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  PrefaceGazprom in the Russian and world energy industryMacroeconomic dataMarket dataReserves classification Gazprom Group’s hydrocarbons reserves in RussiaGazprom Group subsidiaries’ gas reserves in RussiaGazprom Group’s hydrocarbons reserves (categories A+B+C 1 ) set out by regions of theRussian Federation Change in Gazprom Group’s hydrocarbons reserves (categories A+B+C 1 ) in RussiaLicenses Gazprom Group’s hydrocarbons production in RussiaGazprom Group’s quarterly gas production in RussiaGazprom Group’s quarterly production of liquid hydrocarbons in RussiaGazprom Group’s hydrocarbons production set out by regions of the Russian Federation Geologic exploration, production drilling and production capacityMajor hydrocarbon search, exploration and production projects abroad Key figures of Gazprom’s hydrocarbons geological exploration abroad Promising fields in RussiaGas transportationGas transportation projectsUnderground gas storageProcessing of hydrocarbons and production of refined productsRefined products of Gazprom Group's major subsidiariesProcessing plants for production of hydrocarbon and gas chemical productsElectric power and heat generationSales of gasGas market in RussiaSales of crude oil, gas condensate and refined productsSales of electricity and heat energy, gas transportation salesEnvironmental measures, energy saving, research and developmentPersonnelConvertion tableGlossary of basic terms and abbreviations Gazprom in figures 2007–2011 Factbook  Preface Factbook  “Gazprom inFigures 2007–2011” isaninformationalandstatisticaledition,preparedforOAOGazpromannualGeneralshareholdersmeeting2012.TheFactbookispreparedonthebasisofcorporatereportsofOAOGazprom,aswellasonthebasisof Russian and foreign sources of publicly disclosed information.InthepresentFactbook,thetermOAOGazpromreferstotheheadcompanyofthe Group, i.e.toOpenJointStockCompanyGazprom.The GazpromGroup ,the Group or  Gazprom implyOAOGazpromanditssubsidiariestakenasawhole.ForthepurposesoftheFactbook,thelistofsubsidiarieswaspreparedonthebasisusedinthepreparationofOAO Gazprom’s combinedaccounting(financial)statementsinaccordancewiththerequirementsoftheRussianlegislation.Similarly,theterms GazpromNeftGroup and GazpromNeft  refer to OAO Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries. Gazprom’s operatingresultspresentedintheFactbookarestatedbasedontheprinciplesforpreparing Gazprom Group’s consolidatedaccounting(financial)statements.AtthesametimesomeresultsofOAOGazpromandits subsidiaries’ operationsarestatedincompliancewiththeprinciplesforpreparingmanagementreports.Figurescalculatedusingthesemethodsmaydifferduetodifferencesinmethodologies for preparing consolidated financial statements and management reports.Stateddataintonsofcoalequivalent(tce)andbarrelsofoilequivalent(boe)arecalculatedonbasisofstatedcoefficients.Group performs management accounting in metric units of measurement. Gazprom’s financialresultsarestatedbasedontheprinciplesforpreparing Gazprom Group’s consolidatedaccounting(financial)statementinaccordancewiththeRussianlegislation.Thecurrencyof  Gazprom Group’s consolidatedaccounting(financial)statementistheRussianRouble.ThedatastatedinUSDollarsandEuroiscalculatedbasedonstatedexchangerateandisnotadataof  Group’s financial statement. 2  Gazprom in Russian and global energy industry 20072008200920102011Share in the world natural gas industry Gas reserves*16.5%18.0%18.0%17.6%18.3%Gas production*17.4%16.7%14.5%14.8%14.5%Gas sales*27.0%25.4%22.1%20.1%21.0% Share in the Russian fuel and energy complex Russian natural gas reserves controlled62.1%68.9%69.8%68.7%71.8%Gas production**83.9%82.7%79.2%78.1%76.5%Crude oil and gas condensate production**9.2%8.8%8.4%8.6%8.7%Processing of natural and associated petroleum gas (APG)**70.2%59.1%47.6%49.9%48.6%Primary processing of oil and stable gas condensate**14.1%14.5%15.5%16.5%17.2%Power generation**3.1%10.5%13.9%16.9%16.9% Total length of trunk pipelines and pipeline branches in Russia, thousand km158.2159.5160.4161.7164.7 * Based on International Natural Gas Center “CEDIGAZ” and Gazprom figures. Statistics on international production and trade are adjusted to Russianstandard terms and conditions using 1.07 ratio.** Based on Federal State Statistics Service, CDU TEC and Gazprom figures. As of and for the year ended December 31, 3  Macroeconomic Data 20072008200920102011 Consumer price index (Y-o-Y)%11.9%13.3%8.8%8.8%6.1%Producer price index (Y-o-Y)%25.1%-7.0%13.9%16.7%12.0% Nominal appreciation/devaluation of the exchange rate(RR/US $) as of the end of the year (Y-o-Y)%7.0%-12.7%-6.0%-3.0%3.4%Real appreciation of the exchange rate (RR/US $)as of the end of the year (Y-o-Y)%15.0%-1.1%-0.4%4.0%8.8%Average exchange rate for the period (RR/US $)RR/US $25.5724.8131.6830.3629.35Exchange rate at the end of the period (RR/US $)RR/US $24.5529.3830.2430.4832.20 Nominal appreciation/devaluation of the exchange rate(RR/Euro) as of the end of the year (Y-o-Y)%-3.0%-5.6%-13.4%7.4%-1.5%Real appreciation of the exchange rate (RR/ Euro)as of end of year (Y-o-Y)%5.8%5.0%-6.5%14.5%4.1%Average exchange rate for the period (RR/ Euro)RR/ Euro35.0136.4144.1340.2740.87Exchange rate at the end of the period (RR/ Euro)RR/ Euro35.9341.4443.3940.3341.67Brent (Dated) oil price**US $/barrel96.0236.5577.6792.54106.51Urals oil price (Mean CIF MED/NWE)**US $/barrel93.0935.8977.0090.27104.29Brent (Dated) average annual oil price**US $/barrel72.3997.2861.6779.50111.26Urals (Mean CIF MED/NWE) average annual oil price**US $/barrel69.2894.8261.1878.28109.10 Indicator *Measure * Economic indicators and exchange rates based on the data supplied by Central Bank of Russia and the Federal State Statistics Service.** Source: Platts. As of and for the year ended December 31, Source: Platts. Brent (Dated) closing price. 4
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