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CURRICULUM VITAE Dr Sandip Kudesia MD )*ath+ *hD ),europath+ Date of Birth: 28 ! #$% A&e $' (ears Office : Professor and Head , Dept .of Pathology, ! # $edical college, Dehrad%n-2&'((1 2522259 Ho)e: *-&, $#H +a)p%s, Patel ,agar, Dehrad%n 0 2&'((1 Tel: Office :91-135 2522192 Ho)e :91-135$o-ile: .91999//(2235 1-)ail: Current *osition : ! -u. 2!!' ti.. date )' /ears and 0 1onths+ *rofessor and 2ead3 Depart1ent of *atho.o&/3 Shri 4uru Ra1 Rai Medi5a. Co..e&e3 Dehradun
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  CURRICULUM VITAE Dr Sandip Kudesia Date of Birth: 28!  #$% A&e $' (ears MD )*ath+ *hD ),europath+ Office : Professor and Head , Dept .of Pathology,Tel: Office :91-135 2522192! # $edical college, Dehrad%n-2&'((1 Ho)e :91-135-2522259 Ho)e: *-&, $#H +a)p%s, Patel agar, $oile: 91999//(2235Dehrad%n 0 2&'((1   -)ail: sandip%desia  Current *osition : ! -u. 2!!' ti.. date )' /ears and 0 1onths+*rofessor and ead3 Depart1ent of *atho.o&/3 Shri 4uru Ra1 Rai Medi5a. Co..e&e3 Dehradun 6 278!! Tota. eperien5e as *rofessor of *atho.o&/: ! /rs 2 MonthsTota. U4 and *4 tea5hin& eperien5e : 9er 22 /ears *part fro) teaching pathology to %ndergrad%ate and postgrad%ate st%dents, )y present 4o also inoles   )anage)ent and s%perision of laoratory serices and lood an 6ith co)ponent separation facilities incl%ding aphaeresis catering to /(( ed teaching hospital. # s%perise a total staff of &5 incl%ding ' fac%lty )e)ers and also coordinate the co)plete )anage)ent of the state of the art hospital laoratory serices. # a) responsile for setting %p the 7lood an +o)ponent separation facility and +entral +linical laoratory .Presently there are seen $D t%dents , and # a) the s%perisor of three of the).# a) the coordinator of the $edical d%cation 8nit of the #nstit%te and a) responsile for contin%ed )edical ed%cation se)inars and hae cond%cted seen ational eel orshops on Teaching $ethodology for $edical teachers ased on $+# c%rric%l%). *s a senior )e)er in the *cade)ic +o))ittee of the #nstit%te # a) also responsile for the c%rric%l%) deelop)ent of the and reie6 of the sylla%s periodically as 6ell as cond%ct of 8niersity ;a)inations. # also sere as the ey reso%rce person for <%ality ass%rance and the ongoing process of  *7 and *7H accreditation respectiely of central hospital laoratory and the hospital in accordance 6ith #O 151'9:2(12.# a) the contact person for *7 a%thorities, <%ality )anager, in charge of the proficiency testing incl%ding internal and e;ternal <%ality ass%rance progra)s =>*? in hae)atology and ioche)istry c%rrently fro) *##$ e6 Delhi, +$+ @ellore and 7io ad =8*?. # a) also in charge of the contin%o%s )edical training progra)s cond%cted for doctors, n%rses and technical staff as coordinator of the )edical ed%cation %nit at the )edical college.# a) responsile for 6riting the <%ality policy and <%ality state)ent, >%ality )an%al, OPs on ario%s technical, p%rchase, safety proced%res incl. io 6aste )anage)ent and ens%re their strict i)ple)entation as per *7 and #O 151'9:2(12 g%idelines, 6hich # a) 6ell ersant 6ith.  Edu5ation ; Trainin& Presently %ndergoing A*#$ Aello6ship 2(12 at +$+ A #PhD =e%ropathology?, ational #nstit%te of $ental Health and e%rosciences =Dee)ed 8niersity?,7angalore =1999?*dance +o%rse in #))%nohae)atology and 7lood 7aning, #nstit%te of #))%nohae)atology, $%)ai =1991?$D =Pathology?, *r)ed Aorces $edical +ollege, P%ne =19''?$77, *r)ed Aorces $edical +ollege, P%ne =19/'? Assi&n1ents )In addition to 5.ini5a. <or=+ Design, s%perision and i)ple)entation of hospital 6aste )anage)ent progra) .Planning, s%perision and liaison 6ith )aintenance a%thorities for repairs and ne6 pro4ects.*dditional charge as +hief *d)inistratie Officer at #nstit%te of *erospace $edicine, 7angalore.etting %p of a )odern lood an and transf%sion serice centre at *ir Aorce Hospital Borhat, incl%ding aspects of <%ality control, accreditation iss%es and otainin egistrar =$edical %perintendent? of *ir Aorce Hospital Borhat =&(( eds?. *rofessiona. 1e1>erships The #ndian *ssociation of Pathologists and $icroiologists, e%rological ociety of #ndia #ndian ociety of *erospace $edicine. *rofessiona. Eperien5e in detai.Ma/ 2!!$ to Ma/ 2!!'*rofessor and ead of the Depart1ent of *atho.o&/3 Co. )Dr+ A.i 91ar As=ar ,euro5entre3 S>ia 3 Ben&hasheer3 Tripo.i3 Li>/a This is the ational e%rocentre of ne%rology , ne%ros%rgery and spinal s%rgery in iya. *s Head of Dept of Pathology, )y d%ties incl%ded co)plete s%perision and )anage)ent of the diagnostic and ad)inistratie f%nctions inoled in the day to day r%nning of a state of the art laoratory co)ple; =6ith ioche)istry, hae)atology, clinical pathology, histopathology ,)icroiology depart)ents and lood an?, 6hich has a staff of 3' 6ith dierse %ropean and $iddle astern nationalities#n addition to, responsiilities of r%nning a large hospital laoratory # 6as gien additional d%ty as +hief of esearch Diision.*d)inistration and operation of a )odern lood an and transf%sion )edicine centre according to #nternational standards.Deelop)ent of policy g%idelines for ens%ring i)ple)entation of hospital 6aste )anage)ent  progra) as per #nternational standards.  Part of the tea) in for)%lating g%idelines and ens%ring i)ple)entation of hospital infection control and *ntiiotic policies and proced%res.Deelop)ent of tandard Operating Proced%res, Doc%)ent control, $# relating to laoratory and lood aning serices, proficiency testing, co)petence assess)ent and io-safety policies of the Depart)ent of aoratory and Transf%sion $edicine of the hospital.*s Head of the Depart)ent responsiility also inoled )anaging a <%ality ass%rance  progra) to6ards contin%o%s <%ality i)proe)ent and laying do6n OPs and policies regarding e<%ip)ent re<%ire)ents and prod%ct specifications, caliration, training of  personnel, trend analysis and perfor)ing a%dits. De5 2!!7 to Ma/ 2!!$*rofessor of istopatho.o&/ and 5onsu.tant patho.o&ist3 Tripo.i Medi5a. Centre3 Tripo.i3 Li>/a *part fro) histopathology diagnostic 6or in the largest tertiary care s%per specialty hospital in the co%ntry, other responsiilities incl%ded teaching of post grad%ate st%dents in pathology appearing in e;a)ination cond%cted y the iyan 7oard of $edical specialties. De5 2!!0 to ,o 2!!7Consu.tant *atho.o&ist3 Care *.us Dia&nosti5s3 La?pat ,a&ar 3,e@ De.hi *part fro) clinical diagnostic 6or other responsiilities incl%ded a%dit and <%ality ass%rance in a )odern, f%lly co)p%teriCed laoratory carrying o%t )ore than 2(( diagnostic tests incl%ding histopathology, ioche)istry, hae)atology, )icroiology and serology -une 2!!0 to ,o 2!!0Senior and *rofessor of *atho.o&/3 Institute of Aerospa5e Medi5ine3 Ra?i 4andhi Uniersit/ of  S5ien5es3 Ban&a.ore *rea of 6or incl%ded aerospace )edical eal%ation of serices as 6ell as ciil aircre6 and teaching aerospace )edicine incl%ding aiation pathology to post grad%ate )edical =$D? st%dents cond%cted 6eely se)inars on aiation accident pathology 6ith co)prehensie case st%dies s%perisor for adanced co%rse st%dents.$edical practice inoled 6oring pri)arily as a histopathologist 6ith s%perision of clinical che)istry, hae)atology, serology and )icroiology 6or.*dditional charge as +hief *d)inistratie Officer of the #nstit%te responsile for all )aintenance 6or serices, personnel )anage)ent of all ciilian staff, sec%rity and planning of ciil 6ors for )oderniCation and f%t%re e;pansion. Ma/ ### to -une 2!! in *atho.o&/ and ead of Depart1ent3 Air or5e Centra. Medi5a. Esta>.ish1ent and Super Spe5ia.t/ Veterans ospita.3 ,e@ De.hi *s Pathologist in charge of a state of the art laoratory in a pre)ier nodal instit%te of the #ndian *ir Aorce inoled in )edical eal%ation of aircre6 and research.*s pathologist at the %per pecialty @eterans hospital 6hich proided s%per specialty treat)ent in cardiology and nephrology to sering and retired personnel of the *r)ed Aorces!rants hae een receied fro) the *r)ed Aorces $edical esearch +o))ittee for research in the eal%ation of lipid and thyroid profiles in oesity in collaoration 6ith Depart)ent of *iation $edicine.  Part of the tea) 6hich organiCed t6o +$ progra)s in clinical )edicine and the &3 rd   ational +onference of #ndian ociety of *erospace $edicine *erospace $edicine. De5 ##$ to -une ###C.assified   <in& Co11ander , =e<%ialent to *rofessor+ , Air   or5e ospita. -orhat This is the second largest training hospital of the *ir Aorce =&25 eds?. #n addition to, responsiilities of r%nning a large laoratory, # 6as gien additional d%ty as egistrar =$edical %perintendent? of the hospital.Tass also incl%ded teaching of post grad%ate )edical st%dents training for Diplo)ate  ational $edical 7oard ;a)inations. etting %p of a )odern lood an and transf%sion )edicine centre otaining license fro) a%thorities.*d)inistratie and financial )anage)ent, a%dit, and <%ality ass%rance.Part of the tea) in for)%lating g%idelines and ens%ring i)ple)entation of hospital infection control policies and proced%res.Planning, s%perision and liaison 6ith )aintenance a%thorities for repairs and ne6 pro4ects. De5 ##0 to De5 ##$C.assified in *atho.o&/ 3<in& Co11ander )euia.ent to Asso5iate *rofessor+ ,ationa. Institute of Menta.  and ,euros5ien5e3 Ban&a.ore On st%dy leae for t6o years. +o)pleted research 6or for PhD in ne%rohistopathology at the co%ntryEs pre)ier tertiary care referral centre for ne%rosciencesDeeloped practical and interpretatie sills related to the diagnosis of nero%s syste) and seletal )%scle incl%ding ne%rodegeneratie diseases.Teaching of Post grad%ate )edical =D$ F $.+h? st%dents 25 lect%re de)onstrations per year, 25 t%torials per year, s%4ects coered: ne%roanato)y, ne%ropathology and ne%roche)istry initiated research, grant s%pport and p%lications on diff%se a;onal in4%ry in cases of fatal head in4%ries. e> #8# to De5 ##04raded in *atho.o&/ Suadron Leader )euia.ent To Asst*rofessor+3 Co11and ospita. Air or5e3 Ban&a.ore This is the largest teaching s%per specialty hospital of *ir Aorce ='5( eds? and seres as a tertiary care center, affiliated to a4i !andhi 8niersity of Health ciences, 7angalore.ored as a part of tea) of pathologists in the state of the art laoratory proiding diagnostic serices to the hospital 6ith separate depart)ents of Histopathology, 7ioche)istry, Hae)atology, erology and $icroiology.Teaching of Postgrad%ate )edical st%dents, st%dents of school of %rsing and training for laoratory technicians.@ario%s ad)inistratie responsiilities, 6hich are an inherent part of practice in the *r)ed Aorces. A@ards
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