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Elantec - Intersil EL4583
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   E L 4  5   8   3   C J  a n u a r  y 1  9  9  6     R e v  B  EL4583C   Sync Separator 50% Slice S-H Filter H  OUT  Note All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication however this data sheet cannot be a ‘‘controlled document’’ Current revisions if any to thesespecifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation  1993 Elantec Inc Features  NTSC PAL and SECAM syncseparation  Single supply a 5V operation  Precision 50% slicing internalcaps  Built in programmable colorburst filter  Decodes non-standard verticals  Horizontal sync output  Sync pulse amplitude output  Same socket can be used for 8-pinEL4581  Low power CMOS  Detects loss of signal  Resistor programmable scan rate  Few external components  Available in 16-Pin DIP andSO-16 pkg Applications  Video special effects  Video test equipment  Video distribution  Multimedia  Displays  Imaging  Video data capture  Video triggers OrderingInformation PartNo TempRange Package Outline  EL4583CN b 40  C to a 85  C 16-Pin DIP MDP0031EL4583CS b 40  C to a 85  C 16-Lead SO MDP0027 GeneralDescription The EL4583C extracts timing from video sync in NTSC PALand SECAM systems and non standard formats or from com-puter graphics operating at higher scan rates Timing adjust-ment is via an external resistor Input without valid verticalinterval (no serration pulses) produces a default vertical outputA larger package (16-pin) is used for greater flexibility The‘‘core’’ pins match the same pin functions of the 8-pin(EL4581C etc) for substitution in applications not requiringthese featuresOutputs are composite sync vertical sync filter burstback porch horizontal no signal detect level and oddeven output (in interlaced scan formats only)The EL4583C sync slice level is set to a mid-point halfway be-tween sync tip and the blanking level This 50% point is deter-mined by two internal sample and hold circuits that track synctip and back porch levels It provides hum and noise rejectionand compensates for input levels of 05V to 20V p-p A built in filter attenuates the chroma signal to prevent colorburst from disturbing the 50% sync slice Cut off frequency isset by a resistor to ground from the Filter Cut Off  pin Thefilter can be by-passed the video signal is fed to the VideoInput A DC voltage twice the sync amplitude from the Level Out-put pin drives AGC circuits A TTLCMOS compatible NoSignal Detect Output signals a loss or reduction in input sig-nal level A resistor sets the Set Detect Level The EL4583C is manufactured using Elantec’s high perform-ance analog CMOS process ConnectionDiagram EL4583CSOPDIPPackages 4583–1 TopView  Note RSET must be a 1% resistor   EL4583C   Sync Separator 50% Slice S-H Filter H  OUT  AbsoluteMaximumRatings (T A e 25  C)V CC Supply 7VStorage Temperature b 65  C to a 150  CLead Temperature 260  CPin Voltages b 05V to V CC a 05VOperating Temperature Range b 40  C to a 85  C Important NoteAll parameters having MinMax specifications are guaranteed The Test Level column indicates the specific device testing actuallyperformed during production and Quality inspection Elantec performs most electrical tests using modern high-speed automatic testequipment specifically the LTX77 Series system Unless otherwise noted all tests are pulsed tests therefore T J e T C e T A Test Level Test ProcedureI 100% production tested and QA sample tested per QA test plan QCX0002 II 100% production tested at T A e 25  C and QA sample tested at T A e 25  C T MAX and T MIN per QA test plan QCX0002 III QA sample tested per QA test plan QCX0002 IV Parameter is guaranteed (but not tested) by Design and Characterization Data V Parameter is typical value at T A e 25  C for information purposes only DCElectricalCharacteristics (V DD e 5V T A e 25  C RSET e 681k RF e 22k RLV e 82k) Parameter Description Temp Min Typ MaxTestUnitsLevel I DD V DD e 5V (Note 1) 25  C 25 4 I mAClamp Voltage Pins 4 8 unloaded 25  C 13 155 18 I VDischarge Current Pins 4 8 with Signal (Note 2)25  C 3112I m ANo Signal 6 IClamp Charge Current Pins 4 8 V IN e IV 25  C 2 3 4 I mARef Voltage V REF Pin 12 V DD e 5V (Note 3) 25  C 15 175 2 I VFilter Reference Voltage VRF Pin 1 25  C 035 05 065 I VLevel Reference Current Pin 2 (Note 4) 25  C 15 25 35 I m AV OL Output Low Voltage I OL e 16 mA 25  C 350 800 I mVV OH Output High Voltage I OH eb 40 m A25  C4 IVVI OH eb 16 mA 24 4 INote 1 No video signal outputs unloadedNote 2 At loss of signal (pin 10 high) the pull down current source switches to a value of 10 m ANote 3 Tested for V DD 5V g 5%Note 4 Current sourced from pin 2 is V REF RSET 2       T      D      i    s      2       3      i    n   EL4583C   Sync Separator 50% Slice S-H Filter H  OUT  DynamicCharacteristics RF e 22 k X  RSET e 681 k X  V DD e 5V 1 V p-p VIDEO T A e 25  C C L e 15 pF I OH e b 16 mA I OL e 16 mA Parameter Description Min Typ MaxTestUnitsLevel Horizontal Pulse Width Pin 15 t H (Note 5) 38 5 62 I m sVertical Sync Width Pin 5 t VS (Note 6) 195 I m sBurstBack Porch Width Pin 11 t B (Note 5) 27 37 47 I m sFilter Attenuation F IN e 36 MHz12 IV dB(Note 7)Comp Sync Prop Delay t CS V IN (Pin 4)Comp Sync 250 400 I nsInput Dynamic Range p-p NTSC Signal 04 2 I VSlice Level Input Voltage e 1 V p-p 40% 50% 60% IV SLICE V BLANK 40% 50% 60% IVLevel Out Pin 9 Input Voltage e 1 V p-p 555 620 685 I mVPin 4Vertical Sync Default Time t VSD (Note 8) 27 36 45 I m sLoss of Signal Time-Out Pin 10 400 600 800 I m sBurstBack Porch Delay t BD See Figure 4 250 400 V m sNote 5 Width is a function of RSETNote 6 cs Vertical Back porch and H are all active low V OH e 08V Vertical is 3H lines wide of NTSC signalNote 7 Attenuation is a function of RF See filter typical characteristicsNote 8 Vertical pulse width in absence of serrations on input signal PinDescription Pin PinFunctionNo Name 1 Filter Cut-Off A resistor RF connected between this input and ground determines the input filter characteristicIncreasing RF increases the filter 358 MHz color burst attenuation See the graph showing filtercharacteristics2 Set Detect Level A resistor RLV connected between pin 2 and ground determines the value of the minimum signalwhich will trigger the loss of signal output on pin 10 The relationship is V P MIN e 075 RLVRSET where V P MIN is the minimum detected sync pulse amplitude applied to pin 4 Seecharacterization curve3 Composite Sync This output replicates all the sync inputs on the input videoOutput4 Filter Input The filter is a 3 pole active filter with a gain of 2 designed to produce a constant phase delay of nominally 260 ns with signal amplitude Resistor RF on pin 1 controls the filter cut-off An internalclamp sets the minimum voltage on pin 4 at 155V when the input becomes low impedance Abovethe clamp voltage an input current of 1 m A charges the input coupling capacitor With loss of signalthe current source switches to a value of 10 m A for faster signal recovery5 Vertical Sync The vertical sync output is synchronous with the first serration pulse rising edge in the verticalinterval of the input signal and ends on the trailing edge of the first equalizing Output pulse afterOutputthe vertical interval It will therefore be slightly more than 3H lines wide 3       T      D      i    s      2       8      i    n   EL4583C   Sync Separator 50% Slice S-H Filter H  OUT  PinDescription  Contd Pin PinFunctionNo Name 6 Digital Ground This is the ground return for digital buffer outputs7 Filter Output Output of the active 3 pole filter which has its input on pin 4 It is recommended to ac couple theoutput to pin 88 Video Input This input can be directly driven by the signal if it is desired to bypass the filter for example inthe case of strong clean signals This input is 6 dB less sensitive than the filter input9 Level Output This pin provides an analog voltage which is nominally equal to twice the sync pulse amplitude of the video input signal applied to pin 4 It therefore provides an indication of signal strength10 No Signal Detect This is a digital output which goes high when either a) loss of input signal or b) the input signalOutput level falls below a predetermined amplitude as set by RLV on pin 2 There will be severalhorizontal lines delay before the output is initiated11 BurstBack Porch The start of back porch output is triggered on the trailing edge of normal H sync and on the risingOutput edge of serration pulses in the vertical interval The pulse is timed out internally to produce a one-shot output The pulse width is a function of RSET This output can be used for dc restorefunctions where the back porch level is a known reference12 RSET The current through the resistor RSET determines the timing of the functions within the ICThese functions include the sampling of the sync pulse 50% point back porch output and the 2Heliminator For faster scan rates the resistor needs to be reduced inversely For NTSC 157 kHzscan rate RSET is 681k 1% RSET must be a 1% resistor13 OddEven Output Odd-even output is low for even field and high for odd field The operation of this circuit has beenimproved for rejecting spurious noise pulses such as those present in VCR signals14 V DD 5V The internal circuits are designed to have a high immunity to supply variations although as withmost ICs a 01 m F decoupling capacitor is advisable15 Horizontal Sync This output produces only true H pulses of nominal width 5 m s The leading edge is triggered fromOutput the leading edge of the input H sync with the same prop delay as the composite sync The half line pulses present in the input signal during vertical blanking are eliminated with an internal 2Heliminator circuit16 Analog Ground This is the ground return for the signal paths in the chips RSET RF and RLV 4
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