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ISSUE 2 Gatehouse Gazette SEP ‘08 STEAMPUNK: HISTORY IN THE MAKING ISSUE 2 Gatehouse Gazette SEP ‘08 YÉÜxãÉÜw With great pleasure and a slight sensation of triumph, I present before you, dear reader, the second issue of the Gatehouse Gazette. In a way, this is again a first, for from this point on, each publication will feature a theme to which most articles are somehow related. However, we shall not enforce this too strictly upon our esteemed contributors, thus there should be plenty o
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    ISSUE 2 Gatehouse Gazette SEP ‘08   STEAMPUNK: HISTORY IN THE MAKINGSTEAMPUNK: HISTORY IN THE MAKINGSTEAMPUNK: HISTORY IN THE MAKINGSTEAMPUNK: HISTORY IN THE MAKING  ISSUE 2   Gatehouse Gazette   SEP ‘08PAGE 2 YÉÜxãÉÜw  YÉÜxãÉÜw  YÉÜxãÉÜw  YÉÜxãÉÜw   With great pleasure and a slight sensation of triumph, I present before you, dear reader,the second issue of the Gatehouse Gazette . In away, this is again a first, for from this point on,each publication will feature a theme to whichmost articles are somehow related. However, weshall not enforce this too strictly upon our esteemed contributors, thus there should be plenty of interest even if you care not especiallyfor this issue’s motif, which, as you may havegathered from the ambitious subtitle, is history.Once again, I owe great gratitude to the many people who have either again or for the firsttime contributed to our publication. You willfind their names along the articles which theysent in, however I list them here more prominently for without them, there could be no Gazette . Also, I would like hereby to thank themany people who have advertised our previousissue online. Do continue to spread the word! –Nick Ottens,  Editor     List of Contributors: ‘Col. Adrianna Hazard’ - Robert RodgersJoost van Ekris - Hilde Heyvaert - J.D. Roger Toby Frost - ‘Octavius’ - ‘Piecraft’ - ‘The Czar’3.  Editorial   4.  An Essay “Of World Wars and Ham Sandwiches”5.  Local Steampunk  Disneyland Resort Paris7.  An Exclusive Preview of Toby Frost’s God Emperor of  Didcot   8.  A History of the first motorized crossing of the Sahara10.  An Essay   about Hugh Ferriss, “delineator of Gotham”12.  Steampunk Wardrobe “The Steampunk Aristocrat”13.  An Essay on Japanese Reasoning Behind AttackingAmerica”14.  A Review of James P. Blaylock’s  Homunculus  15. Gazette Cartoons 16.  Steampunk Poetry This magazine is published under Creative Commons License “Attribution-Noncommercial- No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported.”You are free: to Share  —to copy, distribute and transmit the work.Under the following conditions: * Attribution . You must attribute the work in the manner  specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that  suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work  *  Noncommercial  . You may not use this work for commercial  purposes. *  No Derivative Works . You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. *  For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to othersthe license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with alink tothis web page. * Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get  permission from the copyright holder. * Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the author’s moral rights.This is a summary of the Legal Code(the full license). Inquiries in regard to this publication should be forwarded tothe editor, Nick Ottens, per  ISSUE 2   G Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ  Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ  Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ  Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ   How will history judge us steampunk ea peculiar club of ladies and gentlemenin nineteenth-century costume to remina past that never really was over tea? Oself-proclaimed rebels and revolutionari better the world through Victorian ReviA bit of both, probably, however, we dothe movement within steampunk that back’ the punk in a genre that had litt punk from the beginning. The word ‘stderived from cyberpunk (which was   punk) jokingly, to refer to cyberpunk-set in the Victorian era. Of course, wcoined the phrase, he could not havetwo decades later, it would have spur subculture, spanning fiction, art, costumSteampunk has changed throughout itsIn our previous issue, a dismal oversiwhich I must correct. In the article,Dieselpunk,” Mr ‘Piecraft’ and myself genre of dieselpunk extensively and its particular; that is, the more optimistidieselpunk, epitomized in the film, Skythe World of Tomorrow , as well a‘Piecraftian’, to which films such as  Perfect Creature would adhere.In my enthusiasm, however, I neglect properly credit the person who srcthese phrases, that is the author of the  F  weblog. In the post, “The dark side o(published June 4, 2008) he thoroughldifferent kinds of dieselpunk fiction, tehouse Gazette   thusiasts? As, dressing upiscence aboutr    as a band of es, seeking toal?not representseeks to ‘putle to do withampunk’ wasinspired byesque fictionhen Mr Jeter expected thatred an entiree and design.xistence and, perhaps, with a new genenthusiasts gaining promineembrace the noble though sassociated with punk. Howeascribe anarchist philosophotherwise about nineteenthadventure, with typically littldid not prosper from progressBecause steampunk is wha because history will judge uwrite today, we have filled t Gatehouse Gazette with articthe past somehow. However,about the past; it is very mucabout how to make itremembering the past. Perhato better the world, if only a liht was made“Discoveringdiscussed thewo flavors inc ‘Ottensian’ Captain and  s the darker  ad Max andd entirely toinally coined  ying Fortress  dieselpunk,”explores theascribing thedivide between the ‘Ottensithe pervasiveness of nuclear I hereby wish to offer my sauthor of   Flying Fortres oversight, and assure himwhenever we make mentiondiscussed at his blog, wereference! Also, we great  Fortress to our readership,currently on hold, past postsinto the genre. We thus horesume regular posting schedable to enjoy what we write a Visit the Flying Fortress at http://fly SEP ‘08PAGE 3 By NICKOTTENS eration of steampunk nce, it will eventuallyightly naïve ideologieser, thus far, attempts toto a genre that is-century science andempathy for those who, have largely failed.we make of it, and by what we make andhis second issue of theles nearly all related tosteampunk is not onlyh about the present, andore beautiful throughs, after all, we do seek ttle. ■  n’ and ‘Piecraftian’ toeapons.incere apologies to thefor this regrettablethat, in the future,of matters previouslyshall provide proper ly recommend  Flying  for though the blog isave shown great insighte that the author shallle soon and will also beout dieselpunk here. ■  ISSUE 2   G TÇ Xáátç TÇ Xáátç TÇ Xáátç TÇ Xáátç  “Of World Wa “Of World Wa “Of World Wa “Of World Wa SandwichesSandwichesSandwichesSandwiches....””””   The foundations of history are held hwhims of our predecessors—how Habout the Spartans two thousanhundred years ago determines whabout them today. A mathematicaunflinching cinderblock of provablhistorical fact is no more than mutualquicksand. How can we even begin to bstructures in a field where everything be overturned by a botanist discoveri North American tobacco in the stmummified Egyptian king?Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb and seYugoslav Nationalist, was born on JulyJune 28, 1914, he and five othersassassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinandan attempt to revitalize the Serbianindependence. The events that preced played out much like a black comedy oassassin was given a weapon and a pArchduke’s motorcade route, and eachat their task.So much of what we know about thenothing more than a scribbled wordmuch of it is invented—sometimes outsometimes merely out of preferencewonder if any of it is true at all. For then, do we study it? If there is no objthe end of the rainbow, why bother seek The first and second assassins failed tothrew a bomb. It was deflected by Fr and detonated on the car behind hiseveral people. In desperation,swallowed a cyanide pill and sprang i tehouse Gazette   s and Ham s and Ham s and Ham s and Ham  stage by theerodotus feltd and fivet we know l fact is ane truth; any consensualuild objectivee know cang a scrap of omach of alf-proclaimed25, 1894. Onset out toof Austria instruggle for ed the attack f errors; eachsition on thein turn failedast hangs onr phrase. Soof necessity,that we mayhat purpose,ctive truth ating it out?act; the thirdnz Ferdinand, woundinghe assassininto a nearbyriver, hoping to kill himsecaptured—only to discover ineffective and the river was pulled out of the water and seHistory is about telling storiany story, it must respect thestories are never  really trueonce. Any attempt to reviscreative story-telling. And juus more about the author thanAfter learning of the failuresPrincip reluctantly surrender regicide and set his goal sligood restaurant. This broughknown as Schiller’s , knownits excellent ham sandwichesordered that day’s special.Steampunk is about revisitknowledge of the present anthat makes it pertinent and innot historical revision, becau‘true’ history in the first plhistory. More than an aesthetithe now in the language of ththat would otherwise be inex Gavrilo finished his sandwi Schwiller’s , only to findmotorcade was passing bytraveling towards the hospita been injured in the first bomhis courage, Gavrilo ranopening shots of Worlddisparities brought about by SEP ‘08PAGE 4 By ROBERTRODGERS lf before he could bethe pill was old ands   ix inches deep. He waserely beaten.s of the past. Just liketruth—but even the best. The past occurs onlyit it is an exercise int like any story, it tellsthe event itself.of his cohorts, Gavrilod his high ambitions of ghtly lower: Finding at him to a delicatessenhroughout Sarajevo for . He stepped inside anding the past with thereshaping it in a wayeresting to the now. It’sse it never claims to bece; it’s history without   c, it allows us to discusse then, expressing and stepped out of that the archduke’sat this very moment,l to visit those who had bing attempt. Gatheringorward and fired thear I. The economiche Treaty of Versailles
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