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Course Outline OBAL
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  Faculty of Management Sciences Course Outline Resource Person: Aamir Abbas ChaudhryEmails:  &   Mobile Phone No: ! # $$ %emeser: 'all $(! Course )ile: Organizational Behavior and Leadership (OB&L) Course Code: M*R #(!Course )ype: Eleci+e Counselin, -ours: !.! PM o .! pm 'riday /A 0CP Campus1 ameSignature!ate repared By /Resource Person1Aamir Abbas Chaudhry*cober ((2 $(! #pproved By  /-*3 *r,ani4aion & Mana,emen13r. 5ahid Ria4*cober ((2 $(! 1  Faculty of Management Sciences Course Outline Course !escription & Format *r,ani4aional 6eha+ior /*61 is he sudy and applicaion o knoled,e abou ho people2 indi+iduals2 and ,roups ac in or,ani4aions. 9 does his by akin, a sysem approach. )ha is2 i inerpres peopleor,ani4aion relaionships in erms o he hole person2 hole ,roup2 hole or,ani4aion2 and hole social sysem. 9s purpose is o build beer relaionships by achie+in, human ob;eci+es2 or,ani4aional ob;eci+es2 and social ob;eci+es. *r,ani4aional 6eha+ior encompasses a ide ran,e o opics2 such as human beha+ior2 chan,e2 leadership2 eams2 ec. <eadership has been described as =a process o social inluence in hich one person can enlis he aid and suppor o ohers in he accomplishmen o a common ask  alhou,h here are alernai+e deiniions o leadership. 'or e>ample2 some undersand a leader simply as somebody hom people ollo or as somebody ho ,uides or direcs ohers hile ohers deine leadership as =or,ani4in, a ,roup o people o achie+e a common ,oal=)he class aci+iies ? readin,s ? case sudies and poer poin presenaions ill be pro+ided in he shape o comprehensi+e course pack /classo class basis1 and course ouline in he irs session so ha sudens may rack he calendar o aci+iies and do prepare hemsel+es or class aci+iies in ad+ance. Each readin, and case ill be opic speciic and ill help he sudens o learn he dynamics o *r,ani4aional 6eha+ior and <eadership in ineraci+e ay. Periodic ach E>ercises ? ideos ? Research Papers discussions ill remain he hallmark o all aci+iies or ineraci+e ? paricipai+e learnin,.)he course ill end by makin, he sudens inerac ih mana,emen proessional/s12 ho ill  be in+ied as Bues %peakers in he class Course $nstructional O%ectives (.)he main insrucional ,oal is o inculcae *6 undersandin, and <eadership skills in he sudens.$.)his ill be achie+ed hrou,h lecures2 inclass aci+iies ? case sudies2 siuaional analysis2 Periodic ach E>ercises2 dieren inclass ,ames and class discussions!.)he oher ob;eci+e o his course is o de+elop ineres in +arious domains o *6 & <eadership so ha hey may op. or speciali4aion or seek urher learnin, in heir area o ineres. )he domains o learnin, or his course include *62 )eam Mana,emen and 3e+elopmen2 'eedback ih %69 /%iuaion2 6eha+ior2 9mpac1 approach2 <eadership %yles and approaches2 <eadership Models2 'or our 9mpro+emen /'91 %eries on poral or sudens /hrice a eek on poral1. Course Student O%ectives (.%udens ill learn he pracical and concepual rameork o *6 & <eadership 6eha+iors.$.)he main suden ob;eci+e hoe+er is o de+elop *6 & <eadership undersandin,. 2  Faculty of Management Sciences Course Outline !.Aer underakin, his course2 he sudens ould be enabled o undersand mana,emen heories and pracices2 leadership roles and *r,ani4aional 6eha+ior in pracical ork en+ironmen and *6Ds correlaion ih social beha+iors. .<earn he role ha indi+idual personaliy plays in ;ob perormance #.3e+elop eeci+e decisionmakin, rameorks .<earn he chan,e o aiude and emoions and ho o ackle he problem siuaions Course Contents 'olloin, is he sessionise breakup o he course: 'ee * $ntroduction  *neoone inroducion  Course 9nroducion2 )eachin, & Assessmen Mehodolo,y  3isribuion o Course *ulines  3iscussion on Course *uline & Comprehensi+e Course Pack /classo class basis1  %ein, up o Norms  3i+idin, he class i %udy Broups hich ill remain ill he compleion o he course or  periodic ach e>ercises2 leadership ,ames and or erm pro;ec.  <eadership & *6 9nroducion  )o ideo Clips  Chan,e your ords2 Chan,e your orld and Moi+aional clip on <eadership 6eha+ior   <eader s. Mana,er   <eaders are 6orn or MadeF  Myh or Realiy  Assi,nmen ork   OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee +* ,nderstanding Organizational Behavior and Organizing  Mechanical 9ma,es o *r,ani4aion E+oluion and 3e+elopmen o Mana,emen2 %cieniic Mana,emen2 )aylor )heory alon, ih he ork o classical heoriss.   -eading*   Mor,an2 Bareh /(GG71 H9 you only ha+e a hammer2I  Imaginization 2 %an 'rancisco: %a,e Publicaions.  )he E>ernal En+ironmen  *r,ani4aional %rae,y and %rucure  3ieren Classiicaions o *r,ani4aions ? 6eha+iors  ideos on <eadership  OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee .* Leadership Styles/ Behaviors  *r,ani4aional 2 Mana,emen 2 9ndi+idual )heories 2 Classiicaion o 6eha+iors  <eadership Min,le Aci+iy 3  Faculty of Management Sciences Course Outline  <eadership )rais  <ocus o Conrol  -i,h Cone> s. <o Cone> Culure  Pacin, %kills Case Johari indo  ha makes a ,rea <eaderF ie rom 6usiness and ie rom Public %ecor   Checkpoin !2 s %kill se  -andbook o <eadership 3e+elopmen published by Cenre or Creai+e <eadership0%A  OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee 0* eriodic 'atch 12ercise3 (OB & Leadership)  -6R Case %udy relaed o *6 & <eadership Broup Presenaions  OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee 4* Leadership 5ames & 6eam !evelopment 7 Management  Conemporary <eadership  Picures depicin, <eadership  Case 3e+elopmen  -andbook on Chan,in, oursel and our Repuaion by CC<  <eadership %kill 3e+elopmen E>ercises /<eadership Bames1  ideos or <earnin,  OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee 4* Leadership Sills !evelopment  <inkin, %kills or <eaders  CollinsD <e+el # <eadership  )annenbaum%chmidDs Coninuum o <eader 6eha+ior   <eadership Kuesionnaire  Mo+in, rom Push o Pull  our eams A,e and ork syle / )eam Mana,emen1  OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee 8* Coaching & Mentoring 7 !ecision Maing Styles  -o o coach by %kill?ill Mari>F  'ocus Ener,y Mari>  9mporance and alue o 'eedback %69 Approach /%iuaion2 6eha+ior2 9mpac1  Readin,: 'eedback )ha orks -o o 6uild and 3eli+er our Messa,e by %loan R. ei4el  OB & Leadership Tip of the Day (On Portal) 'ee 9* eriodic 'atch 12ercise3+ (OB & Leadership) 4
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