How To Find A Small Business Mentor

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Mentoring doubles your chances of success. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only 30% of businesses make it to 10 years. But for small business owners with a mentor, the difference is striking: 70% survive to that ten-year mark, double the rate of other small businesses.
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  • 1. How To Find A Small Business Mentor
  • 2. Working with a mentor or advisor is crucial to your small business’ success.
  • 3. But what difference could working with a mentor really make?
  • 4. Mentoring doubles your business’ chances of growing over the long-haul.
  • 5. The SBA says half of non-mentored businesses fail in the first 5 years. But 70% of businesses with a mentor make it to 10 years.
  • 6. Woah! Why is that?
  • 7. Many small business owners like you started their company because they wanted to be their own boss and pursue their passions.
  • 8. Then … you needed to start wearing all of the hats: CEO, marketing, product development, supply chain, and sales.
  • 9. You might have even hit your first wall: success.
  • 10. Running a business well is different than being good at a specific trade or profession – all the behind-the-scenes stuff is key to growth.
  • 11. How do you find investors? Write a business plan? Develop a marketing strategy? Navigate city permitting?
  • 12. And who has the time for all this?
  • 13. Having an advisor means having the outside perspective of someone who’s navigated these waters before.
  • 14. Yay mentors! But why should I look for one online?
  • 15. Business development organizations in your area offer “technical assistance,” but this typically means one or two staff with limited expertise.
  • 16. Or a retired business person who can offer general advice.
  • 17. And some people hire costly consultants to advise them.
  • 18. Enter online mentoring: a platform and volunteerism combined to provide business owners with high-quality mentoring.
  • 19. We have hundreds of mentors who are active professionals from major banks, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • 20. Since its online, geography’s no barrier. If you’re in Omaha and your best advisor is in Tampa, makes that match happen.
  • 21. Companies working with our mentors grow revenues 20% on average, and create jobs at 11 times the national rate.
  • 22. Neat! So how does it work?
  • 23. Start by filling out a profile. Tell us about yourself, your business, and your challenges.
  • 24. Then, we’ll find you a qualified advisor to work with.
  • 25. And we’ll introduce you to your first advisor via email.
  • 26. After that you’ll schedule time to connect with your advisor. It can be over the phone, email or Skype — whatever’s best for you.
  • 27. And this is all free?
  • 28. Yes! We’re a nonprofit that works with small businesses to create better jobs and keep more money in local communities.
  • 29. We know you face challenges: harder access to capital, less favorable wholesale pricing, and online mega-retailers.
  • 30. Wherever you are in America, we’ll find the best advisor to help your company grow.
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