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1. Album cover Analysis In this presentation I will and analysis range of synthetic and organic album covers and explain each of their characteristics. 2. JESSIE J -…
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  • 1. Album cover Analysis In this presentation I will and analysis range of synthetic and organic album covers and explain each of their characteristics.
  • 2. JESSIE J - 'WHO YOU ARE‘ (synthetic) • This album cover is very modern and contemporary. This album cover follows many of the conventions of an album cover: a simplistic design and colour scheme, few characters, a different colour for the artist's name in comparison to the rest of the cover, and an entirely opposite font for the album title. • This cover is a synthetic one as it shows an image of Jessie J, in large, wearing make-up and dressed as though as stylist has told her what to wear. Her looks are also a selling point for the label and so an image of her allows the audience to see what she looks her (almost judging by her looks). • Also the golden colouring of her name represents her as ‘special’ and ‘extraordinary’.
  • 3. Rihanna – ‘Loud’ (synthetic) • The colour scheme used in this album cover: red, blue and white not only enable the album to stand out amongst other albums, whether it be in stores such as HMV or iTunes but also causes her face (Rihanna) to stand out – one of her selling points is her sex appeal and looks. • Also the image of Rihanna – eyes shut and bright, big, red lips entice the audience with the use of male gaze. • The font and spacing of the title of the album ‘LOUD’ is very simple, thin ns had large spacing between each word. A theory is that to the label the title of the album is irrelevant to some degree and all that is needed is an image of Rihanna, who already is well-known and an image that emphasises her sexual portrayal.
  • 4. Taylor Swift – ‘RED’ • The colour used throughout the cover are very natural and simple, emphasising the lack of edit needed due to her beauty being presented. However, the change in brightness is key in the cover. Her face is hidden by her hat and low key of brightness whereas her lips are emphasised – male gaze and sex appeal. • This brings us onto the connotations of the album cover: The white represents – purity, light, goodness and innocence whereas red connotes love, danger and energy. • Compared to Taylor Swifts other album we can see a significant change. It has seemed that she is being portrayed to be an older version and sold more on her looks rather than the pretty ‘girl next door’ who America adores.
  • 5. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not • This album cover, compared to the previous ones analysed is an organic album cover. This is because the characteristics of the cover are not on the looks of the artist, where its more on the message or just down to the songs. • However, this album cover of the bassist smoking a cigarette represents the band as a rough, middle to lower class band, or who are at least speaking about themes that occur within those classes such as drugs, violence, smoking etc. Therefore trying to sell them based on that stand point. • The dark colours may show that there is nothing else to the band – no special effects, just the pure essence of British rock music.
  • 6. Kings Of Leon – ‘Only By The Night’ • The font used for the title looks like computer code font along with the green filter across the entire album cover gives the CCTV look/inspiration. • There is a lot of symbolism within this album cover: observation and vision due to the eagle. It also like their faces are covered by the eagle face. Also links to an American theme – as the band are from Nashville. • Only By The Night – fit with the bird/owl look as they are nocturnal. Also it could link to the theme of rock n roll lifestyle where the majority of events occur in the night.
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