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Jalal Baba - The man who played major role in making NWFP (KPK) part of pakistan in 1946. A very close associate of Quiad e Azam and who worked day night for Pakistan. A hidden deliberately and ignored part of the history of Pakistan Movement. Biography A special recollections and glimpses of Pakistan movement. Information is taken from thesis written by Jamal Shah a student of MA Pakistan Study center University of Peshawar. A study of life story of Jalal-ud-Din khan of Abbottabad, Hazara, was
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    Jalal Baba - The man who played major role in making NWFP (KPK) part of pakistanin 1946. A very close associate of Quiad e Azam and who worked day night for Pakistan. A hidden deliberately and ignored part of the history of PakistanMovement. Biography   A special recollections and glimpses of Pakistan movement. Information is takenfrom thesis written by Jamal Shah a student of MA Pakistan Study center Universityof Peshawar. A study of life story of Jalal-ud-Din khan of Abbottabad, Hazara, was a strongly feltneed in the History of Hazara. He was by any standards a public leader, honest, outspoken and man of great valour. No detailed pioneering work on his life has so for been done. The present work is an humble attempt to highlight some phases of hislife.Jealousy & prejudice have perhaps become the constituents of biography writing.History has recorded the deeds, but only of those who were born in urban areas or inmetropolitan cities, such men easily attract public notice and also find biographersand despites are many stalwarts who do not attract public attention, and despite their services to society. They remain unknown. They lie buried under the dust of our Rural Ares awaiting pen of some inquisitive writers.Jalal-ud-Din Khan was one such hero born in northern hills of Hazara. As he wasborn and brought-up in poor family, he faced life as a challenge. Hardships of earlylife turned him into a man of firm faith and determination. He started his career as acommon laborer, and rose to the station of a leading transporter of the area. For hissocial activities the Britishers considered him a fit person to receive their titles. He joined Muslim League in 1937 and league gained strength of popularity in Hazaraunder his apt leadership. He was the First to renounce his titles in 1946 and wasregarded as the Winner of Referendum in 1947.He was the 3rd Interior Minister of Pakistan, President of Pakistan muslim league of Hazara Division. With it he was a federal Minister and had many other Ministereis.His father Mr. Ghulam Mohammad use to take civil contracts and was so rich that hispayment bills use to come in bags on horse back filled with gold/ silver coins. Yes, inhis early stage Jalal Baba did do driving taking Britishers from one canttonment toanother. Jalal Baba’s sad demise stirred the people of all walks of life and the social, political and cultural circles expressed their deep grief and regarded this death as the end of an unprecedented era. Rich tributes were paid to his gigantic personality. Emminent personalities appreciated Baba’s relentless efforts for glorifying the Muslim cause and setting the example of sacrifice patience dedication and devotion.The leaders who had worked with him in the Pakistan Movement deeply mourned hisdeath. These included Mr. Yousaf Khattak, Fida Mohammad Khan Late ArbabSikander Khan Khalil, Sabir Ilahi Shakir, Mian Mohammad Iqbal, Akhwan ZadaBehrwar Saeed and many other Raja Sikandar Zaman paid rich tributes to the Baba,and in his condolence message he declared that the Hazar Muslim League waspersonified in Jalal Baba as the Quaid-i-Azam had personified the All India Muslim League. He added that baba’s sacrifices for the establishment of Pakistan were unforgettable and would continue to inspire the future generation for a long time tocome.General Zia expressed his sentiments of grief the demise of Jalal Baba. In a condolence message sent to his on General Zia eulogized Baba’s role in the Pakistan Movement. He said that the Baba had also devoted all his energies for theprogress and prosperity of the country and the whole record of his life bore testimonyto this fact.Governor Fazal Haq of NWFP was also grieved at the incident. He expressed his  shock in his condolence message. Paying tributes to the Baba he maintained that theBaba was a popular leader and a devoted soldier of Quaid-i-Azam. His selflessefforts and bold and courageous struggle brought him high and honourable position.The Baba was a freedom fighter imbued with the spirit of public service and will beremembered as an established leader for ever. His death is a national loss.EARLY LIFE, AND TRAITS OF JALAL BABAMohammad Jalal-ud-din khan, popularly known as Jalal Baba, was born in March1903, at village upper Malik Pura, in the Municipality of Abbottabad, the tenth of thetwelve children of his parents. His father sheikh Ghulam Mohammad was a Blocksmith who had migrated to this part of undivided India in the band or Mujahedeenunder the banner of Hazarat Sayed Ahmed Brahlvi before the war of independence1857.Jalal-ud-din was brought up in a lower middle class family of Abbottabad. Before matriculation he left school in 1919, and joined the “Hijrat Movement” and left for  Kabul. But his father brought him back from Landi-Kotal when the movement wascalled off: consequently he could not carry on his further education. There are two versions as to why he was called by the name of Jalal Baba” one, that while working with a Hindu Bania he was supposed to have him by the name f jalalBaba. The other commonly held view is that he had grown a long beard at n earlyage. As such his friends called him by the name of Jalal Baba.Jala Baba , though otherwise an intelligent student, was weak in Mathematics andare secured a Zero Mark, as big as the page of his exercise book. He his been asportsman ever since he was ten. He took keen interest in sports and devoted muchof his time to playing gamed even at the cost of his studies at school. He was apromising foot-baller, but also played Tennis, hockey and Cricket. His love for sportsand his sportman spirit is evident from the fact that having tendered his resignationfrom Minster ship in 1953. He went straight to the Tennis Court, and for minutes helayed and enjoyed the game as usual. Sports, however. Gave him knee. And waistinjuries.The Hazara Frontier Sports Club flourished under his president ship for twelve years.He was an outstanding player of the Hazara football team which was next to theteam of Calcutta Mohammadan Sporting Club. He also patronized various other literary and sports organizations. But finally he had to abandon the sports activitiesafter a knee injury.Having given up his education he was employed by his father to insist him at thesmithy shop. Here he earned his pocket money at the rate of ten strokes of the heavysledge hammer per two Anna piece.Jalal Baba worked and became a professional driver, plying an old pedaled ford car,as taxi between Havelian and Kakul and from Abbottabad to Srinagar. As a driver, he had three accidents but every time he and his passengers escapedalmost miraculously. It is interesting to note that the deriving license he had obtainedat that time. Is still available in his record. In the taxi business he was successfulbeyond his wildest dreams. His broken English and the glamour of sports took himinto the Cantonment poly of transport for the British officers. At time his earningmounted to rupees three hundred per day.Leadership in the transport business, his education, mare though it was from thepresent day standard, and his reputation as a sportsman, gave him a status insociety.He had a taste for must but not to the extent of a craze. A forbearing father, staunchand a plous Muslim he started saying prayer ever since he was four or five and never   missed a single prayer. As an evidence of this truth one might cite that when be wasentrusted with the portfolio of Interior Minister in 1958, he bowed down his headbefore god in thanks giving in his office. He learnt a considerable portion of the HolyQuran with translation. He learnt a considerable portion of the Holy Quran with translation. He was heard reciting repeatedly “Sura -e- Jin” from the Holy Quran when he was breathing his last.He never refused a beggar and had sympathy for the needy the poor and children. Inthe morning, while driving his ford car from home to his office, he used to pick uppedestrian students, thus making them reach their destination conveniently. Atireless, hard working. Well built and plain man, he led a simple life and wore simple dress. He was inspired by Justice Sajjad Ahmad Jan and often said. “he is the onlyfriend of mine”  His favorite diet was rice, meat, eggs and ice cream. He liked tea and was a chainsmoker but gave up smoking 18 years before his death. Once it was Ramadhan thathe pledged not to smoke and he never smoked again. Jalal Baba was a man of aequable temperament, diligent and industrious, he was a typical self made man.Started his career as a common labourer and rose to the status of a Minister. He wasundaunted, outspoken and a good orator. He did not hesitate to voice hisdisagreement while meeting with Ghulam Mohammad the then Governor Generaland was critical of Gov ernment’s pro -American policy.Jalal Baba had great liking for Delhi, Lahore and extensively toured almost all theMuslim monuments and Holy Shrines. He liked participating in religious ceremoniesand discussions. He appreciated and deliberated over Islamic Books. He learnt a lotfrom Mufti Al-Husseini of Islamic Organization and Jamal Abdul Nasir of Egypt for theunity of Islamic World. It is said tat on every Friday after Juma Prayer most of theprominent Ulema of the Abbottabad city used to visit Jalal B aba’s office and had free Chat. Jalal Baba relished sitting in such gatherings.Sympathetic and tender hearted for poor orphans, he voluntarily took upon himself responsibility to bring up even orphan children and looked after them till they wereable to earn their livelihood. He wished his sons to become doctors but never allowed them to take advantage of his of file official position. The late I.G.P of NWFPFarid Khan advised his sons to join the civil services of the province. But Jalal Baba,a Minister at that time, refused to use his influence for getting his sons intoGovernment Service. When Jalal Baba was holding the portfolio of a CentralMinister, his eldest son was drawing a paltry salary of Rs.150 P.M.HIS SOCIO  – RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIESJalal Baba had always been a public man. Even when he was a Minister, his officeand residence always used to be packed with people soliciting one favour or another. Although he had built up a flourishing business as a transporter of Hazara, yet henever shirked participating in Social and public welfare activities. He took keeninterest in solving the problems and difficulties of the poor masses.His fame and name and reputation as a social worker received a further fillip whenhe was appointed a member of the Abbottabad Municipal Committee in 1932.Despite the fact that he was a nominated member, he did a lot for the improvementof civic amenities of the city and for the welfare of the Citizens. From 1930 to 1952 Jalal Baba held the Chair of the President of “Anju man-i- Islamia Hazara”. The school which was running in Abbottabad was later on taken over by the government andknown as Government High School No.2. Abbottabad. There was a time whenIslamia High School was the only educational institution of Hazara and people fromfar and wide would come to study here.The Britishers governed the undivided India with a well planned and properly chalkedout policy. Whenever they noticed some one emerging as a potential leader of themasses, they would woo him with royal f  avour like titles and “Sannads”.the same was case Jalal Baba. The British government was not slow to realize that here was a  man coming from the lower middle class of society who was attaining to ever risingheights of popularity through his social activities, and who could be a source of strength to the Government or a potent danger, depending on which way loyaltieslay.In fact the Government was highly impressed by the qualities of leadership displayedby Jalal Baba. Hence in order to win his support i allegiance the viceroy of Indiaconferred upon him, first the title Khan Sahib, then after some time that of KhanBahadur. These were highly coveted titles and regarded as marks of great distinctionand pride. But Jalal Baba never prided himself as being a British titleholder. En theoccasion demanded, he was the first to renounce his titles.On July 5, 1935 a fire broke out in Abbottabad city. Both Jamia Masjid and IslamiaHigh School were burnt down to ashes. Jalal Baba in the capacity of the President of  Anjuman-i-Islmia lost no time and under took to reconstruct these ruins. Hiscompanions also fully collaborated with him and finally under his supervision JamiaMasjid, main bazaar and Islamia High School Abbottabad were reconstructed.In 1937 Jalal Baba joined the Muslim League. In his transport business he hadalready established his monopoly. In view of his integrity in the field of business onSeptember 29, 1946 the provincial Chamber of commerce n its meetings appointedJalal Baba famous transport Contractor of Hazara, as member of the workingcommittee NWFP Muslim Chamber of Commerce. He remained in the committee tillthe partition was declared. “I write to convey to you my sincere appreciations of the services you have rendered to the Municipality and to the public during your tenure of office. From all quarters Ihave heard hooting but praise of your work and from personal knowledge. I knowthat you have greatly improved the sanitation and lighting of the Municipal area andin all mater Pertaining to public welfare you have enjoyed to a very marked degreethe confidence of his vast majority of the citizens of Abbottabad. He concluded theletter the regrets on losing the services of the Jalal Baba, but was hopeful for heavailability of his valuable advices in all matters of public interest. i.e. wished JalalBaba to come forward in public spirited manner to offer is services when occasionarose.The Central finance Committee of the Museum Association of Pakistan in a meetingheld at Karachi in April 1951 elected Jalal Baba, as a member of the Regional Sub-Committees set up for the North West Frontier Province and the Frontier States. JalalBaba endeavored to bring good name to the Associations. This was the time when Jalal Baba’s fame had crossed the frontiers of the Provinceand he was known to all, almost all over the country for his social activities. After partition from June 17, 1948 to march 31, 1950, he held the office of theHonorary district Custodian of the Non-Muslim Property. In 1950, he was againappointed as Administrator of Abbottabad Municipal Committee.Jalal Baba was a staunch Muslim and had unbounded sentiments for Islam. Quiteoften he spoke for the implementation of Islamic measures the society, and for theunity of Islamic world. In June 1950 keeping , in view his services and inclinationtowards Islam he was elected as member for the Working committee of NWFP, of Moatamir - Islami.The Acquisition of land for Eid congregational prayer (Eid Gah) and Kabristan-i-Karbala (Karbala Graveyard) at Abbottabad, reconstruction of Jamia Masjid andIslamia High School are some of the note able achievements of Jalal Baba for thecitizens of Abbottabad, it is said that the late thirties the Hindu leaders of Abbottabadhad planned to occupy these two grounds to celebrate their religious festivals. Butbefore they could get their ends Jalal Baba with the help of the masses occupiedthese grounds for the Muslims of Hazara. The Editor of the weekly “ Jamhoor”, Abbottabad, who has been a close fri end of Jalal Baba cherishes the sweet memory of the Baba, Whenever Iftar Parties of Ramazan are mentioned, he says, he is reminded of Jalal Baba. He spent all his
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