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1. Double Page Spread:Construction onPhotoshop I decided to work on the Double Page Spread firstbecauseI knew that this was going to be where I had to do the most work.…
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  • 1. Double Page Spread:Construction onPhotoshop I decided to work on the Double Page Spread firstbecauseI knew that this was going to be where I had to do the most work. My intentions are to use this imageand find a way to expand the background to fit onto a double page spread (A3 paper size). Being familiar with Photoshop I already had ideas of how I am going to do this - by takingout a small layer of the background I can duplicateitand add iton top of the layer.It will beextremely tedious and time consuminghowever it may have to be something that I will need to do in order to get the results I want. Firstof all I decided to manipulatethe image to fitan A4 sheet of paper. This is so I ca n then adjustthis around an A3 and it wouldn’t take as much time consumption. I then highlighted a small section on the right hand sideof the image and duplicated itto transform into another layer.This then allowed me to pull the duplicateto the sideof the image (as far as itwould l ook
  • 2. without itlookingobvious).Then once I expanded itfar enough I highlighted itagain to create a larger duplicateto fill therest of the empty space. I know that there aresome parts which look likeit have ovbiously beem manipulated but for the time being I want to finsih the image and then I would pobbily usethe BLUR TOOL to smooth itout and placetext over itso it wouldn’t be as visable. I did the same for the other sideof the image. This is the result: I am likinghow itis lookingso far,I justneed to fitthis onto the sizeof a double page spread.This will mean I will haveto do the sameprocess again but also to the top and bottom of the image. I also wanted to see that itwould look likewith more pieces of paper fallingto the sideof her. So what I did was use the other images from the photoshoot and cut out any pieces of paper that I liked the look of usingthe MAGIC WAND TOOL and copied them over to my image and changed the colour of them to match the pieces of paper that are already on the image. I changed the colour of the pages by using the EYEDROPPER TOOL and used the pipette to select the colour of the original papers within the image- this collected the specific colour I needed. I then used the PAINT BUCKET TOOL and clicked on a new piece of paper to fill itin. This is the result: Once I filled the papers in I decided to placea DROP SHADOW EFFECT on them all to give a realisticvisual likethe original papers have.
  • 3. Now moving onto the A3 size. I did the same thingwith duplicatinglayers however this was more tedious because there was a lotof variations of colourswithin the background so if I wanted itto not look as obvious then I would need to select layers thatare much smaller. With this sideof the image in particular,the darkness form the original imagemade it harder to completely expand itotherwise it would just have a large black spacewhich didn’tlook appealing.I resolved this by takingsmaller sections of the dark spaceand usingBLUR, ERASE, ROTATION and moving them about to eventually form a shapethat formed a shadow which I felt could be really effective. I then justslowly expanded on all sides of the image to get a final productthat I was happy with.
  • 4. This is my result:I am really pleased with this.I added a few more pages which I think can be really effective on the double page spread as I can have my model standingon one page and the papers flowingover to the next. I feel I have enough spaceto placemy interview alongwith my headlinewithout making itseem too busy or cramped.
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