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A look at the use of fibre optics in the world today. Specifically this article highlights some common applications for optical fibres including fibre optic sensors and imaging devices. For more information on click here:
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  • 1. A look at the use of fibre optics in the world today. Specifically this article highlights some common applications for optical fibres including fibre optic sensors and imaging devices.
  • 2. Government agencies and big companies uses internet in order to transmit important messages. The improvement in internet communication is brought by the discovery of fibre optic cables that can transmit data, voice and videos easier and faster than the old copper wires.
  • 3. Standard ADSL broadband is restricted to 24Mbps but fibre connections in the UK can provide customers with lightning-fast speeds presently reaching 100Mbps, a number which might be trebled by the close of 2013.
  • 4. Fibre connections have been installed in over 120 countries worldwide. They are becoming the most wanted source for high speed internet. Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connections are a luxury that only a small percentage of the population is enjoying.
  • 5. There are two types of cable systems used in today, the copper wire cables and fibre optic cables. Both are very useful however, there are so many advantages in using optical fibre cable due to the improvement in the technology.
  • 6. The virtual private network (VPN) has opened up a wide range of possibilities for remote network access to files from almost any geographic location. Using VPN software, computer users can access the files on their home or office computer anywhere they can get a reliable Internet connection.
  • 7. SSL certificates provide security to both the website owners as well as users. Any site owner that needs to use a customer's personal data will require these certificates. This article discusses the importance of these certificates and how to choose them.
  • 8. What is email hosting and how important is it to your business? What are the things that you should consider when choosing an email hosting provider for your business?
  • 9. The use of VoIP services is really in it's infancy at the present time, and like an infant will grow as time moves forward. While the business community has been on the forefront of the use of VoIP and broadband phone services.
  • 10. Broadband Internet access provides a higher speed of transmitting the data to the user - but how can you get it? Find out here.
  • 11. Mobile broadband is having a huge impact in 2008, easily as big as when mobile phones really became commonplace. But why is it so important, why is it changing the world, and why should you get it? Read on to find out!
  • 12. 7 Market Reviews for Ethernet Gigabit from Ethernet-over-copper to Next Generation Network. How do you leave your LAN and find out the limits to using fiber because it limits service capabilities?
  • 13. Fibre Optic cable is the future medium for high-speed data transmission as well as computer networking. Though expensive, it is, however, interesting to study the uses and benefits of optical fibre technology for meeting the present as well as future demands.
  • 14. While a fiber optic cable in use by someone leasing it may still be referred to as dark fiber that may be because they have no specific long term use and may return to unused status as soon as the lease expires.
  • 15. If you are into affiliate marketing, you must have heard about affiliate link cloaking. It is a process that helps you protect your affiliate links from hijackers. As an Internet marketer, you obviously do not want your commissions to get stolen.
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