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   Reality Based E-Magazine D.G.C.F.S. Presents   R.A.T. Rapid Assault Tactics Seminar 10/14-15/09 10AM-2PM Sat-Sun   Volume 1 WWW.DARKGIFTCOMBAT.COMIssue 19 November 03, 200911/03/09 Your monthly E-Magazine guide to Houston Premier Reality Based Martial Arts & Combatives, Fitness & Nutrition Facility. Combative Techniques, Tactical Airsoft, MilSim and Combative Fitness & Nutrition .   Rapid Assaults Tactics (R.A.T.) Seminar Mr.Traylor will be holding a R.A.T. Seminar Nov 14/15 from 10am /2pm.Mr.& Mrs. Traylor Owner &Founders of D.G.C.F. System. Inside D.G.C.F.S  .R.A.T. Progra 1Ronald’s Fitness Corner 2Coming events 3Airsoft Products 4Cont. R.A.T. Program 5The Interview postion 6The Deep End 9JKD Emotional Dimension 11Epiphany to Doctrine   12 D.P.S. Ceremony Ms.Conn 13Martial Arts & Gun 14Good places to go 15   a fighting system developed by Paul Vunakfounder of Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS).   Rapid Assault Tactics is the core of his approachto the martial arts. It was developed for the U.S.Navy Seals as aprimary combativeprogram based inJeet Kune Doconcepts. RapidAssault Tactics focuses on identifying phase (orrange) in which an attack situation is occurring andresponding to it with appropriate tools. Today, theR.A.T. system is taught to Special Forces, Military,Marines, Rangers, F.B.I, D.E.A, C.I.A, S.W.A.T.Teams, and over 50 police Departments in the U.Sand other countries.The R.A.T. system places an emphasis onself-preservation using a realistic fightingstructure that is essential not only to SpecialForces and law enforcement but also tocivilians. R.A.T. is a great compliment to anymartial art and defensive tactics trainingbecause it fills the void that other traininghas. Mr.Traylor will also touch on D.D.R.A.T.S. Defend, Detain, Restraint,Arrest Tactical Solutionswhich is great for Law enforcement, Bodyguards, security personal or just trying tohandle a drunk individual. This will be a twoday of 4 to 6 hr classes with lectures and practical application . $150.00 2 DAY $100.00 1 DAY Certification are available for those that qualify  What will be covered will be the Continue on page 6      Ten Trim Tips from the American Institute for Cancer Research   It's probably easy for you to come up with a list of 10 things you'd like to buy if youwon the lottery. Or what about 10 books you'd like to read or 10 cities you'd like tovisit if you had the time? Coming up with 10 ideas for successfully taking off extrapounds might not be so easy. Many of us would like to lose some weight -- one intwo Americans is too heavy and almost one in four of us is obese. Extra weight islinked with health problems including some types of cancer, heart disease, diabetesand hypertension. Obesity increases the risk of developing cancer of theendometrium and probably increases the risk of breast and kidney cancers.Gallbladder, colon and rectal cancers are possibly influenced by obesity as well.Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to go about losing weight in a safe andhealthful way. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on bad diet advice andphony, sometimes dangerous, weight-loss products. AICR's new guidelines tell us tomaintain a healthy weight to help prevent cancer. Here are 10 tips for trimmingdown, and they won't cost you a dime.1.Eat your F's and V's.Moms advice might have included minding your P's and Q'sand eating your F's and V's -- your fruits and vegetables that is. She was right.Satisfy your hunger with fewer calories and more nutrition at mealtimes by eatingplenty of vegetables and fruits. You won't want larger portions of higher-caloriefoods like meats, cheeses and desserts.2.Move every day.Think of physical activity as a part of your daily health routine,like brushing your teeth. Physical activity can increase the amount of calories youburn today, and will speed metabolic rate for good by building muscle. Being moreactive may also help you control food cravings, have a more positive outlook andfeel better about yourself -- no kidding!3.Debunk the fat-free myth.Cookies, candies, chips and frozen treats may belabeled fat-free, but portions count and calories can mount. A fat-free label is not alicense to reach the bottom of the bag. Eat these savory and sweet treats inmoderation.4.Give your food the attention it deserves.Don't munch while watching TV, drivingor doing chores. Slowly savor your food and you will feel satisfied with less.5.Snack from a plate, not a package.Absent-mindedly snacking from the pack canlead you to eat more than you realize.6.Lend your stomach an ear.This simply means asking yourself if you're hungry before you eat, and asking yourself ifyou're satisfied so you can stop eating. Boredom, loneliness, anxiety and habit do not equal hunger and eating until youare stuffed is overeating. If you haven't listened to your body for a long time, keep practicing -- the signals will becomemore clear.7.Address emotions.Eating to deal with stress, emotions or boredom won't solve your problems, it will only add caloriesto your diet and pounds to your frame, usually without the satisfaction of even tasting the food. Find other ways to relax,cope or entertain yourself. Call, write to or e-mail a friend, go for a walk, soak in the tub, read, do crossword puzzles try tomeet your needs and address your emotions without food.8.Resign from the clean plate club. Refrigerate leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, take half of large restaurant portionshome or try planning something enjoyable to do after meals so you don't keep eating just to procrastinate. If you enjoylingering at the table, remove your plate so you won't be tempted to nibble.9.Avoid the Now I've blown it! syndrome.A large meal, an indulgent treat or a day without exercise doesn't mean athing. There are no bonus points for perfection -- just try to make choices over the weeks and months that add up to ahealthy diet. You don't have to feel guilty after enjoying a brownie, just make more nutritious snack choices for the rest ofthe week.10.Take things one step at a time.Research suggests that even modest weight loss can benefit your health, so focus onslow weight loss, instead of trying to lose too much too fast. Better yet, try making your lifestyle healthful -- the weight losswill eventually follow.   Mr. Honore isNASM –CPT, CES ,   PES,Certified Personal Trainer &Apprentice Instructor in Hand toHand Combat at D.G.C.F.S. Inside D.G.C.F.S  .R.A.T. Progra 1Ronald’s Fitness Corner 2Coming events 3Airsoft Products 4Cont. R.A.T. Program 5The Interview postion 6The Deep End 9JKD Emotional Dimension 11Epiphany to Doctrine   12 D.P.S. Ceremony Ms.Conn 13Martial Arts & Gun 14Good places to go 15   Mr. Honore isNASM -CPT, CES ,PES,Certified Personal TrainerApprentice Instructor in Hand to Hand Combat at D.G.C.F.S.Page 2     Coming Events    11/14/09 - R.A.T. Seminar conducted by Mr.Traylor 10am 2pm 14/15 $150.00 2 day, $100 1 day Certification for thosethat qualify. postponed PFS Edge Weapon Seminar   with Sifu Cruse, Ranking Date D.T.A.  Tuhon Ray Dionaldo F.C.S. Filipino Combat Systems seminar at D.G.C.F.S facility 12-5pm At D.G.C.F.S   Mr .   & Mrs. Traylor are gearing up for the 2010 seminar tour, IF you wish Mr. & Mrs.Traylor to come to yourschool for a seminar please contact them. The seminar can cover what ever you want Just pick the module, Allmodules have Instructor certification available.   Page 3 
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