CTI Solutions, Call Center Solution, Call Accounting Software, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger , Fax Server by Gaytes

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Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd is providing telecom products, range starts from Call Accounting, Voice Mail, Call Center Solutions, unified communication, Dialer, Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Preview Dialer, Voice Loggers, Voice Logger, FAX Servers, SMS Solutions, CTI, IVR, Attendance Management and other CTI Solutions.
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  Title : CTI Solutions, Call Center Solution, Call Accounting Software,Dialer, Voice Logger , Fax Server by GaytesSummary : Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd, a company that providesadaptable state of the art technology that fulfills all customers’ requirement in realtime. Over 14 years of experience with comprehensive communication packagedesigned to meet extensive telecom solutions allowing easy scalability withunbeatable price performance. Bio : Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd.is a leading provider of technologyproducts and services for business, education, healthcare ,and Government.Established in 1997, GAYTES has been helping our customers achieve their goals byproviding them with the technology, advice, services and support they need - whenthey need them. We strive to provide the right balance between quality and cost inorder to deliver the best value in our industry. Our Products Information :Call Accounting Software: Today, in most businesses, telecom data services are not monitored and controlled – and it’seating into the bottom line. Call Accounting software generates reports of all call; incoming or outgoing, to the attached pc in a proper format.Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd Providing Call Accounting Software Such As : · Z.Link Lite 11.0· Z.Link Gold 11.0· Z. Link Gold Centralized· Z.Link Gold IP basedCall Center Solution The Z CCS (Call Center Solutions) System is easy to customize, administer and use. The Z CCSSystem can be integrated within the existing communications infrastructure.Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd Call Center Solution Such As : · Out bound : The Z.PDS GOLD 6.6 - Call Center software which ensures better productivityand efficiency from your outbound call center The GAYTES auto dialer solution for OutboundCall Centers is based on the TAPI interface which is available in PBX (TDA-600).  · Inbound : An inbound call center is a call center where telephone agents field only incoming phone calls for a company or organization. Inbound Call Center Service is a necessity rather thana choice for Business. · Blended : This software solution is blend of both Inbound and outbound call center solution. · Server Based : Gaytes introduces a new concept server based call center solution. NO NEEDFOR PURCHASING A PABX. Predictive / Progressive / Auto Dialer solutions using this newconcept product. Dialers  Dialer is a contrivance that is linked to a telephone line to screen the dialed numbers and modifythem to effortlessly provide services that otherwise require extensive access codes to be dialed. Dialers such as :· Auto Dialer are leaders in complete call center software solutions and offer the most versatileand result-geared automated dialing. · Progressive Dialer refinement of the above will have the additional capability to detect the call progress, automatically. · Predictive Dialer is similar to a Progressive Dialer, but for the difference that the dialer willnot lock an agent until a `contact’ is established. Voice & Unified Messaging Voice & Unified messaging solution is the concept of bringing together all messaging mediasuch as voice messaging, email, and facsimile into a combined communications experience. ã Fax Server allow inbound and outbound fax calls, allow of the members of theorganization to send and receive faxes at their personal workstations. ã Voice Mail Solution is a centralized recording facility that records voice messages whenyou are unable to take a call. ã IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System ) is an automated telephony system whichresponds by way of pre-recorded voice messages. Information and services can beachieved through any touch-tone telephone. CTI ApplicationsCTI (Computer telephony integration), also called computer - telephone integration or CTI, istechnology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or co-ordinated. ã Operator Console : The GAYTES phone systems software-based operator consoleinterface has been designed to simplify common tasks of an operator attendant.  ã Screen Pop-up Gaytes design and development team can create any screen pop-up applications whichcan work with any TAPI compliant switches ã Soft Phones are software based telephones where user can make a call, maintainsindividual call list and use it to dial a call on single click of a mouse. ã MMC ‘Meet Me Conference’ software provides you a bridge of teleconferencing between Analog stations, Digital stations, Analog trunks and Digital trunks. The voiceconference is bejeweled with voice-prompts to create live conference atmosphere. Voice Loggers Voice Logger can be used at its best to monitor and control the business. Voice Logger is asoftware solution to record aII incoming and outgoing calls, which Iater on can be retrieved for analysis and many other purposes. ã Gaytes Call Logger Z.CLS Gold 11.2 is simple and effective, which can be implementedwithout disturbing the existing infrastructure. SMS SolutionsSMS Solutions computer based system, wherein individualized or bulk messages can be sentand receive immediately on mobile devices. ã GSM Router Gaytes GSM Provided SMS Application, our Windows based, Client / Server enabledGSM based-messaging solution, provides the industry's highest level of capacity,reliability, scalability and flexibility. ã Web based using gateway Gaytes launch of customized web based SMS gateway solutions for organizations in theregion. Organizations that need to communicate via SMS to their clients and prospectscan directly send personalized SMS messages from their web site. Hotel Management SoftwareHotel management software is a versatile solution for all kinds of hospitality industries. Withintelligent engineering customized software provide efficient and simplified working solutions. Availability of the Z.LINK Hotel Lite Software :  ã Z.LINK Hotel Lite - Standardã Z.LINK Hotel Lite - Client/server ã Z.LINK Hotel Lite - With COS( ext. lock/unlock)ã Z.LINK Hotel Lite - Web basedã Z.LINK Hotel Lite - PMSI Module Attendance ManagementGaytes Attendance Management solution would be one which is able to automate thetabulations of staff time clocking, calculate working hours and interface with payroll, requiringminimal human resources to achieve this objective.  ã Card Based Gaytes card based attendance system is popular nowadays at most organizations. Their main aim is to determine that attendance and hours spend by each employee at work. ã Finger print Gaytes Finger print Attendance System is based on biometric technology and generatesreports that provide better management and information on employee time tracking. CRM ApplicationsCRM, Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that enables organizations toget closer with their customers, to better serve their needs ã Complaint management System Complaint Management System is a solutions-product designed for use for variousorganizations mid-size to large-sized organizations, whose customer base and service andcomplaint handling plays an important role of their business process. ã Disaster Management System DMS :: Disaster Management System was designed for many such locations, whereimmediate and instant information can be sent out by just a click of a button. Outsourcing ServicesOutsourcing is subcontracting a process, such as product design or manufacturing, to a third- party company. ã Business Process Outsourcing As a BPO company, we provide systematic and benchmarking process involved instrategic development of business. ã Knowledge Process Outsourcing Knowledge Process Outsourcing services (KPO) means off-shoring of knowledge basedskills with cost effective domain practices. Resources : Gaytes Information Systems Private Ltd is providing telecomproducts, range starts from Call Accounting, Operator Console, Voicemail,IVRS, Call Center Solutions, Dialer Solution, Meet-me-Conference, VoiceLoggers, FAX Servers, SMS Solutions, Screen Pop-up Solutions, captive bpoand other CTI Solutions. Keyword : Call Accounting, Operator Console, Voice Mail, VOIP, Call Center Solutions, CRM, Blended, unified communication, Dialer, auto dialer, predictive dialer,Progressive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Preview Dialer, Conference Software, Voice Loggers,Voice Logger, FAX Servers, SMS Solutions, Screen Pop-up, CTI, IVRS, EPABX,Attendance Management, captive bpo,www.gaytescorp.com
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