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• [edit] References This article includes a list of references or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations where appropriate. (January 2009) Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Tipu Sultan 1. ^ Brittlebank, Kate.. Tippu Sultan's Search for Legitimacy: Islam and Kingship in a Hindu Domain, Vol 5. Pp. 184. Oxford University Press. 2. ^ Prof. Sheik Ali. Tipu Sultan -
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  ã [edit] References This article includes alist of referencesor external links, but its sources remain unclearbecause it has insufficient inline citations . Please help toimprovethis article by introducingmore precise citationswhere appropriate. (January 2009) Wikimedia Commonshas media related to: Tipu Sultan  1. ^ Brittlebank, Kate.. Tippu Sultan's Search for Legitimacy: Islam and Kingship in a Hindu Domain, Vol 5. Pp. 184 . Oxford University Press. 2. ^ Prof. Sheik Ali. Tipu Sultan - Step towards Economic development . Cal-Info.http://www.tipusultan.org/biog4c.htm. Retrieved 2006-10-17. 3. ^ Persian script of Tippu Sultan on the gateway to Krishnaraja Sagar Dam (KRS) . Cal-Info.http://www.tipusultan.org/script1.htm. Retrieved 2006-10-17. 4. ^ Brittlebank  Tipu Sultan pp1-3; Phillip B. 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Wilks  Report on the Interior Administration, Resources and Expenditure of the Government of Mysore under the System prescribed by the Order of the Governor-General in Council dated 4September 1799 , Bangalore 1864, and  Historical Sketches of the South of India in an Attempt toTrace the History of Mysore , 2 vols, ed. M. Hammick, Mysore 1930. 12. ^ C.C. Davies Review of  The History of Tipu Sultan by Mohibbul Hasan in The English Historical Review Vol.68 №.266 (Jan, 1953) pp144-5 13. ^ A. Subbaraya Chetty “Tipu’s endowments to Hindus and Hindu institutions” in Habib (Ed.) Confronting Colonialism p111 14. ^ Irfan Habib War and Peace. Tipu Sultan's Account of the last Phase of the Second War withthe English, 1783-4 State and Diplomacy Under Tipu Sultan (Delhi) 2001 p5; Mohibbul Hasanwrites The reasons why Tippu was reviled are not far to seek. Englishmen were prejudicedagainst him because they regarded him as their most formidable rival and an inveterate enemy,and because, unlike other Indian rulers, he refused to become a tributary of the English Company.Many of the atrocities of which he has been accused were allegedly fabricated either by personsembittered and angry on account of the defeats which they had sustained at his hands, or by the prisoners of war who had suffered punishments which they thought they did not deserve. He wasalso misrepresented by those who were anxious to justify the wars of aggression which theCompany's Government had waged against him. Moreover, his achievements were belittled and  his character blackened in order that the people of Mysore might forget him and rally round theRaja, thus helping in the consolidation of the new regime The History of Tippu Sultan (Delhi)1971 p368 15. ^ Brittlebank  Tipu Sultan’s search for legitimacy p10-12. On p2 she writes “it is perhaps ironicthat the aggressive Hinduism of some members of the Indian Community in the 1990s shoulddraw upon an image of Tipu which, as we shall see, was initially constructed by theSubcontinent’s colonisers.” 16. ^ Ali, Sheikh (2008-08-17). Tipu had in him Italian Renaissance, German Reformation, FrenchRevolution . TwoCircles.net.http://www.twocircles.net/2008aug17/tipu_had_him_italian_renaissance_german_reformation_fr ench_revolution_dr_b_shaikh_ali.html. Retrieved 2008-08-18. 17. ^ Mohibbul Hasan The History of Tipu Sultan (Delhi) 1971 pp362-3 18. ^ Sampath, Vikram (2006-10-04). He stuck to his dream of a united Mysore .  Panorama (Deccan Herald).http://www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/oct42006/panorama152482006103.asp.Retrieved2006-10-17. 19. ^ Mohibbul Hasan  History of Tipu Sultan (Delhi) 1971 pp357-8 20. ^ A. 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The Maratha Rajas of Tanjore . pp. 64. 41. ^ Subramanian, K. R. (1928). The Maratha Rajas of Tanjore . pp. 65. 42. ^  National Galleries of Scotland  43. ^ Tricolor and crescent  William E. Watson p.13-14   44. ^ a   b    Napoleon and Persia  by Iradj Amini, p.12   45. ^ Karsh, p.11  46. ^ Karsh, p.11 47. ^ The Islamic world in decline  by Martin Sicker p.97   48. ^ View of the Hoally Gateway, where Tipu Sultan was killed, Seringapatam (Mysore) . BritishLibrary Online Gallery.http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/onlineex/apac/other/019wdz000000138u00000000.html.Retrieved 2009-06-14. 49. ^ Tipu, Biography, Mysore History  50. ^ Forrest D (1970) Tiger of Mysore , Chatto & Windus, London 51. ^ Holmes, Richard (2003). Wellington: The Iron Duke .Harper Collins. pp. 58.ISBN 0-00- 713750-8. 52. ^  Narasimha Roddam (2 April 1985) Rockets in Mysore and Britain, 1750–1850 A.D., NationalAeronautical Laboratory and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560017 India, ProjectDocument DU 8503,ir.nal.res.in/2382/01/tr_pd_du_8503_R66305.pdf   53. ^ Stephen Leslie (1887)  Dictionary of National Biography , Congreve, Sir William, Vol.XII, p.9,Macmillan & Co., New York [1]  54. ^ Holmes, Richard (2003). Wellington: The Iron Duke .Harper Collins. pp. 60.ISBN 0-00- 713750-8. [edit] External links ã Urdu History of Tipu Sultan ã The Fourth Mysore War  ã Book on Tipu sultan-http://www.voi.org/books/tipu/  ã Biography of Tipu sultan-www.Tipusultan.org ã Biography at nationalgalleries.org.uk  ã Review of Tipu Sultan: Villain or Hero?- IndiaStar Review of Books ã Biography ã Dedicated to life and works of Tipu Sultan ã Tipu Sultan Portal  ã Rule of Tipu Sultan ã Bangalore best ã Bharath Rakshak  ã The Sword of Tippu Sultan ã The Tiger of Mysore- Dramatised account of the British campaign against Tipu Sultan byG. A. Henty, fromProject Gutenberg  Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tippu_Sultan Categories:Kings of Mysore| People from Karnataka|Muslim generals|1750 births| 1799 deaths|Indian generals|Indian military writers| Indian Muslims Hidden categories:Cite web templates using unusual accessdate parameters| NPOV disputes from November 2008| All NPOV disputes|Articles containing Urdu language text|Articles with unsourced quotes| All articles with unsourced statements|Articles with unsourced statements from April 2009 |Articles with unsourced statements from November 2008| Articles with unsourced statements from May 2007|Articles lacking in-text citations from January 2009 Views ã   Article ã Discussion ã Edit this page ã   History Personal tools ã Try Beta ã Log in / create account  The neutralityof this article isdisputed . Please see the discussion on thetalkpage. Please do not remove this message until thedispute is resolved.  (November 2008) Tipu Sultan Ruler of Mysore
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