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  • 2. PAGE 2 Our Mission: Fostering growth and self-sufficiency in communities, through clean water, health, education and economic well-being. OUR VISION: THRIVING COMMUNITIES WITH ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER, HEALTH CARE AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH. WHO WE ARE Care for Africa is a collective of like-minded volunteers including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Builders, Teachers, Students and those passionate about international development. We are committed to ensuring that the majority of funds raised, our time and donations are put towards the communities in which we work: Surubu; Sombanysoko; Bisarwi; Kiterere; Mtana; and Kongo. Our work in these communities includes: health (Rural School Health Clinics, education programs, mentor programs with the Tarime District Hospital); education (teacher scholarships, teach the teacher program and child sponsorship), water (drilling deep water wells and delivering WASH programs) and social enterprises (aquaculture, Surubu Bee Keeping, Breakfast Program and the Mtana Women’s Sewing group). Care for Africa began by encouraging the people of Launceston and Tasmania to be involved in positively impacting the lives of those living in a developing country; we now have more than 100 volunteers actively involved that reside in cities across Australia and the world. In recent years we have had increasing interest from people living in other nations. We take pride in encouraging young people to be a part of Care for Africa’s success. Our aim is to engage with local communities, both at Australian, Launceston, and Tanzania, Tarime levels. To provide foreign assistance to the most needy and vulnerable people; and to educate both communities on each other’s presence. This year our dynamic and groundbreaking leader Diana Butler OAM was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) “for service to the international community of Tanzania through humanitarian aid programs.” Care for Africa would like to acknowledge our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has created and led this organisation since its inception in 2006. “She is one in a million, always a laughing Mama, we compare her to Mother Teresa, We love you Diana (Mama Tarime).” Yosef Multa, Tarime Pharmacist.” CFA_AnnualReport_2016 FINAL.indd 2 24/08/2016 7:26:33 PM
  • 3. PAGE 3 Our Mission 02 Our Aim 02 Who we are 02 Highlights 03 Chair report 04 Financial report 05 CEO report 06 Board of Directors 08 United Nations 10 Sustainable Development Goals Volunteers 12 Health report 13 Water report 14 Sanitation report 15 Education report 16 Social enterprise reports 17 Community connections 19 Fundraising report 20 Container report 21 Christopher Strong Education Trust 22 Sponsor Children 23 Acknowledgements 23 CONTENTS HIGHLIGHTS Ran our Rural School Health Clinics and treated over 2,700 children and employed 12 Tanzanian staff (our largest team to date). Planted 3,000 trees, one tree per student, in each one of our six primary schools. This will provide food, firewood and an opportunity for the students to learn how to grow food. Developed a relationship with UNICEF in relation to WASH and water programs. UNICEF will provide ongoing collegiate advice and support to Care for Africa programs. Completed the Kiterere school build (after storm damage). This included the construction of three classrooms. Thank you to Sanctum Medical and Jeffery Cohn. The Surubu community established their own soccer league in honor of Care for Africa and notified us that they have done so - we’re delighted! Provided clean, safe drinking water for the first time in Sombanyosoko community. “Days for Girls” partnership established. Days for Girls International is a grassroots non-profit creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene. Our CEO, Diana Butler OAM, honored with an Order of Australia Medal for her dedication to the Foundation and to Tanzania. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Care for Africa and the Tarime District Hospital signed. Opened the first Sanitation toilets within the Tanzanian rural Mara region. The sanitation block was completed this year in the Bisarwi Primary School. Care for Africa has now commenced the construction of the second sanitation block (in the Surubu Primary School). CFA_AnnualReport_2016 FINAL.indd 3 24/08/2016 7:26:46 PM
  • 4. PAGE 4 Where we stand after 10 years as a Not-For-Profit Charitable Organisation is the culmination of collective contributions from so many inspired and inspiring people – too many to list. I would, in my inaugural Chair’s report, like however, to acknowledge two. First, our CEO and Co-Founder, Diana Butler OAM, whose unbridled optimism, passion and incredible work rate, has driven and influenced so many of us. Second, Rob Van der Elst, who stepped down this year from his position as inaugural Chair. His astute guidance, knowledge and expertise have been equally matched by commitment and contributions pivotal to our successful Container Program, building of the Resource Centre, establishing our Program Committees and developing our Strategic Plan. Over the last 10 years, Care for Africa has developed into a widely respected Organisation capable of delivering very effective programs to chronically impoverished communities in a part of Africa overlooked by the much larger and well- resourced Aid Organisations. In order to build on our success and deliver on ever more inspired goals, Care for Africa needs to be well organised, well governed and accountable, capable of pro-active planning rather than re-active responding to identified needs. To this end I would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our Strategic Planning committee ably led by Sophie Folder and Orla Baker. They have worked diligently to deliver a blueprint-Strategic plan-to guide Care for Africa in achieving its vision – ‘Thriving Communities with access to clean water, health care and opportunities’. The last 12 months has seen Care for Africa install another water well, the re-building of Kiterere school, construction of toilets in Bisarwi, and the establishment of a Breakfast Program– all of which are great contributors to the education of children in some of Tanzania’s poorest communities. We have continued to provide much needed heath services through our Rural School Health Clinics program which is now set to expand through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Tarime Government Hospital and District Heath Services. This will provide the basis for an all-year round, permanent service delivered by Tanzanian Health Workers. The 2016 Cocktail Ball – our most successful yet, was a tribute to the hard work of a very dedicated and tireless Ball Committee, the generosity of our donors and patrons, as well as our excellent MC, Band and volunteer staff on the night. Its proceeds will fund another water well, and help shift Keshosere community out of its cycle of poor health, restricted education and limited opportunities. This year will see the inaugural Tanzanian Care for Africa Charity Ball in Mwanza, an opportunity to showcase our organisation and further enhance our reputation in Tanzania whilst establishing strong supportive relationships with both corporate and public organisations aligned to our work in Tarime. I would like to gratefully acknowledge my fellow Board members for their wisdom, diligence and support, all our program leaders and committee members for their enthusiasm, inspiration and tireless work, and last but not least, all our volunteers and donors for all their invaluable contributions. CHAIR REPORT DR JOE TEMPONE CHAIR JoeTempone Where we stand after 10 years as a Not-for-profit Charitable Organisation is the culmination of collective contributions from so many inspired and inspiring people CFA_AnnualReport_2016 FINAL.indd 4 24/08/2016 7:26:48 PM
  • 5. PAGE 5 The Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation Inc. is well placed financially to continue its important work given its financial position and operating result to 30th June, 2016. Total income for the year was approximately $161,500 (2015 - $181,400) whilst direct expenditure on Tarime District projects and in raising funds to generate the necessary income, was $122,000 (2015 - $179,000). Administrative overheads incurred in Australia to run the organisation were $7,990 (2015 - $6,344) being 4.95% of total income (2015 – 3.5%). Funds expended in Tarime over the year totalled $73,700 (2015 - $101,000) and project activities included: • One water well completed in the year • Completion of 2015 projects commenced including: • Kiterere School rebuild • Completion of the 70,000 litre Surubu water tank. • Health clinics in 6 communities for approximately 3,000 children. • Assistance to 7 vulnerable/orphaned children. • Continuation of the breakfast program for school children. In addition, the Foundation acquired a tractor and container costing approximately $8,000 that are both now in Tanzania. The operating surplus as disclosed in the income statement for the year was a positive result of $31,000 (2015- deficiency $4,000). The total balance sheet at 30th June, 2016 is in a stronger position than the year before, with working capital assets represented by a debtors and cash, totalling almost $98,000 (2015 - $79,000) with no liabilities. The actual cash surplus from operations was $36,000 (2015 - $4,400) after adding back depreciation charged in the income statement. FINANCE REPORT Care for Africa has changed my life. In 2009 I was very badly burnt. Dr. Joe and the Care for Africa health team treated me and nursed me back to health again. I am looking forward to meeting with Dr. Joe this year when he retuns to Tarime. Thank you Marguretta (who is pictured here on the with our Chair and CEO) The Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation is well placed financially to continue its important work. CFA_AnnualReport_2016 FINAL.indd 5 24/08/2016 7:26:55 PM
  • 6. PAGE 6 This last fiscal year has seen Care for Africa develop and strengthen its core values and vision. We are a robust well respected and internationally recognised Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). This year, a small group of Care for Africa volunteers re-wrote the organisation’s values, mission and vision and developed a strategic plan that illustrates our shared vision and our projected future. I am so excited to see what we can achieve. We continue to deliver effective water, health and educational programs with opportunities for growth, whilst ensuring self-sufficiency in the people in Tarime with all that we do. Reciprocal respect and trust aligns all of our programs and future developments. The 2015 volunteer trip has ensured continuing connections. We had a total of 11 volunteers, which travelled to Tarime. Our volunteers are at the very heart of all that we do. It never ceases to overwhelm me the continuing selfless commitment and hard work so many Australian volunteers give to a group of people existing in extreme poverty living on the other side of the globe, Tarime, Tanzania. Without the tireless commitment of my volunteers, Care for Africa would not exist and the people of Tarime would not be beneficiary to so much empowerment and opportunities, thank you. Care for Africa has a dynamic Board of Directors, which continually assesses, evaluates and maintains the overall direction and strategy of Care for Africa. It is paramount that they provide fiduciary duty to protect the organisation’s assets and member’s investment. It has been a great pleasure to welcome and work alongside my new Chair, Dr Joe Tempone. Together we are steering the organisation towards a new vision whilst also ensuring long- term sustainability of the organisation. Orla Baker, Care for Africa’s Strategic Advisor has guided us into a thriving robust organisation. Orla’s expertise has allowed the organiser’s guidance, to create new opportunities and fulfil our vision. The development of Care for Africa’s Strategic Plan, under Sophie Folder has created a clear definition of who we are, our mission, values and vision. This has allowed us to set our priorities, focus our energies and resources, and strengthen our operations to ensure that all our stakeholders are working towards a common goal. Carol Northeast’s tireless commitment to our people never ceases. The Launceston Ball was a huge success with raising over $40,000. This success was directly tribute to Carol and her dynamic committee, Penny Padgett, Jenny Saunders, Michelle Williams and Zoe Butler. I truly appreciate all your commitment, support, hard work and expertise with the overall success of the Ball. I would also like to acknowledge Jenny Saunders for her commendable accurate bookkeeping. It is imperative that we maintain precise financial accounts to ensure diligent facilitation of funds and transparency for all our donors and supporters, as well as the people in Tarime that are recipient to our service. Building and maintaining connections between the people we serve, our donors and volunteers through mutual trust and respect supports all that we do. It is imperative that as Care for Africa grows and expands that we maintain these core values, which have always been held as the principals that underpin all that we do. CEO REPORT Building long-term sustainability continues to remain at the forefront with all that we do in the organisation. CFA_AnnualReport_2016 FINAL.indd 6 24/08/2016 7:27:01 PM
  • 7. PAGE 7 Diana Butler OAM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Care for Africa continues to build relationships with key stakeholders, including UNICEF. It is important that we recognise the expertise of other organisations and draw on each other’s strengths. This year, I celebrate 10 years of leading a successful sustainable organisation. Care for Africa commenced from humble beginnings at the Launceston General Hospital, to quote Carol Northeast “let’s send some gloves over” is how the journey began. In 2006, we organised for a shipping container to be sent to Tarime with pre-loved medical equipment and a generator from the Launceston community. I am so proud of what we have achieved in the last 10 years. We now deliver programs in water, health, education and social enterprise to over 30,000 people in 6 outlying rural communities living in extreme poverty. I am most proud of however, our ability to imbed capacity building in all that we do. Our Tanzanian Country manager, Abdallah Obeidi continues to be at the helm of our work in Tarime. Abdallah spends a great deal of his time working at the grass roots level in the communities overseeing our programs. It is paramount to Abdallah to ensure best practice and a standard of excellence with all that we do. He is well respected and trusted by all community members. It is not uncommon for myself to receive a photograph of Abdallah working alongside the “fundi’s” (tradesmen) lending a helping hand. Abdallah has been a wonderful asset accompanying myself when visiting aid organisations and potential stakeholders and executives. Abdallah is committed to helping and ensuring effective and timely delivery of our programs for the people in the Tarime villages that live in extreme poverty; Thank you Abdallah. Our service providers continue to provide us with vital assistance, contacts and capacity. Care for Africa is a registered Rotary World Community Service (RAWCS), project number 41-2009/10. RAWCS enables us to accept tax- deductible donations and grants from all sources within Australia and abroad. Thank you to South Launceston Rotary Club for their continuing commitment, support and sponsorship of Care for Africa. I wish to thank Rob Van der Elst for the last 10 years of service he has given to Care for Africa. It has been an absolute please to work along side Rob as the chair of this organisation. Rob will continue to provide support and expertise to the organisation in an ongoing capacity. It is with much humility that I thank, commend and congratulate my wonderful team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting Care for Africa achieve our mission and fostering growth and self-sufficiency in our communities, through clean water, health, education and economic growth. I look forward to working with you all in 2017 DianaButler My name is Rebecca Budimu, I am the water, sanitation and hygiene specialist working with UNICEF. I would really like to thank and appreciate Care for Africa in Australia and the people of Australia for the wonderful work that you are giving in Tanzania in the Tarime District with the integrated programs that I have heard about the water supplies in the schools, health centres. Your work is really wonderful and is really making a difference to the people of Tanzania. I’m very happy to say that our organisation, Care for Africa, is continuing to be trusted through our communities in Tarime district for changes we are bringing to our communities. At Care for Africa we are committed to help our communities in Tarime as well in Australia, I would like to thank Care for Africa Board and our CEO for organising my trip to visit Australia to represent my people. My trip was very successful trip. I learned a lot through this and I met most of our friends in Australia who are sponsoring many programs in my country. Many thanks to all who enable Care for Africa to keep providing aid to my country. Yours sincerely Abdallah Obedi TANZANIAN COUNTRY MANAGER A WORD FROM OUR COUNTRY TANZANIAN COUNTRY MANAGER CFA_AnnualReport_2016 FINAL.indd 7 24/08/2016 7:27:05 PM
  • 8. PAGE 8 Mrs Diana Butler OAM Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder In 2016, Diana Butler was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her work as the CEO of the organisation and her service to the people of Tarime. Diana Co-Founded Care for Africa with her colleague the late Dr Peter Hewitt in 2006. Since this time Diana has led the organisation from strength to strength driving innovation and change and being at the cusp of international development initiatives. Diana is also employed by the Launceston General Hospital as the After Hours Nurse Manager. Mr Ross Hart MP Public Officer Ross Hart, a law graduate of the UTAS, resides in Launceston where he has been practicing since 1985. As a partner of the firm, Rae and Partners, he specialises in both commercial and litigious areas with complex project planning and development, including major tourist resorts, resource export and the complexities of Local and State Government compliance. He is a Past President of the Law Society of Tasmania, a former Tasmanian representative on The Law Council of Australia and a retired member the of the Council of the Law Society of Tasmania. In 2016 Ross was elected as member for Bass. Dr Joe Tempone Chair Dr Joe Tempone (MBBS) has been working as a General Practitioner (GP) in Launceston since 1989 where he lives with his wife and three children. Born in Italy, he migrated to Australia in 1962 and moved from Melbourne to Tasmania to study medicine in 1981. He has represented GPs on multiple Boards including the Northern Regional Medical Advisory Council, GPNorth, TasPrac services and the GP Tasmania state Board. With his wife Jenni, Joe remains an active fundraiser for multiple charities. Mr Chris Dockray Vice Chair Born in Zambia, Chris is a lawyer in Launceston. He graduated from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) in 1983 and worked with Zeeman Kable and Page for eleven years before setting up in private practice in 1995. He has been a member of the Workers Compensation Tribunal, the Anti Discrimination Tribunal and the Law Society Disciplinary Tribunal. Since 1989, he has been a Director o
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