4 How to Install and Configure DNS

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  2/18/14How to install and configure DNSwww.free-online-training-courses.com/installing-and-configuring-dns/1/8 Installing and Configuring DNS Before installing DNS it is imperative that the server has a static IP address. DNS is installed using the Server Manager Utility. N.B. DNS is not available on Windows Server 2008 Web Edition or machines runningWindows XP or Vista. Although DNS can be remotely managed from these machines. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson The Place For Free Online Training Courses Improve Your Career Prospects    To install DNS using the Server Manager click on Start.Select Server Manager. Or from the Quick Launch Taskbar.Select Roles.Then Add Roles.Before you continue verify that;You can skip this page by defaultClick Next to continueSelect DNS Server   2/18/14How to install and configure DNSwww.free-online-training-courses.com/installing-and-configuring-dns/3/8 Select DNS Server then Click Next to continue Although the server has a static IP address. The wizard has detected a dynamic IP V6 address, it is safe tocontinue the install.Select Install DNS Server anywayClick Next to continue.For Additional Information click the links.Click Next to continue.Click Install to complete installation.The DNS Server role is now installed.The DNS Server role installation succeeded.Click Close to complete the wizard.The DNS Server role has been added.Server roles can also be removed from here.Expand RolesSelect DNS Server. A feature of Server Manager is by highlighting any server role. You will be given an overview of that role,Events, System Services and Resources and Support.The DNS Server role is installed, you now need to add zones to the server. To do this you need to return tothe start menu. N.B. If no zones are added this server will be a Caching only server. Creating a Zone Forward Lookup  A Forward lookup is the most common form of DNS lookup. This type of lookup converts a hostname into anIP address. A Forward Lookup-Zone contains Name to IP Address mappings. Each zone file consists of anumber of resource records (RR’s). Resource records (RR’s) contain information about certain resources onthe network.To add zones to the server. Click Start> Administrative Tools> DNS  2/18/14How to install and configure DNSwww.free-online-training-courses.com/installing-and-configuring-dns/4/8 Expand by clicking the + next to the DNS server To add a New Forward Lookup Zone Right click Forward Lookup Zones.Click New Zone.Select Primary Zone and Next to continue Fill in the Zone name. N.B. The zone name must be Fully Qualifiedie end in .com, .local, .co.uk etc. and Next to continue.The wizard will ask you where you want to store the zone file. Click on Next to accept the default. The Wizardwill ask you if you want to accept dynamic updates. As the wizard shows there are drawbacks for having itenabled but there are also drawbacks for having it disabled.Click on Next to continue.Click on Finish to create the zone.The zone file currently contains two resource records, the SOA and NS records. Reverse Lookup  A Reverse Lookup-Zone contains IP Address to Name mappings. This allows the computer to do reversequeries, some applications need to be able to make reverse lookup queries. Reverse Lookup Zones containthe following Resource Records.Pointer Record: (Does the opposite of the A record it maps an IP address to a host name. By having the twotypes of records it is possible to do a reverse lookup.)CNAME (Alias)The Start of Authority (SOA) recordThe Name Server Record (NS)Right click Reverse Lookup Zones and Select New Zone.Select Next.Select Primary ZoneSelect IPv4 Reverse Lookup Zone. and Next to continue.Type in the Network ID and Next to continueSelect Create a new file with this file nameand Next to continue
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