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  FIFA 13 MODDINGWAY MOD V 2.0 PC - UPDATE---------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT--------------To install this update you need to install previous versions :UPDATE - V 1.9.9--------------------------------------DOWNLOAD IT - V 1.9.8--------------------------------------DOWNLOAD IT IN ONE VERSION - V 1.9.6--------------------------------------DOWNLOAD IT THREAD--------------------- TO INSTALL---------------------a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 13 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.b) Run file ModdingWayInstaller.exe from your FIFA 13 main folder ( Run as administrator )c) Ready-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW TO UNINSTALL------------------------OPTION 1-----------Just copy files from Game / backup folder to your Game / folderOPTION 2-----------Using BH Editor  Start FHL BH Editor and select option :regenerate all BH-files(ignore extern files)Ready-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FIFA 13 ModdingWay Selector-----------------------------------Start this tool from your FIFA 13 main folder. FIFA 13 MWM Selector!IMPORTANT! NEW ABOUT BOOTS !IMPORTANT! ----------------------------------------------------------Now you have the option to assign boots with MW Selector without assigning them to lua files. This will allow you to unlimited boots assignements.If you want to assing player a boot without editing lua : Just click the green button that says apply.If you want to remove that boot : Just click the red button that says remove.MW Selector will also create a file list of those boots you have assigned. So you can share that list with other users that will be able to use MW Selector to process that list and have the same boots you have assigned.Process list : When you assing or remove a boot a list with changes is created by MW Selector. It´s name is : boots.txt and you will find it in Game / boots folder. Process list will read that list and assign boots according to it. That list is what you can share with other users.- Boots, Gloves and Styles------------------------------- Click on load players- Browse through players.- You are able to assign them custom boots, gloves and styles.- Make changes and then assing them.- If you want to return to default click Restore Default.- After you have made all changes click on SAVE CHANGES and ready!To assign boots to your Virtual Pro search for Virtual Pro in players combo box.- Select Entrance Theme Combination : You have 4 options available according to your preferences.--------------------------------------------- Select Database : You have 3 options available-------------------------------------------------------a) Default Database : is the srcinal FIFA 13 Database. If you play online and update the rosters through EA official updates this is one of the database options for your FIFA 13.b) Default Database Updated : is the Default FIFA 13 Database only that some referee names have been updated according to new faces we have added for them. We have tested and you won´t have problems playing online or if you continue a saved career  c) Database 2.0d) Database 3.0d) Database 4.0e) Database 5.0DATABASE 2.0 ( WINTER TRANSFERS - NO NEW TEAMS )-------------------------------------------------------------------- Default database + Winter Transfers- Rosters according to EA official update 5-7-2013- No new teams- Kits, Boots and Balls unlockedDATABASE 3.0 ( NEW TEAMS - NO WINTER TRANSFERS )------------------------------------------------------------------- Season 12 / 13- Database with New Teams + Updated Rosters according to EA official update 6-12-2012 ( last one previous to Winter Transfers )- NEW TEMS- Kits, Boots and Balls unlockedDATABASE 4.0 ( NEW TEAM + WINTER TRANSFERS )-------------------------------------------------------------- Season 12 / 13- Database with New Teams + WINTER TRANSFERS- Rosters with latest WINTER TRANSFERS- NEW TEAMS- Kits, Boots and Balls unlocked DATABASE 5.0 ( NO NEW TEAM )-------------------------------------------------------------- Season 13 / 4- Database with season 13 / 14 Transfers- New Kits 13 / 14 Season- Stadiums Names- Managers 13 / 14 Season- Added Tournaments : FIFA Clubs World Cup, Copa Libertadores, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League.GAMEPLYZED Databases----------------------------GAMEPLYZED Database 2.0 and 4.0 are processed by a tool created by Fifaccitiu. The tool analyze every player in db, comparing the stats they have and giving to them a playing style like regista, trequartista, target man, finisher, stopper , marker, dribbler and so on. Then will analyze phisical stats to give them balanced physical attributes and apply some formulas to have a better gameflow and realism.- Select TV Presentation :------------------------------a) No ESPN : This disables ESPN Presentation for La Liga, Premier, UEFA CL, UEFA Europa League. You will be able to see new intros we have created for this leagues.b) ESPN ( only for english language ) : Restore ESPN Presentation in English language.IMPORTANT TIP : You can choose NO ESPN and you can keep ESPN Scoreboard and TV Popus easily Go to your FIFA 13 / Game folder and with notepad create a file named cl.ini  Add this line :FORCE_BROADCAST_OVERLAY_SET=8save- Select Tournaments :--------------------------a) Career Mode Tournaments : You will have default tournaments in Game Modes / Tournaments. In case you would like to start a Career select this one. It´s the included by default. If you select DB 5.0 new tournaments like FIFA Clubs World Cup, Libertadores Cup, AFC and CONCACAF Champions Leagues will be added by default to Career Mode. You will have the option to remove them by selecting Remove Extra Tournaments.b) Game Mode Tournaments ( No Career Mode) : This option will add new tournaments to Game Modes / Tournaments : UEFA CL, UEFA Europa League, World Cup, Confederations Cup, Copa America and Euro. Be sure to not a start Career Mode while this option is selected or your game will get corrupted.- Select Scoreboards / Popups :-------------------------------------You have the chance to assign scoreboards / popups to different slots related with top leagues. Remember that for instance if you assign EPL scoreboards to Slot 2 you will also have them when you play FA Cup, International games etc. You have another option to force the use of a specific set of scoreboards for all leagues and tournaments.- Select Turfs :------------------You can select different turfs or return to default one.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HISTORYVersion 2.0.0 changelog----------------------------* DB 5.0- Latest Transfers around the world- UEFA CL Career Mode with real groups- 4 new teams : Shakhtar, Viktoria Plzen, Steaua and Fenerbahce* New Kits- FC Kobenhavn- Genoa- SC Bastia- Lille- Montpellier- OGC Nice- Charlton- Derby- Watford- Doncaster- Huddersfield- Leicester- Middlesbrough
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