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1. Rakeshkumar Nathubhai Chaudhari 1961 Weston Hills DR Cleveland, TN 37312 T 423-284-5205 P R O F I L E E X P E R I E N C E Computer Programmer,…
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  • 1. Rakeshkumar Nathubhai Chaudhari 1961 Weston Hills DR Cleveland, TN 37312 T 423-284-5205 P R O F I L E E X P E R I E N C E Computer Programmer, Dudhsagar Dairy, India — 1995-2008 Dudhsagar Dairy is Asia's biggest dairy, it is a co-operative Dairy engaged in collecting milk from farmers and selling the milk products like Butter, milk, milk powder , baby powder , SCM , GHEE . Some of the companies products are Amul Butter, Amulya, Sagar Ghee etc. Responsibilities: Mainly involved in system designing & Software development using Oracle 7.0, Foxpro, COBOL. Other responsibilities include software systems maintenance & updating when requires. Also, responsible was for Data Backup. Some projects I have worked on: Project : Payroll System Duration : Continuous. Description : To capture attendance and leave,Employee increment, Promotion,LTD,P.F.,LIC/CTD/Recurring,Income -Tax processing, pay slip printing and number of statements. Role : System Designer & Developer Environment : DRS 6000 (Mini Computer )Unix (SVR 4) Oracle 7.0 (Forms 3.0 , Report 1.1 ) Team Size : One Project : Artificial Insemination System (A.I.) Duration : One Month Description : A.I .System deals with the activities of Bull Mother Farm, JAGAUDAN. Here frozen semen doses are produced and supplied to different Veterinary centers to use it for artificial insemination. This is done to achieve improved breed of buffalo and cow. Role : System Designer & Developer Environment : DRS 6000 (Mini Computer) Unix (SVR 4) Oracle 7.0 (Forms 3.0, Report 1.1). Team Size : Two Project : FINANCE SYSTEM Description : Updating & Upgradation according to users need and management of Finance System.
  • 2. Role : Programmer cum DBA Environment : DRS 6000 (Mini Computer ) Unix (SVR 4) Oracle 7.0 (Forms 3.0 , Report 1.1 ) Team Size : One Project : Sales System. Duration : One Month. Description : System include maintain company's total sales and also invoice printing. Two company’s comparative statement. Role : System Designer & Developer. Environment: Pentium 166 Mhz , Dos 6.22 Foxpro 2.5 Team Size : Two School Project: Drone Controller Duration: Three Months Description: The first part is the actual controller. The controller will be used take in in- put from a user in the form of buttons. These inputs will then be sent to the second part. The second part of the process is a microcontroller. The microcontroller will take the in- put and determine what function to carry out. Once the desired output is determined it is sent to the third part of the process. The third part is a generic computer. The computer will be used to communicate with the drone through wifi and send the desired output to the drone. The output will be the instruction for the drone to carry out. Role: Software Engineer Environment: Raspberry PI, Python Script, and C Programming Team Size: Five School Project: Android Application (Coffee and Tea Center) Duration: One Month Description: The Indian Coffee and Tea Center as the name indicates is used to create recreation and fun and give different culture knowledge and know method. It is show list of Indian coffee and tea and also list of prize. Customer can also see product history through website. They can see image center and product. They can do coffee and tea order and select payment method. It shows how much pay bill. They can add something more like cream and sugar and it pay more charges. It shows product recipes. They can listen to music on Indian coffee and tea center. Role: Android Programmer Environment: The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Java Programming
  • 3. School Project: The MSP430 to create a basic voltmeter and low frequency meter. Duration: Two Months Description: This project is using Embedded Electronic system and Microcontrollers (MSP430 Microcontroller) and the voltmeter that can measure between 0 VDC and 3 VDC and also one of the on board LEDs should be used to indicate that an input voltage is being measured. Using pulse width modulation (PWM) to control the brightness of the LED where the brightness is proportional to the input voltage. Role: System Designer & Developer and Software Engineer. Environment: 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC),timers, I/O, C Programming. E D U C A T I O N  Computer Engineering (BSE) : Computer,2016 University of Tennessee Chattanooga - Chattanooga, TN  Pre. Engineering : Pr. Engineering, 2012 Cleveland State Community College - Cleveland, TN  Bachelors of Science in Physics : Science,1992  University of NorthGujarat - Mehsana, INDIA TECHNICAL SKILLS: Oracle: Handy with DDL, DML, DCL, Triggers, Procedure, Package, Function, Query Tuning Etc. in Oracle. Handy with Database Bankcup, Recovery and Tuning. Handy with TOAD, SQL Devel- oper like Database related Tools. Handy with Informatics ETL and also worked on Data modelling tool Embarcadero RDBMS design tool. Oracle Forms & Report (Forms 3.0, Reports 1.1): Master Forms / Master Detail Forms / Query Form Etc. Master Reports / Group Report / Parameterised Report Various Reports. Oracle BI (Business Intelligence): Handy with Creating Reports in BI as well as Administration of BI Users etc. Handy with XML Publisher, Can Manage Multiple Regions like Graphical / Informative / Trend / Bar Chart / Maps / Dimension Report Verifying change requests and defects; documenting, tracking and communicating test plans, test results and unresolved problems; preparing test reports. Operating System: Windows NT, Windows2000 and Windows 2008 Server Handling, IIS Configuration. Windows98, Windows XP, Windows7 and Windows8. UNIX & LINUX, Android Soft- ware Development Kit (SDK), GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovation) Programming Languages : Visual Basic, Java, VC++, HTML, Java Script, VB Script. DBMS: Oracle 8.0i, Developer 2000. Operating Systems: Windows 2000/ 2003/ NT/ XP/ 98/ 95, UNIX and MS DOS.
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