outsourcing will be implementedfor the production line, whereas software development will be taking place in the company as well. Business Model iCard’s business model is evolving. Initially, we predict our sales to be: 30% of our product online,another 50% business-to-business and 20% through major retailers. B2B : The promotional (cards, folders, brochures ) spending by Pharmaceutical Companies in the U.S.during the period 2002-2008 was $15 million. Therefore, promoting the iCard in this niche market onlyand having 5% of this market spending without any competition will secure a partial ROI. Online : Get advantage of the touch screen buzz over the internet and, with one viral campaign from A-list bloggers with only the cost of prototype releases, get user generated content and a large amount ofsingle orders online.At the same time, establish an online business and promote the iCard as a new trend.Through our online ordering and electronic delivery and customization of the iCard, build a fully-automated electronic ordering access to order processing and invoicing histories for customers, vendorsand suppliers via controlled-access data warehousing through our own Intranet business portal.Create a virtual warehouse using just-in-time (JIT) procurement, and drop-ship arrangements withprimary suppliers and vendors. The virtual warehouse would be backed by a physical facility in ourpartners’ physical storage. Produce 10.000 pieces of the iCard to begin with, create an online reseller  channel and also sell direct to businesses as a promotional extra. Marketing Plan Estimating that the timing and buzz around touch screen products is going to be in its highest peakduring the next few years, we fully intend to start along this business trail and support this trend.Relationships in the form of strategic partnerships with leading Fortune 1000 companies and majoraccounts in Pharmaceutical and Computing industry are going to substantiate iCard’s preparation andlaunching for considerable growth and huge market expansion and accomplishments.iCard's marketing strategy is to aggressively enhance, promote and support the significant benefits ofiCard as a unique promotional product and future trend. The functionality and variety of uses is a signof the market acceptance that iCard will achieve. Sales Strategy iCard's special functionality and characteristics will allow us to capitalize in 3 years and as a result, oursales strategy is expected to yield €1.000.000 in annual sales. Initially, we are going to target themarketing and pharmaceutical audience with special promotions and concentrated ad campaigns. Distribution Channels iCard's marketing strategy plans to sell through several channels, authorized resellers and online directto consumers. We will be driving our lower margin through key distributors, and extensive advertisingwith publications that provide fulfillment in exchange for ads and part of the proceeds.The determining factors in choosing these channels are a) access through resellers to the targetmarkets and b) widest direct access to the greatest number of potential customers online.Our variety of distribution channels will give us distinctive advantages over potential competition,including, but not limited to, faster response to market shifts and access to markets competition won’treach through online channels. We are also anticipating strong support from Canada, where we have anexclusive relationship with a sales force ready to promote our product.Our advertising and promotion strategy is to position the iCard as the leading force in the market.On an ongoing basis we will budget our advertising investment at 20% of total sales. By consistentlytracking the results of our advertising activities, we will be able to determine the effectiveness of ourad campaigns. This will allow us to adjust this budget allocation appropriately to ensure the highestpossible return on our investment in advertising and promotion. Publicity / Public Relations (PR) During the year 2010, iCard will focus on the following publicity strategies:Complete at least 30 media contacts per quarter.Have our products mentioned, included in competitive round-ups, and be the subject of full articles atleast 10 times per quarter.We will track, wherever possible, all revenue generated from our advertising, promoting and publicityefforts. We anticipate at least 40% in sales to be generated directly from our promotions, andpotentially an additional 20% in distribution channel sales in response to our ads.
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