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1. Focus Group: Done on: 07/01/16 (am and pm) Participants: Zazie Tuson|18 | A-Level student Bridget Ivers | 18 | A-Level Student Ben Sutton | 18| A-Level Student Sydney…
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  • 1. Focus Group: Done on: 07/01/16 (am and pm) Participants: Zazie Tuson|18 | A-Level student Bridget Ivers | 18 | A-Level Student Ben Sutton | 18| A-Level Student Sydney Giddings |19 | Employed Courtney Giddings | 19| Employed Taylor Giddings | 16 | Student I conducted two Focus Groups to gain feedback on my magazine to see what they think or if any improvements are needed The questions I asked them were 1. What is your first impression? 2. Does this appeal to you? 3. Are there things you don’t quite understand about the magazine? 4. Would you see yourself buying this magazine?
  • 2. Zazie: Firstimpression is really good. Itlooks different and original. I like the colours used as I think they respond to each other well and the font looks tidy. The price is good and is something within my budget range. Bridget: The image of the model looks really cool! I like the paint and I like the hair and makeup. Itdoesn’tlook busy or cramped. Something I can afford. Ben: I’mnot completely surewhatthe liquid coming out of her mouth is for. It might be that I don’t listen to this kind of music. However, I like the colours and I think the model has a really good facial expression. It’s butthere’s not much to offer to convinceme to buy it. Sydney: I like it. The price is visible and overallthe frontcover looks different. I was expecting to see some headlines however becauseI know that this is meant to be a different type of magazine it doesn’t look out of place. Good price for people our age. Courtney: The picture looks really creative and strangebut it doesn’truin the frontcover. The font is really nice as I doesn’tpull attention away fromthe photo yet it’s bold enough that you know it is still there. Agree with Sydney on the price. Taylor: It looks cool. I would say that I would want to know what is inside the magazine becauseI can’t see any stories. I like how the magazine title is bolder as it shows the differencebetween the rest of the text. I also like the white lines as it reminds me of your favouriteband. It’s a lot cheaper than most magazines I see at the shops.
  • 3. Zazie: the thing that firstcatches my eye is the colour. It’s not brightbut it was unexpected. The colours also go really well together here and fonts used complement each other nicely. I also like the “New Beginnings” section as it adds a personaltouch. Itlooks like something I can see myself buying as it has stuff that I am interested in. Bridget: I agree with Zazie. I also like the smaller photos you haveincluded because they all relate to the aesthetics it looks like you are going for. The different articles look good as well as they all aren’t similar yet they all tie in well together. Its contents show that this is a music magazine and doesn’t stray away fromit with things like horoscopes and things like that. Ben: This looks nice and organised and easy to find. The photo of you is nice as it looks like it goes with the colours you have used. There’s a lot more content in here than I thought due to the pricing. Sydney: I noticed that you have had the same idea with the white lines at the edges. It looks nice as it keeps everything together. The pictures you have used all go well together and the pink outlined detail looks really good. I will need to see what the articles look like before I will think about buying. Courtney: The sameas Sydney however you could have used a signaturenear your name to add the bit of professionalism. Itlooks really cheap for the amount of stuff that is in here. But that can be a good thing for people our age. Taylor: Yeah it all looks good. It doesn’tlook busy and there looks like you have quite a bit of stuff considering the price is low. I’malso going to wait until I see what else there is before buying.
  • 4. Zazie: This looks really well put together and you havebeen consistentwith the white border. I like how the image is in the middle of the two pages. The larger text at the beginning is something that can attract the reader as it is shortand sharp. This appeals to me as well because the layout of the entire magazine looks really good and it would be something that I would buy Bridget: I really like the photo you haveused as it is effective with going across both pages. The white lines again really tie it all together. The text isn’t too much but it isn’ttoo little either. Itis something that I can read without getting bored or distracted. I would also buy this magazine. Ben: The outfit she is wearing is really nice and her body language really stands out. The colour links to the frontcover and it shows consistency. I don’treally understand so much about the pieces of paper. Unless is it to do with a book? This magazineis really nice but not something I would but straightaway because I feel like I would need to see different artists included. But then again I don’t really listen to indie music. Sydney: Ita pretty photo as well as looking powerful. The outfit looks really nice on her and the text had been nicely placed. The pages are about being a songwriter, isn’tit? I thought so. Yeah I think I would buy this magazine actually because it’s not expensive and looks well put together. Courtney: Still the sameideas as Sydney. Thewhite lines are good as well and I like how it doesn’tgo completely along the top as it brings out the title a lot more. I might buy this magazineas well. I don’t really listen to indie music but I understand completely that it is based around that. Taylor: Yeah I will buy it as it had stuff such as bands that I like. It also looks really nice as well as it being cheap. I also agree with Courtney and Sydney on the things they have said.
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