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In August 2015 I attended the CASE ASAP National Conference in Washington, D.C. where I presented about an event I have helped implement at Ithaca College. I was a part of planning and organizing this event in 2014 and 2015 and I am now in charge of overseeing this event for the 2015-2016 academic year.
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  • 1. I Love IC Week: How to Conquer and Evaluate an Event
  • 2. Ithaca College ● Ithaca, NY (Finger Lakes Region) ● 6200 undergraduates ● Founded in 1892
  • 3. Ithaca College Students Today Alumni Tomorrow
  • 4. Ithaca College Students Today Alumni Tomorrow ● Student Alumni Association ● 50 Members, Closed Group ● STAT emerged in 2005 ● Awards - Outstanding Organization - Outstanding Student Leader - Outstanding External Program
  • 5. STAT’s Mission “Students Today Alumni Tomorrow shall promote further student involvement in the Ithaca College community by building traditions, seeking links between students and alumni, and encouraging pride and loyalty within the Ithaca College family.”
  • 6. Outline ● How to Conquer ● How to Evaulate ● How to Do It Yourself
  • 7. History of I Love IC Week ● CASE ASAP Fellowship ● Importance ● #StruggleBus ● Evolution over two years
  • 8. IC Kindness Day
  • 9. I Love IC Week - IC Kindness Day ● Collaboration with another club on campus ● Evaluation o What worked? o What did not work? ● Improvement
  • 10. 5 Under 5 Alumni Panel
  • 11. I Love IC Week - 5 Under 5 Alumni Panel ● “Looking back, Moving Forward” ● Evaluation o What worked? o What did not work? ● Improvement
  • 12. Celebrate IC!
  • 13. I Love IC Week - Celebrate IC! ● Why do you love IC? ● Evaluation o What worked? o What did not work? ● Improvement
  • 14. Get the Scoop
  • 15. I Love IC Week - Get the Scoop ● Ice Cream & Giving ● Evaluation ○ What worked? ○ What did not work? ● Improvement
  • 16. Evaluating I Love IC Week ● Survey ● Facebook Analytics
  • 17. Facebook Analytics
  • 18. Evaluating I Love IC Week ● Evaluating I Love IC Week via social media o Get all your members involved o Use graphics ● How to use it more effectively o Make a schedule o Start EARLY
  • 19. Conquering ● Leave plenty of time ● Think ahead to surrounding events ● Partnerships
  • 20. Tips to Create Your Own ● Ideas ● Implement ● Improve
  • 21. Thank You!
  • 22. Contact Us! ● STAT o Facebook- Ithaca College STAT o Twitter- IthacaSTAT ● These Lovely Ladies o Ashley Ahl- o Laura Amato- o Danielle Colella- o Erica Dischino-
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