Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009

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Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 How to Win the Battle The Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 is nearing and the battle lines are drawn. The rich nations, who rule the world through the power of matter and money, are insensitive to the destructive end to which the world is moving. The nature is disturbed and has turned violent. Even a common man can sense the destructive end to which the powerful nations and their intellectual population are leading. But these powerful nations and their mindset are hi
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  Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009How to Win the Battle The Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 is nearing and the battle lines are drawn. The richnations, who rule the world through the power of matter and money, are insensitive to thedestructive end to which the world is moving. The nature is disturbed and has turnedviolent. Even a common man can sense the destructive end to which the powerful nationsand their intellectual population are leading. But these powerful nations and their mindsetare highly insensitive to global problems and the miseries of lesser nations. They areexpected to oppose the climate treaty in Copenhagen Climate Summit. They have littleconcern for life lost in the natural catastrophes and the dangers lurking for the islandnations and the miseries that a common man faces.To win the battle you need to catch the bull by its horn. The rich nations stand by the power of the knowledge of matter and its force contributed by modern science. The worldtoday is ruled by the western mind set. The western mind set is divisive. It has learned theknowledge of exploiting the material energy and creating illusions in human mind. But itknows not the truth of interrelationship and ones of Nature. This means it exist in the ignorance of Truth   of Nature and it’s functioning. It is founded on partial knowledge,not the fullness of it.To bring victory at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, we need to bring out Truth of  Nature and wipe the ignorance on which the west exists. The modern world is the product of unfolding of western mindset. When the Truth of Nature is understood, thewest is expected to yield and a New Era where the mindset of humanity changes fromdisorder to order begins. The Truth of Nature that can bring Victory at Copenhagen Climate Summit The western world and modern science thinks that nature is materialistic and is powered by material force. According to second law of thermodynamics, every time systemtransfers energy it looses some energy. This means in time material system leads tocollapse to a point in the center. This is the Big Bang Theory of srcin. Due to the energyreleased to the environment it creates a shredding force on the material system. Boththese visions of nature are incomplete and not sensible. They do not speak the cause for collapse nor the srcin. It does not give a picture of perpetual existence.If you stand back from the competitive material world and observe nature we note that alllife is anti-gravitational. You can look through the window and observe a grass grow tofind a proof for this statement. The second law of thermodynamics applied to livingsystem shows this opposition. This means the very vision of western thinking needs to berewritten. This Big Bang Theory in its present form is not imaginable. Even the existenceof one living cell should stop the great collapse.  A second important point that emerges when we observe nature is the energy cycle inwhich we all exist. Nature is designed such that when west awakes to sunlight and goesinto disorder, east sleeps to darkness and goes into new order and vice-versa. The two parts are instantaneously connected and there is information flow between the two. Thereis a process of information unfolding and enfolding happening. Nature is sustainedthrough this information unfolding and enfolding. This is exactly how life sustains itself  . The planet is healthy as long as the ratio between the ordering and disordering cycleexist within limits. This ordering and disordering cycle actually maintains thetemperature of earth and sustains life . When humanity breaks this ratio of ordering anddisordering phase, the ability of earth to sustain the temperature becomes severelydisturbed and it begins to open and collapse into new order in change in direction of thinking. The primal cause for Global Warming and Climate Change exist in this reality.This is discussed in the site of the author logically and scientifically from variouscontexts.An important point emerges here. The energy flow in earth resembles the double pump or heart of living system. Further, the position of earth in solar system is off centered asheart is off centered in living system. These and the emerging realities of scientificadvancement, gives us enough reasons to come out of western minds set to explore aliving vision of nature and our role in the unfolding and enfolding of the world and itsinformation.It should be noted that, when west awakes to sunlight and goes into disorder, the plantlife absorbs the light and heat and thus works against the disorder. When night falls andthe material system winds, the plant life utilizes the energy absorbed to unwind againstnature. The earth with only plants is two dimensional. If you visualize earth with plantsand animals the energy flow in earth becomes three dimensional. The fourth dimension or the dimension of time to nature emerges when we take into consideration the adult human beings and his self. Human Mind and the minds set thus becomes central tounfolding and enfolding of nature.A “self” manifest when human mind matures. It is also a period when it is attracted to thematerial world. The self and attachment to material world is a reality and is allowedwithin certain limit. But when the mind becomes slave to the material world and breaksthe law it creates a time direction to nature that leads to eventual collapse. When time becomes unilateral, the ratio of ordering and disordering phase of earth’s energy flow isupset in favor of disordering phase. The system is designed to resist this. But timedirection is a reality to both materialistic as well as living vision of nature. The modernworld is tending to this inevitably reality. The design of earth to cool her self is disturbed by human ignorance of truth of nature. The west and east separation has broken down,the world has become one through the “self” and materialistic conquering motive of thewest. In the process it has upset earth design and its functioning. The nature is not gettingtime and space to repair her “self”.  There is a ratio of energy to matter for every system and the whole. This balance iscritical. When the ratio is upset beyond some critical point, the system is bound to break down and go into transformation phase and collapse into New Order. This is inevitablewe are going trough this phase change. We cannot survive this phase change unless weknow the Truth of Nature and act responsibly. Truth of Nature The truth revealed to me tells that the universe is living, conscious and intelligent capableof self survival and perpetuation. We are individuated consciousness born from universalconsciousness and mind in time and space. We have our own consciousness and mind.Our mind is inferior. We get life when our identity dissolves in universal consciousnessand gets enlightened by the Mind of God. We are like individuated cells of one wholesystem and are supposed to work for the well being of the whole by adhering to the law.When individuals seek self beyond limits, it falls and the system is stressed and timedirection emerges in the system. The law, not eat from the tree at the center that God placed is a resistive law against time and death force. But time is an inevitable componentof the universe and the living universe is not beyond it. The survival of the universe nowcalls for time conquering and time initialization before death strikes.All biological system conquers time and initializes it. There are five stages to the timecycle. The first phase is the phase in the womb where the “Fathers Essence” exists in thewomb and creates new body out of the old and thus conquers time. The birth andchildhood is considered the Golden period or period in the Kingdom of God. This isfollowed by silver-age, bronze-age and iron -age. They depict the distancing of humanmind from his consciousness and the light within and its bondage to the material world.The Vedas measure it by the scale of deterioration Law and Justice. The last age is theage when the system unwinds and deteriorates quickly moves into death. If the systemhas to survive the conquering of time and time initialization should occur before deathstrikes. This means the last age also is the creation age . This creation proceeds in anew world formed within the old. The truth exists in this new world.The hope for the world exists in the spiritual truth manifested through Christ. Myresearch and the revelation speaks that Christ is the conceiving point of universe at whichthe time is conquered. The Spirit of Christ is unfolding new world within the old. Everyone who transforms to this world gets New Life. The Second Coming of Christ is therevelation of Mind of God and the Truth of Nature that initializes humanity into NewTime Cycle and creates order out of disorder. Knowing the Truth will set our mind freefrom material hold and bring us to life.In short revelation of Mind of God gives us the deliverance from death to start a NewTime Cycle. Revelation of Mind of God is the unfolding of the true information aboutnature. It is the restoration of the past Glory or Entry into Kingdom of God.This Living Theory of the Universe is well explained and defended as a science in mysite though more than two decades of self less research. This when brought to light canchange the foundation of modern science and the general thinking and mind set that is  ruling us. It can change the direction of mind of human beings from outer material worldto inner conscious field to bring life and order to the world.This truth and knowledge is the only weapon that can defeat the powerful nations thatcling to the material power and have gone totally blind to end time and catastrophicsignals coming from nature. The “ Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 ” where the powerful nations meet to discuss climate is crucial to the future of the world. The onlyway that these materially powerful nations can be defeated is by wiping their ignorance.It is time that everyone awakens to Truth of Nature and stresses the leaders andintellectuals ruling the world to come to their senses. It is time we know truth and changethe mind set and our thinking about nature. Note – The author was a researcher in the field of biotechnology, but left the madcompetitive world of science in search of Truth. He has spent more than two decades of self less research as he puts forth the Living Universe Theory. Author does not hold anychair or position to influence the modern world. But he is struggling and draining hisenergy to hold the light reveled to him. This light and knowledge only can save humanityand earth. I request the readers to add a helping hand to take it to the world and itsattention.Spiral this article to as many people as possible******************
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