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Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU TAKE THE SWINE FLU VACCINE! I am a Harvard-trained expert in the fields discussed herein. You need to know that: 1) You are being lied to by our government and media; 2) The H1N1 vaccines are not safe and not proven effective
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  PLEASE READ THISBEFORE YOU TAKE THESWINE FLU VACCINE!I am a Harvard-trainedexpert in the elds dis-cussed herein. You needto know that: 1) Youare being lied to by ourgovernment and media;2) The H1N1 vaccinesare not sae and notproven eective; 3) There are GROSS con-icting nancial inter-ests among those tellingyou to get vaccinated;and 4) This entire vac-cination campaign hasmore to do with prot,politics, and populationcontrol than meets theeye.I am a leading authorbooks detailing cor-ruption in governmentand the drug industry.Besides my doctorate inmedical dentistry, I amalso a doctor o naturo-pathic medicine--a eldsuppressed by those ex-posed herein. As the co-developer o OxySilverthat eliminates the needor risky vaccines andtoxic antibiotics, I havewitnessed rst handhow criminal industrial-ists suppress low cost,no risk, highly eectivenatural cures. The dierence betweenBig Pharma and myendorsements, is theormer is criminallyoperating and killingpeople, whereas I con-tinue helping peopleheal naturally. The Rockeeller amily’smonopolistic inuenceover American medi-cine, public health, geo- by Dr. Leonard G. HorowitzA Matter of National Security and Public Urgency Volume 1September, 2009 1-888-508-4787 Graphics by David Dees. Deesillustration.comWHO is Controlled by the Rockefellers’ “Trust”  I you review the records o the 2009  H1N1 “outbreak” and vaccination cam-paign, you will conclude the acts proveraud, ocial maleasance, organizedcrime, and genocide operating underthe guise o “public health” within a trustorganization established by David Rock-eeller called “Partnership or New York City”involving the U.S. Federal Government. This subject is a matter o  extreme urgency,threatening national security, thus demand-ing the immediate scrutiny o lawmakers, justice department ocials, and you.It is a well-established act that “outbreaks”have been “laboratory sourced.” The 1977outbreak o “swine u”—extinct or twentyyears—suddenly re-emerged ollowing thesuspicious unexplained 1976 outbreak atFort Dix, New Jersey o this strain. The subse-quent deadly swine u vaccination programthat ollowed this “military experiment,” wasueled by media-driven ear. The “outbreak”came rom a rerigerator according to ex-perts published in the New England Journal o Medicine (July 16, 2009;Vol.361:279-285) andelsewhere. (See EXHIBIT 1 in “The Adavit”at FLUscam.com).A similar November 1977 sudden reemer-gence o this Inuenza A H1N1 strain in theormer Soviet Union is best explained bythe National Cancer Institute’s 1978 pub-lication titled Special Virus Cancer Program  (Library call number: E20.3152;V81/977and 78-21195). This report revealed theJune 15, 1976 contract (N01-CP-6-1047)with the American Type Culture Collectionto supply “virus materials . . . to investiga-tors throughout the world” via a “US-USSRAgreement” (a dangerous breach o ColdWar national security). (See: EXHIBITS2-3.) Virus materials cited in this documentincluded numerous inectious agents in-cluding inuenza, parainuenza, and evenlaboratory recombinations o inuenzawith acute lymphocytic leukemia virusesthat might spread quick acting lymphaticcancers by sneezing. (See: EXHIBIT 4.) politics, and global economicsis obvious when you study his-tory. A simple Google searchprovides ample evidence inthis regard.  A SPECIAL REPORT from Tetrahedron.org FLUscam.com 1 COVERT OPERATIONSDANGEROUS INGREDIENTS  The April, 2009, “outbreak” o the H1N1 “swine u” is, like the1976 Fort Dix and 1977 general “outbreaks,” highly suspiciousaccording to genetic analysts and leading virologists. The rapidmutation rates o the novel agent circulating and eared as the2009 “swine u” strongly suggests a laboratory source, clearlyintentionally released.Making it more dicult to understand what is ongoing in ulabs, according to EXHIBIT 5, World Health Organization (WHO)ocials developed new terminology to describe viruses used invaccinations, gene therapies, and advancing biotechnologies. The new terms “reerence materials,” “biosimilars,” “data pack-ages,” and “mock-up les,” each designate viruses and/or viralmaterials including gene sequences that cause disease andimmune system reactions. The WHO is controlled by Rockeeller money. WHO ocials nowdirect US government ocials who alsely claim these vaccinesare “sae and eective.” This is a lie because side eects that oc-cur more than 6 weeks ater injections are excluded, includingthe vast majority o vaccine illnesses and deaths. The ingredi-ents in all u vaccines are poisonous and potentially deadly.   What’s in a u shot? Egg proteins and viruses linked toautoimmune diseases and cancers; Gelatin and Poly-sorbate 80 (Tween80): known to cause allergic reactionsand anaphylaxis; Formaldehyde: known carcinogen, usedto preserve corpses; Triton X100: a strong detergent; Resins:known to cause allergic reactions; Gentamycin: an antibiotic; Thimerosal: Mercury linked to autism, Alzheimers’, MS, andParkinson’s Disease — ar deadlier when injected into yourblood than when you eat tuna sh; Aluminum neurotoxin.  THE MEN BEHIND THE H1N1 CIRCULATING FLUNATURAL OR MAN-MADE? THE MEDIA LIES VISIT: HealthyWorldStore.comfor Dr. Horowitz’s books, CDs, DVDsand personal care products.1-888-508-4787 www.DrLenHorowitz.com WHO IS MAKING THE MONEY? Rockeellers have always controlled the AMA WHO ocials in charge o developinginuenza vaccines, Dr. James Robertsonand Dr. John Wood, o the National Insti-tute or Biological Standards and Control(NIBSC) in the UK, testied (April, 2006)that “i a pandemic is imminent, . . . Astockpile o live vaccine, . . . could be usedto prime the population in advance . . .” This is what the Mexican swine u ou-break o 2009 did — it primed the publicwith a now circulating virus. These doctors responsibilities include thecontrol and standardization o inuenzavaccines worldwide. They oversee theserological testing o blood rom vaccinetrials; the preparation and distribution o inuenza viruses to vaccine manuactur-ers; and the coordination o virus strainselections (used by governments world-wide or their “vaccine pipelines”).Dr. Robertson also testied that “there isa lack o vaccine research in the UK com-pared with the U.S.,” and that he and Dr.Wood “consider that pandemic vaccine de-velopment in the EU has been slow due tolimited public unding. This is in contrastto the situation in the USA. Dr. Wood toldthe group that the NIBSC collaborate withthe vaccine industry . . . The EMEA havehelped to persuade industry to invest inpandemic vaccines with the introductiono the mock up les (i.e., new “live” geneti-cally engineered viruses) and by waivingthe regulatory ees . . .” The European Medicines Agency (EMEA)is a decentralized body o the EuropeanUnion with headquarters in London. Itsmain responsibility is, according to itswebsite, “the protection and promotiono public and animal health, through theevaluation and supervision o medicinesor human and veterinary use.”When the Mexican Swine Flu 2009 “out-break” occurred in mid April, 2009, rst inthe United States in two unrelated childrenliving approximately 100 miles apart insouthern Caliornia, then soon ater inMexico among people who had not beenexposed to these two children, oul playwas a most reasonable explanation, espe-cially since this unique virus held genesrom avian, swine, Spanish, and regularu strains -- unprecedented in the historyo “natural selection” and evolution o thespecies.Occam’s Razor analysis holds that, “O sev-eral acceptable explanations or a mysteri-ous phenomenon, the simplest is preer-able, provided that it does not contradictthe observed acts.”U.S. ederal ocials overseeing “bio-preparedness” against this mutantH1N1 u, including vaccinations andquarantines, say this outbreak occurred“naturally,” but neglect history andepidemiology. These so-called “experts”regurgitate the same lame explanationo “somehow” and “somewhere” bird,pig, and 1918 Spanish u viruses mated,curiously synchronously with the pressreleases heralding the new biotechnol-ogy to produce vaccines alleged tobe sae and eective against this newH1N1 recombinant.Alternatively, the ollowing substantialevidence indicts David Rockeeller,celebrated ederal agents, agencies, andvaccine makers that control the main-stream media, and the practice o medi-cine, in an organized criminal conspiracyto prot by generating and promoting thispandemic. This is classically called a “alseag” pandemic.A “alse ag” operation is a covert operationconducted by governments, corporations,or other organizations, designed to appearas i they are being carried out by otherentities, in this case NATURE!Only days beore the media’s rst reportedswine u cases in April, 2009, NovavaxCorporation, partnered with the GeneralElectric (GE) company that co-owns NewCowith media mogul Rupert Murdoch, issuedpress releases generating widespread earthat H5N1, the deadliest avian u, was parto this H1N1 virus when it was not.America’s most powerul news mediaconsortium publicized Novavax’s (No-vartis’s) “Johnny-on-the-spot” H5N1 andH1N1vaccine research in collaboration withCDC ocials. They alleged their vaccinecross-protected against this unprecedent-ed recombination o u strains, even IF itcontained H5N1. (See EXHIBIT 7.)According to Dr. Robertson’s testimony,Novavax received its “biosimilars” throughCDC Inuenza Branch director, Ruben O.Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright. Dr. Bright previ-ously worked with Dr. Donis at the CDC. InApril, 2009, Dr. Bright was Novavax’s VicePresident o Global Inuenza Programs. The “alse ag” Mexican outbreak causedNovavax’s stock to soar. Novavax’s CEO, Ra-hul Singhvi, and his previous corporate a-liate, Merck & Co. (CSL) that manuacturesthe pneumonia and H1N1 vaccines, bothproted heavily rom the right generatedby media coverage and declared advanc-ing pandemic.No group in the world other than thisAnglo-American vaccine “pipeline,” withits aucets at the NIBSC and CDC, couldsupply anyone with the strains andgenes associated with this “triple reas-sortant” virus. The media moguls’ grossconicting interests beneting theircompanies’ vaccine sales is obvious.Now get this! Thomas H. Glocer is theCEO and director o the Thomson Re-uters Corporation (TRC) that partneredin David Rockeeller’s biotechnologytrust called “Partnership or New York City,” (PFNYC). Thomas H. Glocer is alsoa Merck & Co. Director since 2007  ,according the Merck company website.(See: EXHIBITS 8 and 9.) Merck & Co., in April 2007, negotiated abuy-out o CSL Co. — the major AustralianH1N1 u vaccine maker that did the testingon pregnant women, babies, and children.Incredibly, the two clinics wherein these H1N1vaccine experiments were conducted wereboth controlled by the largest media mogul,Rupert Murdoch, and his amily. Rupert Murdoch is Co-Chairman with DavidRockeeller and Lloyd Blankein (o Gold-man-Sachs), directing this — the world’s mostpowerul drug ring — a biotech trust thatincludes the New York State Governmentand the U.S. Federal Government as “part-ners.” Both governments purchase vaccinesrom other partners in this organization, thePFNYC. 2  CHARTERED BY THE QUEEN OF ENGLANDRUPERT MURDOCH’S TIES TO ROCKEFELLER & FLU VACCINES Sponsored by    OxySilver — covalently-bonded hydrosolThe Most Powerful Silver Hydrosol in the World Today!Making all vaccinations and antibiotics unnecessary.1-888-KO-GERMS www.OxySilver.com AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES CAUSED BY VACCINES People cannot believe this is actually happening because o the media’smanipulation o the mass mind. . . .  The PFNYC, according to their website, was“initially ormed by merging two organiza-tions: the New York Chamber o Commerceand Industry, and the New York City Part-nership. The New York Chamber o Com-merce was ounded on April 5, 1768, by agroup o merchants whose purpose was toencourage business and industry, . . . theChamber remained suciently loyal to the[British] Crown to receive its royal charterin 1770 rom King George III, . . . Ater the[Revolutionary] war, . . . the New York StateLegislature . . . conrm[ed] their srcinalcharter [on April 13, 1784] . . . entitled ‘AnAct to . . . Conrm the Rights and Privileges Thereo.’ . . .”Following in the tradition o three genera-tions o Rockeellers, the website states,the Chamber grew to become the PFNYC, ounded in 1979 by David Rockeeller.“Under Rockeeller’s vision, the Partner-ship would allow business leaders to work more directly with government and othercivic groups to address broader social andeconomic problems in a ‘hands on’ way.In 2002, the New York City Partnershipand Chamber o Commerce became thePartnership or New York City. . . .” (See thePFNYC website: (http://www.pnyc.org/history.html )Rupert Murdoch is Co-Chairman, withHonorary Co-Chairman David Rockeell er,in the PFNYC. Rupert Murdoch’s mother,Elisabeth Murdoch is Dame Commandero the Order o the British Empire, aCompanion o the Order o Australia,which is an order established by QueenAnother major “player” in PFNYC is JerrySpeyer, owner o the Rockeeller Center.He is chair emeritus o the PFNYC. Heis Chairman o Tishman Speyer, ormerChairman o the Board o Directors o theFederal Reserve Bank o New York; chair-man emeritus o Columbia University; anda member o the David Rockeeller-direct-ed Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) — 3600 o the wealthiest and most inuentialpersons in the US — that directs govern-ment action including those that concernoverpopulation and “bioterrorism”.Nelson Rockeeller’s protégé, Dr. HenryKissinger, is also a highly inuential mem-ber o the CFR. His Kissinger Associates,Inc. is Merck & Co.’s leading managementconsulting rm.Merck & Co. is the world’s largest vaccineand drug maker. The company not onlyprots rom u rights and pandemics bysales o Pneumovax and CSL’s H1N1 vaccines, itis also responsible or having spread the AIDSvirus, HIV, through contaminated hepatitis Bvaccines according to research published inthe peer reviewed scientic journal Medical Hy- potheses (Volume 56, Issue 5, Pages 677-686)by this author.Further evidencing an Anglo-Americanconspiracy to commit iatro-genocide usingvaccines, a CSL Biotherapies report (See: EX-HIBIT 10.) proves this rm operates one o theworld’s largest inuenza vaccine manuactur-ing acilities or supply to Australia and globalmarkets. This acility is based in Parkville, Victo-ria. This document explains the vaccine manu-acturing process and the exclusive supply o viruses or vaccine research and manuacturerom the WHO or the CDC, thusly: “The rst step in making the infuenza vac-cine is preparing a ‘seed’ virus. This is a saeorm o the infuenza virus, which can begrown in hens’ eggs to produce the vaccine.Preparation o the seed takes around 3-4weeks ollowing receipt o a potential candi-date virus rom international health bodiessuch as the World Health Organization(WHO) or the U.S. Centers or Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”   This means the CDC’s Dr. Donis shippedNovavax’s ormer CDC asset, Dr. Rick Bright, his H1N1 viruses that implicatethis “pipeline” in a conspiracy to commithumanicide.Besides Murdoch’s mother’s hospital — CSL’s primary H1N1 swine u vaccine test-ing site — is the Rupert Murdoch Children’sResearch Institute (MCRI) o Victoria, Aus-tralia, controlled by his daughter-in-law,Sarah Murdock. Here children and babiesare experimented upon. The Associate Director o Clinical Devel-opment or vaccines at CSL is Dr. MichaelGreenberg, who directed the vaccinestudies on babies at the MCRI, accordingto their website. (See: EXHIBIT 10.) Dr.Greenberg joined GlaxoSmithKline in 2005,and CSL in 2009, urther evidencing RupertMurdoch’s conicting media interests with,besides CSL and Merck & Co., SmithKline.Historically, vaccinations have been discour-aged as “elective procedures” or pregnantwomen. Research proving a causal link between mercury added to vaccines andneuro-developmental illnesses in childrenhas been grossly suppressed by governingofcials and the media wielded by these“players.” Developing etuses are even morehypersensitive to mercury in these vaccines. These associations and revelations indict thesepersons in the most heinous genocide the worldhas ever seen. Lying to pregnant women, makingthem rst recipients o these vaccines that deliverdeadly and disease-inducing agents, is despicablebeyond words.  The greatest vaccine damage is caused by“auto-immune” diseases.” These are caused byoreign proteins and genetic materials injectedinto human bodies. This intoxication reactionis criminally neglected by organized medicine. The poisoning creates “antigenic complexes” toorm in your body causing white blood cells toattack your body where these antigenic com-plexes occur. Immune cells are hyper-activatedto attack these sites instead o simply the virusor bacterial antigen. The medical communitycalls this “auto-immune dysunction.” 3 Elizabeth II. Elisabeth Murdoch administers theRoyal Woman’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia,the vaccine research center testing and pro-moting the swine u vaccines and drugs orpregnant women and babies.  EUGENICS, GENETICS & BLOOD BANKING IN NYC9-11 RELATED TO SWINE FLU SCARE TACTICS Science is censored by the mainstreammedia moguls advancing the new plagues.Rupert Murdock’s amily-directed fu vaccinetrials are used to approve the new injectionsor inants, children, and pregnant women. Few people realize that the CIA oversees AIDSscience and the American NIAID infectious dis-eases agency allegedly for “National Security.” In September 2009, babies and childrenwere being recruited by the MCRI, or “apandemic H1N1 swine u vaccine trial” inMelbourne wherein “about 100 Victorianchildren aged 6 months to eight years”were selected or study in collaborationwith the University o Melbourne and Fed-eral Government o Australia. This historic record evidencing raud andongoing genocide within the medical andpublic health sectors o the WHO-directedUS, UK, and Australian governments is bestreconciled by medical sociologist StephenKunitz’s 2000 report in the  Journal o the American Public Health Association (Vol.90, 10:1531-39) wherein he concludedwherever Anglo-American multi-nationalcorporations travel, so goes genocidaldepopulation o native people. Could thistargeting o native people now extend topopulations in general? Obviously so.Barack Obama’s Environmental Advisor,Van Jones, resigned or signing a petition in2004 asking or an investigation into thoseimplicated by oreknowledge in the Sep-tember 11, 2001, World Trade Center “ter-rorist” attacks, including PFNYC “partner”and property manager Larry Silverstein. This inamous place is now home to thePFNYC.It must be understood that New York’sUnited Nations (UN) building was con-structed using Rockeeller money. The UN’sWHO was established by the Rockeelleramily’s oundation in 1948 -- the year aterthe same Rockeeller cohort establishedthe CIA. Two years later the RockeellerFoundation established the U.S. Govern-ment’s National Science Foundation, theNational Institute o Health (NIH), and ear-lier, the nation’s Public Health Service (PHS).It must be urther understood that Eng-land’s colonialism has transitioned intoneocolonialism, commonly called global-ism. British inuence has evolved mostapparently and consistently with nancialsupport by the European banking commu-nity led by the Rothchild amily that has,according to geopolitical and economichistorians, heavily nanced Rockeelleramily interests since the late 1800s. Vac-cination campaigns have been part o thisglobal conquest agenda.It should be noted that Barack Obama’scurrent “Science Czar,” John Holdren, en-dorsed sterilization through vaccinations inhis co-authored book, EcoScience in 1977.Population reduction via vaccinations oreugenics and genocide has many earlierexamples:   In 1968, James V. Neel et al., conductedgenetic studies using the deadlyEdmonson B measles vaccine. This wasunded by the Rockeeller Foundationand U.S. Atomic Energy Commission thatmaintains obvious ties to British commis-sioners. This vaccine caused the death o several thousand Yanomami natives inBrazil. Lesser-known examples o vaccine-induced genocides involve the Lymevaccine, the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine, thepolio vaccines that spread cancers, andthe hepatitis B vaccines that triggeredAIDS as published by this author in 2000in the journal Medical Hypotheses . The Tu-berculosis skin testing genocide ongoingin Hawaii, as published in Medical  Veritas  in 2007 (4:1505–1509), is another example. Beore Hilter called it “racial hygiene” itwas called “eugenics.” This program beganat Rockeeller and Carnegie unded ColdSpring Harbor Labs in New York. Eugen-ics investors in genetic engineering and“population management” extended theirinstitutional control over Nazi Germany byadvancing “showers” with IG Farben andthrough the Bayer Corporation. Holocaustvictims believed they were taking showersor “public health” and “disinection,” muchlike we are told vaccines provide today . Later eugenics “experiments” included the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study administered onbehal o Rockeeller interests by the U.S.Public Health Service (PHS). The man that directed Tuskeegee romthe CDC was Dr. David Sencer, who alsodirected the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccinationcampaign. Later he administered thetransmission o HIV/AIDS through contami-nated blood supplies rom New York Cityon behal o the Rockeeller blood bankingindustry. This is not “conspiracy theory,” but a certi-able “conspiracy reality” sustained by a“conspiracy o silence” aficting the mediaand thereater the American people. It is asociopolitical psychopathology prevent-able only by the ree exercise o our FirstAmendment right to a ree press. Giventhe manner in which these devil-doerscontrol the media, however, including themedical scientic media, America’s ound-ing athers’ objective to secure civil rightsand happiness by way o a ree press hasbeen criminally subverted.In the United States, the NIH, PHS, andthe American Academy o Pediatrics(AAP) that sets the vaccine schedule,have incestuous relationships with “BigPharma” and its ring o organized PFNYCcriminals. These agencies and ocialsminimize vaccination risks, deny vaccineingredient toxicities (e.g., mercury and thevaccine additive MF59 [Novartis/CHIRON]or ASO2-4 [Glaxo-SmithKlein] contain-ing squalene and IL-2); and promotevaccination policies ignoring reason andlegitimate precautions based on science. The reach and impact o the PFNYCobviously taints geopolitics, economics,and vaccine science globally. Accordingto Kathryn S. Wylde, the President andCEO o the PFNYC since 1982, who wasappointed to the Board o Directors o theFederal Reserve Bank o New York in 2009,the PNYC encourages oreign investment,particularly rom China, thusly: “The announcement o the China Center is astep toward economic recovery or New York.The Vantone Group’s commitment to helpingNew York become the western headquarterslocation or the increasing number o global businesses coming out o China is extremely important to our city’s uture as a global capital o business and nance.”   The “China Center” lease is administered bySilverstein Properties, Inc. a “partner com-pany” in the PFNYC. It is owned by LarryA. Silverstein, the inamous real estatetycoon, who cashed in on his timely $3.2billion lease o the World Trade Centerproperty seven weeks beore “9-11” hap-pened in 2001. The subsidiary o GE Capitol, IndustrialRisk Insurers company, paid some o Silverstein’s alleged loss o $7 billionneeded to reconstruct the new World Trade Center. 4 POPULATION REDUCTION VIA VACCINATIONS
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