How to Configure New Division

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How to Configure New Division
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  How To Configure New Division/Sales Area/Sales Office New Division/Sales Area/Sales Office   4.6x   OVXA  - Assign division to sales organization OVXG  - Set up sales area OVX  - Assign sales office to sales area e.g Sales Organization -> Distriubtion Channel -> Division | -> Sales Office VO!  - Define Common Divisions OVAN  - Combine divisions allows ou to share sales document tpe data between different divisions. !ou define the sales document tpes in a central division and then use it as a reference division. or e.g. Sales Organization Division #eference division A$$ %& %& A$$ %' %& A$$ %( %& OV##   - Define )ricing )rocedure Determination or e.g. Sales Organization Distribution Channel Division Document )rocedure )ricing )rocedure A$$ %& %& A & S*(% +able,iew   V$TS%A - Define /ew Division V$T&'4G$(S  - Assign 0usiness Area +o )lant V$TVTA$G!)  - Define #ules 0 Sales Area V$TVTA$#*V  - Assign business area b sales area V$TVA#+  - Assign sales order tpes permitted for sales areas SA% SD ,ues-ions   (a- is -e 0ifference 1e-ween sales organi2a-ion an0 sales area3   (en ou5re -aling a1ou- a co78an9 1ase0 on wic -ing soul0 we -ae3 :s i- 0ifferen- co78an co0es for 0ifferen- loca-ions or is i- 1ase0 on -e 8ro0uc- grou83    Sales Organisation is the organisational unit which responsible for the selling of the  product1 movement of goods to the customet1customer right of recourse Sales Area is the combination of the Sales Organisation 2 Distribution Channel 2 Division. Compan code of an organisation is the legal entit which have separate 0alansheet and  profit 3 loss A,C re4uired b law for the legal purpose so whenever an organisational unit have different 0alance sheet and ),$ A,c ou can define a compan code. -- San5a adav Organistational Structure broadl refers to the wa a compan follows a set path of sstems,hierarchies. Different companies do have different structures and the differences in structures emanates basicall from the strategies. S+#6C+6#7 O$$O8S S+#A+79!... A Compan:s structure can be mapped in #,( which would facilitate flow of information1 flow of process and also facilitates wor; flow in a logical wa. A Sales Organisations structure is based on the 7lements of the Organisation which are as follows. &. Comapn Code '. Sales Organisation (. Distribution Channel <. Division =. )lant . Shipping )Oint. A Compan Code is generall created b finance gus and it broadl represents the highest point of structure. +he relation between Sales Org and Compan code is 6ni4ue. One Sales Organisation can be assigned to one Comapn code. +hin; of one practical situation where in u can Sa that 7ssar is One 9roup ?Client@. 7ssar nfotech ?Compan Code@1 7ssar Oil ?Compan Code@. 7ssar Oil ma have 7ssar South ?Sales Org@ and 7ssar /orth? Sales Org@. !ou have to remember that 7ssar SOuth is onl assigned to 7ssar Oil and not 7ssar nfotech right.... A Combination of Sales Org1 Distribution Channel and Division is called a Sales Area and a Sales Area is assigned to the compan thru the Sales Orgn. A plant is assigned to the compan code. t is also assigned to the Sales Org and Dist Channe and this channel is called Delivering )lant.  A Shipping )Oint is assigned to the C$7/+.
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