ICE Guidance Memo - Procedures for Identification of Gang Members & Reporting of Gang Statistics (8-24-07)

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u.s. Depllrtlnclll of Hurnelllnd I Street, NW \\'3shlslglOil. DC 20.5){) u.s. Immigration and Customs Enforcement MEMORANDUM FOR: FROM: SUBJECT: AUG 24 2007 ALL SPECIAL AGENTS INfHARGE Marcy M. F01111an (41 f-- Director CJ Procedures for thc Identifieation of Gang Members and Associates and the Reporting of Gang Statistics The purpose of this memorandum is to annOlffice the initiation of a national validation project and provide upd
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  u.s. Depllrtlnclll of Hurnelllnd S e c t l r i i ~ · ~ 2 5 IStreet, NW \\'3shlslglOil. DC 20.5){) u.s. Immigration and CustomsEnforcement MEMORANDUMFOR:FROM:SUBJECT: AUG 24 2007 ALLSPECIALAGENTS IN fHARGE Marcy M. F01111an i ~ , (41 f-- Director CJ Procedures for thc Identifieation of GangMembersandAssociatesandtheReporting of GangStatisticsThepurpose of thismemorandum is toannOlffice theinitiation of anationalvalidationprojectandprovideupdatedguidanceonthecriteriaused to definegangmembershipandreponingprocedures for gangenforcementstatistics.ICEHeadquarters(HQ),Office of Investigations(Of),initiatedOperationCommunityShield(OCS) in Febmary 2005 to addressthepublicsafetythreatposed by transnationalgangs.Toensuretheaccuratereporting of gangmember and associatearrests,itisessentialthatallfieldofficesbe Imifonl1 in theirreporting,StatisticalValidationProject In un effort to validatethestatisticsgenerated to datewith Ol's reportingrequirements,theHumanRightsViolatorsandPnblicSafetyUnit(HRVPSU)willimmediatelyinitiateanationalvalidationproject. HRVPSU willbeworkingwith 01 ExeeutiveInfonl1ationandOperationsEast and West to distributeOCSreports to the field for validation. S,AC offices will verifycun'cntarrestdataongangmcmbersandassociatessince the lastvalidationproject in October 2006 andprovideHRVPSUinformationonanydiscrepancies. 01 Operationswilltransmitthesereportsunderseparatecover.Toensuretheaccuracy of futureOCSstatistics,HRVPSVProgramManagers Will, onaweeklybasis,reviewthestatisticsgeneratcd as aresult of gang en forcemententries i11l0 TECS,Enforce,SEN,andICEGangs,andsubsequentlypreparcamonthlyreportfortheSACfieldoffices. All SACorGceswillreviewthemonthlyOCS rcpol1 andimmediatelynotifyHRVPSU of anydiscrcpancies.Compliancewiththisrcportingprocedure is necessary to identifypotentialproblemareasandensureaccuracy in reportinggangstatistics. \\'WW. ite .go,   Memorandum for SpecialAgentsinCharge Page 2ProceduresforReportingGangEnforcementStatisticsRelated to OperationCommunityShieldOperationCommunitassociatesReportingGangMemberandAssociateArrestsForthepurposesofreporringDCSstatistics,alldefinablegangmembers,associatesandcollateralarresteesare to becountedas an OCSarrestwhenprocessingeithertheEnforce or TECSdatabase.TheHRVPSUcreatedTECSP for reportingDCSenforcementactions.  Memorandum for SpecialAgentsinCharge Page 3Procedures for ReportingGangEnforcementStatisticsRelated to OperationCommunityShield WhileTECS remainsthecasemanagementsystem for 01 and will becomethesystemthat OCS statistics are drawn !Tom, thesubmission of aSignificantIncidentReport(SIR) is critical for HQ reporting.TheSignificantEnforcementNotification(SEN)system is theprimarymechanism forthe initialreporting of gangmember,gangassociatean.estorts have beencompletedinTECSandlorENFORCE. cc: Director,Office of Detention and RemovalOperations
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