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1. EVALUATION QUESTION 5. How did you attract/address your audience? 2. My Audience  For my magazine I wanted to attract a Male and Female audience between the ages of…
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  • 1. EVALUATION QUESTION 5. How did you attract/address your audience?
  • 2. My Audience  For my magazine I wanted to attract a Male and Female audience between the ages of 16-24 who listens to Indie-Pop music.  Some aspects of this would be easy for me as I am within this age group and I do listen to this particular music however I need to make sure I appeal and attract other people rather than just myself and what I like. People within the Indie-Pop music genre may like some artists more than others or care more about the fashion side of indie music rather than its technology. But overall I am trying to find an equilibrium.
  • 3. Using Surveys  By using surveys this enabled me to gather an idea of my audiences likes and dislikes.  I found out through my surveys that although I am trying to attract both male and female audiences, females will be one ones who are more likely to read my magazine- this will helped decide on my colour schemes, language and presentation etc.  I also discovered that my audience were also attracted to the fashion side of music within the Indie-Pop genre such as its influence as well as the overall appearance of the magazine.  Being this particular age range, they all wanted something that was completely affordable. I felt I delivered on this by making my magazine £1.99. most magazines out there range from £3 and upwards.
  • 4. Hot Desking/ Focus Groups  This was important with attracting my audience as it enabled me to produce a product that I had made and see on a personal point of view their likes and dislikes about it. Asking both people in my class and people elsewhere allowed a mixed range of opinions, I was worried at first that I would find it hard to keep up to everyone's standards and expectations if there were to be any type of constructive criticism. However, this wasn’t much of a problem and this showed in my final focus group where they all appeared to like what I had produced.  This showed proof of Blumler and Katz’ Uses and Gratifications theory (1970) due to having members of the audience decide that they want, this creates a product that is seen to them as more personal as they feel they have some influence into the making of the final product and as a result, attracting an audience into buying the media product even more.
  • 5. Design  From results of my surveys and any feedback I had through time I discovered that even though I want to attract both a male and female audience, it will be most likely girls that will actually read it. As a result of this my colour scheme was created as more of a feminine design. The colours of pastel pinks and blues were my end decision. This also timed in really well due to the Pantone Colours of the Year 2016. My audience are into the fashion side of music therefore the result of having included the colours of the year- it appears to be a very fashion forward magazine. An idea which members of the Indie-Pop Genre will appeal to.  My design presents quite an unconventional magazine through the use of my front cover not having my cover stories or any visible literature which would attract your average reader when scanning through the magazine shelf at the stops. This will attract my specific audience as they are stereotypically known for wanting to be different and wanting to stand out. By presenting my front cover the way I have will attract my audience through having this “unique quality”.  The consistency of my product would be something that would attract my audience due to creating (almost like a trademark) of edging off my pages with white lines. This creates a statement piece to create something aesthetically pleasing for my audience.
  • 6. The meaning behind the ‘Paint’  My front cover has the image of my model looking like paint is coming out of her mouth. I have done this to represent her being a singer songwriter. The paint represents the word “pouring” pout of her mouth, therefore I have used a liquid substance as a representation of that.  This is kind of interpretational image is something that is popular within the Indie-Pop genre, using artistic visuals is a good representation of the creative side that people fond of this particular genre are stereotypically seen to have.
  • 7. Content  This is shown most thoroughly through my contents page. I have made sure to use artists/bands that are known within this music genre. Also using technologies such as vinyl's is a common aspect that people of this music genre obtain. Therefore including this will attract my audience as it is all something that they are familiar with.
  • 8. The magazine name  I chose to name my magazine BEATNIK due to being an old school style of music in the 1950s. This is something that appeals to my particular audience as they are fond of using vintage materialistic (fashion, music such as vinyl's etc.)  There can be some controversy with my magazine name in relation to its contents. This is because the appearance of the front cover wouldn’t usually be something of the BEATNIK music era however, this is a unconventional magazine. In my personal opinion both visuals (the name and the image) are both something that appeals and attracts the audience of the Indie-Pop music genre therefore it is successful in this particular sense.
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