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suman pandita roll no. 38 VIVA IMS
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  I-1_sumanpandita_38 Roll Number:38Name:Suman PanditaE-mail id:sumanpandita.38@gmail.comQUESTION TO BE ANSWEREDQ.1. Who is the target audience for the Business Personand there customer needs, expectation, demands fromthe Business Person?Q.2. What are the products /Service the business person sells? - Give at least 10 products.( Depends )( Product) and why he/she in this product line?Q.3. At what Price is the Product /service sold at?(Price) - Give at least 10 Price list. (Depends )Q.4. Where is the Business Person Located and why?(Place )…….Take some pictures.Q.5. How many repeat customer does the BusinessPerson has ? ( Approx )Q.6. What is the average profit margin the Business Person has ?Do not consider any Fixed or Variable Cost.Q.7. What is the earning of the business Person’s Per Day ?Q.8. What is the monthly profit of the of the Business Person ? Page 1 of  18 Confidential document@ suman pandita  I-1_sumanpandita_38 Q.9. Explain the Product Supply Chain of the Business Person ?or How does the Business Person / Raw material gets theProduct into his/her Shop?( Answer in flowchart Diagram only)Q.10. Mention the daily working Schedule of the Business Person?(Using an time table format only) – ( Morning – to - Closure)Q.11. Does Competition effect his / her Business ? If Yes, how do he/she work in such an competitive environment?If Not, why does it not effect?Q.12. What is the buying pattern of the customers?Q.13. Give some idea on the customer behavior? Page 2 of  18 Confidential document@ suman pandita  I-1_sumanpandita_38 Business Person I: Vegetable Vendor (Bhajiwala)Answer1:1. Target Audience: Household women and people from the residential areas. Manytimes old people do come for thepurchase of vegetables.2.Customer Needs: Costumers always want to have a different variety of vegetables and that should be sold onreasonable prices.3.Expectation:Costomers expect to have fresh vegetables that are good to consume.4. Demands: Costomers demand that they should get the vegetables in time regularly.Women demand that they shouldget the vegetables up to 9:30 p.m and also early in the morning.Answer2: Page 3 of  18 Confidential document@ suman pandita  I-1_sumanpandita_38 a)Tomatob)Potatoc)Brinjald)Ladies fingere)Cabbagef)Cailiflowerg)Bitter gourdh)Onioni)Peas j)Carrotk)Cucumberl)LemonHe is in this line because he is not so much educated and finds himself comfortable with this job. Page 4 of  18 Confidential document@ suman pandita
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