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1. GUIDED BY- CHEF ANUPAM KUMAR 2. ABOUT CHINA ã Its comes under East Asian cuisine (ORIENTAL CUISINE) ã Capital-Beijing(39°55′N116°23′W) ã Official…
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  • 2. ABOUT CHINA • Its comes under East Asian cuisine (ORIENTAL CUISINE) • Capital-Beijing(39°55′N116°23′W) • Official language-Chinese. • Currency-Yuan(¥). • Chinese Cuisine are famous for Noodles and Rice. • No sequence course of MENU. • Use Chopstick during Meal.
  • 3. ASIAN CUISINE IS DIVIDED IN FIVE PARTS • EAST ASIAN CUISINE- China,Japan,Koria • SOUTH EAST ASIAN CUISINE- Thailand, Indonesia, malaysia, Singpore, Combodia, Vietnam etc • SOUTH ASIAN CUISINE- India, Srilanka, pakistan, Barma, Tibet, Bhutan Etc • CENTRAL ASIAN CUISINE- Afghanistan, Iran, Armania, cyprus Etc • MIDDLE EASTERN CUISINE- Saudi Arab, Turky, Jordan, Lebanon Etc
  • 4. CHINESE CUISINE Four styles of cooking • Peeking in norther china. • Canton in southern china. • Shangai in eastern china. • Szechwan in western china.
  • 6. • Wok • Chinese broom • Chinese clever • Dim sim basket • Earthern ware cooking pot • Steamers • Metal spatula • Chinese spoon • Stainers , Etc.. CHINESE EQUIPMENT
  • 7. • Gailan • Napa cabbage • Bok choy • Tofu • Noodles • Soya sauce • Salted black beans • Xo sauce • Conpoy • Agar agar , Etc.. CHINESE INGREDIENT
  • 8. • Dim sums • Hot and sour soup • Wonton soup • Spring roll • Sweet & sour pork • Hakka noodles • Dates pan cakes • Toffee banana • Prown ball soup • Sweet corn soup , Etc.. SPECIALITY DISHES
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