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Cancun Real Estate prepares itself for the changes and new opportunities to be brought by the city's future status as an international air travel hub and international business center, the city is also making plans to add more monuments and sights to see to the city's landscape to match the new international image. As the develop park to mark the upcoming celebration of the country's bi-centennial of independence for next year
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  Cancun Real Estate's New International Image - New Park, Cathedral and City Hall Cancun Real Estateis an excellent combination of the high class luxury condos, beautiful beaches andevents and culture to suit many tastes. AsCancun Real Estateprepares itself for the changes and newopportunities to be brought by the city's future status as an international air travel hub and international business center, the city is also making plans to add more monuments and sights to see to the city'slandscape to match the new international image.As a part of this direction, the city government has recently presented a plan to build a new park tomark the upcoming celebration of the country's bi-centennial of independence for next year; the park will include a new City Hall and city Cathedral, designed to serve as tourist attractions and visualimprovements to the city, along with the new park.Cancun Real Estatebuyers, Mexican and non-Mexican alike, can look forward to participating in the activities that next year's celebrations will bring,and to the transformation of the city's image, culture and investment opportunities to a newinternational level.Cancun's mayor, Gregorio Sanchez Martinez, recently presented the integrated project of Gran ParqueBicentenario to the public, which will be located in Super-block 33. The mayor's exhibition includedthe technical details, a virtual tour and the unveiling of a model of one of the most importantarchitectural projects for the municipality, for which there are a total of 87 thousand meters square for green and recreation areas allocated.During a press conference the mayor said that it will be a majestic work that will give further identityand personality to Cancun's recreation and family entertainment. The intention of the park's style is to be a place that gives identity to Cancun's tourism and real estate industry's, where tourists go and take a pictures and where residents can enjoy the pleasantness of day to day life.The construction of the park is planned to start in late November and will be finished and open for the public for the Independence Day celebrations on Sept. 16 2010. The total investment to build the park will be about 11 million dollars, not including the construction of the Cathedral.According to Salvador López Cabrera, Cancun's director of Projects, the Grand Bicentennial Park will include a civic plaza, walkways, playgrounds, underground parking with 600 parking spots, askating rink with synthetic material (which simulates ice) and also busts and information in memory of heroes of Independence and the Mexican Revolution. It will be a very significant ecologicalundertaking, which will mean an additional open space for the development of cultural, civic, sportsand entertainment, not only an option for the national and international tourism, but even more soanother option for Cancun Real Estate owners to enjoy life in this city.The new city hall, as the Cathedral, will serve both to increase practicality, and to beautify the city. Thenew city hall will have a monumental architectural scale, and will concentrate all government offices inone place, which will mean a saving of approximately a million dollars - the amount that is annuallyspent for renting properties due to the current low capacity of the government building. There will also be an area of six thousand square meters designated for future expansion.On the main facade, facing Javier Rojo Gomez (Kabah) avenue, at the center there will be a bronzestatue of seven meters in height (not including the base) of Benito Juárez, a president from the mid1800's, who is often considered the President who made many of the most significant contributions to  Mexico's history, and whose name has been given to Cancun's municipality. On the sides, there will betwo statues, five square meters each in high honor of Andrés Quintana Roo and Leona Vicario, two of the founding pioneers of the state of Quintana Roo. In total there will be invested over 12 million pesos in works of art. In every city in the world are there are essential sites to visit, and now we will have a city hall withclassical architecture and a cathedral to match what our city deserves , observed the mayor.In an underground area, which has already seen construction work there will be a parking lot withcapacity for 600 cars, adding convenience for home owners in the area to arrive and enjoy the park bycar. The mayor has likewise asked the council that the land use in that area be changed to provide threethousand more parking spots to meet new demand. The underground parking will be provided withelevators for wheel chair access. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project hasalready been carried out and authorized. TOPMexicoRealEstateNETWORK; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and PurchasingMexican Properties Safely! Region: Cancun Real Estate  by Cyndi Ader  , srcinally from the US, has been living in Cancun, Mexico for 17years. She is a member of A.M.P.I. (The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) and is currently amember of the International Relations Committee. She is also an international affiliate of NAR (NationalAssociation of Realtors). She is the owner/broker of Cancun Properties Real Estate and specializes as a buyer’s broker.
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