Gayatri world war z poster analysis

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1. The genre of the film based on the poster designis an apocalyptic action/ dystopian film looking ata possible terror threat against humanity inparticular against…
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  • 1. The genre of the film based on the poster designis an apocalyptic action/ dystopian film looking ata possible terror threat against humanity inparticular against Parisian landmarks such as theEiffel Tower and River Seine.The genre can be seen through the use oficonography such as bomb blasts, fire, smoke andthe simple colours used. These show us theimportance of destruction in the film and leave useager to watch the film. Also, the name of thefilm being ‘World War Z’ highlights the genre willbe based on wars and loss of the human race.The target audience for the film is anyone wholikes action films, interested in apocalypses andalso those who are fans of Brad Pitt because he iswell known and also a part of this film. This namestated on the poster will attract an audience toview the film.
  • 2. The poster uses a simple black and yellow/orange colourscheme to make the genre seem well portrayed to theaudience. The bright orange light towards the top righthand corner emphasises the bomb blasts or destructionoccurring this is then further enhanced through thecontrast of black indicating the masses of peoplepossibly running away or even piling on top of eachother to try and escape.The text is on the bottom of the poster connoting thatthe focus of the movie is based on imagery and thatthere is importance within the visual aspects of theposter particularly the landmarks.The font is placed in a destructive manner with bitsfalling apart emphasising the dystopian theme of thefilm, which is also seen through the colouring of theletter ‘Z’The image used is an aerial establishing shot of Paris, thissuggests that it is a global film as is not just set inAmerica. The bright lighting distorts the backgroundgiving the poster a sense of mystery and foreboding. Thetext is centre framed and allows us to see the largepopulation trying to escape, almost looking like oiloozing out from the building.
  • 3. The poster is unique in the way it captures thedestruction of Paris, this subverts apocalyptic filmlocation stereotypes because normally you seeAmerica being the centre of a film of this genre.This widens audience appeal because it showingdifferent cultures being the focal point of thisfilm.Brad Pitt’s name is mentioned therefore this alsohelps the film’s campaign as it broadens ourknowledge based on the key actors in the film andbecause Brad Pitt is an ‘A list’ celebrity thisincreases the popularity of the film.The poster can be displayed in many places suchas, Bus Stops, Train Stations, Cinemas, Magazinesand Billboards. These places can help usmemorise the poster as it can be seen regularlyand has an interesting image on the front whichmakes it even more engaging to the audience.
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